Kiss Me

The old, worn out bench of the bus stop coldly invited me to sit upon its frost bitten finish. The cracked paint was hidden beneath the frost as snow, dancing upon the wind, settled to rest there.

Pulling my scarf closer around my neck, I tucked it into my warm, button-up, winter coat. Stuffing my hands deep into my pockets, I huddled in my warm cocoon, waiting for my bus; waiting to get home.

Glancing around my surroundings, I spotted them. A couple of guys, my age I presumed, engaged in conversation. Their worn out coats hung about their lean frames, whipping intricate patters in the wind.

Their uncovered hair bristled in the wind, one blonde, the other brown but both hung shaggily in their eyes, almost as if they had just rolled out of bed.

Looking up at me, the blonde one smiled briefly before turning back to his friend, indifferent to the encounter that I was so aware of.

And so, this seemingly inconsequential event repeated itself. Everyday, the same happened. I would wait at the stop after class for the bus to take me home while he and his friend, quite loudly, argued about every topic under the sun.

One particular day, a month or two after the initial encounter, when the cold of winter passed into the renewal of spring, the blonde haired Adonis sat beside me upon the bench, his friend no where in sight.

"Hey". Such a simple greeting sent my heart fluttering. Blushing, I returned the favour, looking out upon the passing cars on the street.

"Jayden and you are?" he asked, sticking his hand out for me to shake.

Gingerly pressing my hand into his, I replied simply, "Sarah".

"The pleasures all mine," a dazzling grin lighting up his already handsome features.

Blushing again, I mental scolded my traitorous cheeks, bowing my head, hoping to hide them under my wispy and sometimes unruly hair.

The loud put putt of the bus is heard groaning up the slight hill. Stepping forward, we both reach into our pockets, searching for our bus passes.

As the bus pulls up, we've somehow engaged in an animated conversation of nothing in particular to an outsider, but meant the world to me. And as we sat on the bus, I looked into his giant orbs of chocolate, wishing the ride wouldn't end.

All too soon, I press the bell and stood up to step around Jayden who had placed himself in the seat next to me.

"Until tomorrow then Sarah" he announces with a flourish as I step off the bus, grinning from ear to ear.

From then on, I looked forward to my previously boring bus rides. Anticipating what useless topic we would discuss today. Every time my heart would flutter, my hands would sweat, my stomach filled with butterflies. Yet he never seemed to notice.

As spring led into summer, our encounters were no longer confined to the bus. Having exchanged phone numbers a while back, our daily routine spilled into the confines of our hectic lives.

We were close friends, best friends even. But I wanted more.

Time passed rapidly and before either of us knew it, the golden hues of autumn had arrived.

Although we now knew each other for just under a year, we still underwent our daily ritual. Catching the bus, the same as always, our conversations were a constant stream, almost a duet; a perfectly conducted song.

But upon approaching my stop, he got off with me.

Spontaneity wasn't one of my strong points and so confusedly, I inquired, "What are you doing? You never get off here."

"Felt like a change" he shrugged so casually, like he was hiding something. He eyes not quite meeting my own.

Letting it go, I walked down the familiar path, allowing him to stay in step with my own soft foot falls. The gold and red autumn leaves still clung desperately to the otherwise bare trees, crowning the street with such splendour.

And for once, we walked in silence. We felt no need to fill the beautiful stillness with petty words, devoid of any true emotion.

Upon reaching my house, it all changed. The once comforting silence, suffocating.

Stepping under the giant maple tree on my front lawn, we hovered there, both unsure on how to dampen the deafening silence.

Looking at Jayden, I noticed his particularly intense staring competition with the ground.

"Sarah…I uh…would you…" After several attempts of saying something, Jayden's shoulders drooped. He had obviously given up trying.

Finally gaining the courage to look at me again, he muttered, "I'll just see you tomorrow I guess…"

Feeling slightly disheartened, I breathed out a disappointed "oh", my hopes of him saying something that didn't reflect his strictly platonic feelings for me dashed.

"Well yeah..." his husky voice trailed off, floating away with the caressing wind.

Drowning in his chocolate eyes, I noticed every emotion he seemed to be feeling, it seemed like the world had stood still, time could not touch us here.

After what felt like a millennia, he broke the stillness of the moment. Reaching up, he pushed a strand of my hair away from my face, where it had rested in a bid of freedom from my messy pony tail.

Using the pad of his thumb, he gently stroked my cheek, seemingly oblivious to the path of fire his thumb traced.

Pausing in his motion, he seemed to hesitate, one side of an internal conflict finally winning. Breaking away first, he turned around, heading back up the street towards the bus stop.

Gazing upon his retreating back I couldn't help but feel slightly depressed. I wished he would turn around, finish what he wanted to say; get the courage I seemed to lack.

Then suddenly, the skies darkened, and the heavens released their anguish with the falling rain. Within moments I was drenched and just like that, I seemed to have the courage both of us had tried desperately to grasp at, only to fail.

Taking a deep breath in to steady my nerves, if not just for necessity, I shouted out to him. Hoping he wasn't too far away to hear it.

"Hey Jay…it's raining" I called, ignoring the obviousness of that statement.

His back tensed.

His step paused.

Turning around and wearing his crooked smile, one I had only seen a couple of times but I loved none the less, he called back, with just as much fervour as had I, "So are you going to kiss me then?"

A smile of my own broke out of my face, my cheeks feeling like they would tear with how wide I was smiling.

"Maybe…" was my euphoric response, before running after him, only to stop just before him, suddenly nervous about what I was about to do.

Timidly I reach up, cupping his face in one hand and his neck in my other and standing on my toes I pulled his face towards mine, capturing his lips with my own.

And just like the movies, the rain cascaded down upon us. I had slipped my arms around his neck and tangled my hands in his blonde hair. His arms encircled my waist, pulling me even closer to him.

Coming back up for air, we rested our foreheads together, still clinging on to one another.

"I'm glad I talked to you that day" he whispered, his hot breath blowing against my flushed face.

"Shut up and kiss me"

The End

based upon a dream i had which i just had to put down in words.

hope you all lived it. REVIEWS appreciated :D