For those John Mayer fans, these are for you. They are little drabbles that I wrote while listening to his songs from "Room for Squares". They are my interpretation of his songs, not his own. These situations, if you will, are what play through my head. So be kind, and enjoy!


Rating: R for future language and situations.

Disclaimer: Some lines are from John Mayer's songs, my thoughts are my own. Listen to his stuff to get more.

Room For Squares Series

No Such Thing

"What did you get for twenty-one, Jamie?"

He rustled books and flipped papers. He remembered seeing it.

"C, but I got it wrong."

His girlfriend hummed and bit the end of her pen. She absently nodded. "Me too."

Jamie watched as she brushed a curl out of her eyes and tried to remember the last time he kissed her, the last time he actually kissed her. The memory escaped him. He missed remembering those things instead of the formulas and equations he might need in the future.

"Do you remember when…"

"Not now, Jamie. I have a test tomorrow."