The wind blows

How can I explain it?

The way you make me feel

When we touch

It's so hard to put to words

It like catching a child's laugh

And recording it exactly as it sounded

It can't be done

Yet I will try

Try to explain it

Have it make sense

When we're together

I sense your every move

It feels like my body is connected to yours

Like a magnet to a bar of steal

When we touch

My senses explode

I notice the strength of your arms

The smooth bones of your hands

The strands of your hair

The way your muscles move beneath your skin

Your laugh

Your smile

The shadows on your face and hands

Your skin

The way you face glows

Your cheekbones

Your nose


I don't know why

Most of all I notice

Your warmth

Like a drug

It makes me want to get closer

Always closer

To warm my body

My soul

With your warmth

Like the sun