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Being Tricked.

It was raining, and I was wet. It was raining, I was wet and my iPod was dead. It was raining, I was wet, my iPod was dead and my- dammit! And my umbrella just flew away. Not that it was doing much in the way of 'umbrella-ly' things, like keeping the water off of me, but I liked the notion of having an umbrella. The idea of having an umbrella in the rain, despite its complete uselessness, was comforting.

Especially when it was my signature umbrella, it didn't help that the girl beside me had the exact same umbrella, the only difference was that hers actually worked.

I sighed and fiddled with my right ear, it was a little habit of mine that I've never grown out of, when I grew tired, nervous or frustrated I would fiddle with my right ear. And right now, I was cold, wet, music-less, tired and damned well frustrated, so yeah- I had every right to fiddle with my ear.

There was nothing left to do but continue my list of reasons why I should have never agreed to come out here. Starting with; it was raining…

I had gone over a hundred times before the little hope I had, shrivelled and died. Oh God he wasn't coming, how could I have been so stupid to let him con me into walking out here? Arrrgh, Trick, you're so dumb! Yaaaaaah! Trick! If anyone could see into my head, and read my thoughts right now, they would be very afraid. I would be admitted into the nearest psyche ward and never let out.

God damn Army boy, or Warrior boy- what the hell was his name? That rapper that sang that annoying- Solider! Right! Only spelt funny, Souljah? Souljah Boy and his idiotic song. Thanks to him, whenever anyone said my name nowadays, they couldn't do it without screaming "Yaaaaaah!" before and after.

Well, it was either that or be called by something resembling the name of the winner of a dog pageant. Tricksee Janna Wilde. And because I hated the name Janna (no offence to any awesome Janna's out there) as passionately as I hated Tricksee, I decided to dub myself Trick. As soon as I could speak, I shunned the god-awful name Tricksee.

Or was it as soon as I could read? Either way, Pip from Great Expectations was my inspiration. From Phillip to Pip. So I went from Tricksee to Trick.

And I know the kinds of things Trick rhymed with, believe you me, I know. But it was a damned sight better than calling myself Tricksee, the retarded form of- okay so I can't think of anything worse. When I think of Tricksee, I see either a retarded monkey, or a retarded hick cheerleader. I honestly cannot see the difference, nor the line that distinguished which was the better and which was the worse.

Condemnatory much? But I know cheerleaders, believe me, my cousin is one of the Sky City Cheerleaders and she's a monkey and a half. Yes, and a half.

I also know, yes know not think, my parents are deranged. And not just because they called their only child after the winner of a dog pageant. Thought I was kidding didn't you? Well I wasn't.

Woe is me.

What the hell was up with that? Ask my parents, but they're in the South Island, watching the herding games. Don't ask, and I'll tell you no bitter stories.

So here I was, forgoing a wonderfully empty home in my warm bed, to stand outside in the pouring rain next to a girl who still had an umbrella (which looked exactly like mine). And yes, I was hating on her, what normal person looks good standing in the pouring rain?

Why, I hear you wonder, was I standing here in the rain (beside a girl with an umbrella, Rihanna where are you now to motivate this girl to share with me?) at night beside the road? No, I'm not a prostitute, I'm not so sure about the girl beside me though. Just kidding, but not really.

Well, my friend, had something important to tell me. He wouldn't tell me over the phone, and he didn't actually know where I lived, mainly because I made it a point to never take a friend (male OR female) home for fear of them meeting my parents and feeling sorry for me, if they didn't feel sorry for me already for having a name like Tricksee. So, what if we (yep he still resided at home too, most of our mates did) both still lived at home? University is expensive enough as it is, don't need to go adding living costs on top of tuition and school related costs.

Anyway, my friend was ever so happy to go by his first name, he made the best with what he was given. He saw the glass as half full, whereas I, most of my bitter time, saw it as half empty. His parents were as deranged as mine. At least I told him so a thousand times. Deal Griffin Teueli. Yes, I had to ask how to pronounce his last name twice. But that's not the sad bit, seriously, what happened to names like Thomas, Jeff or even Jim? Even I wouldn't have minded being called Jim. But no, he was Deal and I was Trick.

So you'd think we would make a great team, old Deal and I. Trick and Deal, Deal and Trick. Yaaaaah Trick Yaaaah the annoying song, and game show catch phrase 'Deal or No Deal?' Thanks, but I'll go with, 'No Deal.' (Har, har.)

Argh, why am I standing here thinking about Deal without being angry? He left me here waiting in the rain! For all I knew, some crazy person could jump out at me and beat me to death.

New Zealand isn't as safe as it used to be, was any place?

I was so ready to walk back up the hill and go home, when a voice (and small surprised squeak) stopped me.

"Thought I wasn't coming aye?" I withheld a bark of laughter when I realised it was Deal. He'd pounced on the unsuspecting girl, who I'd been secretly (for no rational reason) hating on, thinking she was me. He wasn't wearing his glasses was he? I know I should have come out of my little spot to alert Deal of his mistake. But I wanted to see how much a of a fool he could make of himself, great friends. Well, it would serve him right for making me wait in the dark, and in the pouring rain for nearly an hour, and that poor girl had only been here fifteen minutes. If she had just waited fifteen minutes before coming out here, she wouldn't be in this awkward (and frightening) situation.

I had kind of melted into the shadows, in my attempt to shade myself form the rain by standing beneath a tree, and because I had lost my umbrella and the girl had one just like it, not to mention the same kind of figure as me, it was easy to mistake me for her (or vice-versa, obviously). Heck, I think I hated on her, not only because she had an umbrella, but because she did me better than I did. Despicable.

There was a muffled sound, oh this was precious. He'd covered her mouth with his hand. My friend is stupid.

"Okay, really sorry for making you wait… mum wanted me to watch Deal or no Deal with her." I had to bite my fist to stop from laughing out loud. "Alright, I know I would have taken my hand off your mouth by now-" my laughter was beginning to subside a little, which was good, because one can't really listen while laughing. "-but like I said, I needed to tell you something in person." I straightened up a little, interested now. "And I don't think I can say this to you while looking at you, or seeing your face as I talk." I was really interested now.

He gave a self-deprecating chuckle, his deep voice trying to lighten the tension that I could feel, despite not being the girl in his hold. "I thought you would have elbowed me by now." I could hear a certain nervousness in his voice that usually wasn't there, Deal was a pretty confident guy. I mean, he even had a motto for himself.

According to him, he was the 'Real Deal'.

Corny? Absolutely lame? Yeah, I thought so too.

"Oh now you struggle? Trick, don't be a dick." Charming, wasn't he? "You're gonna think I'm a pussy but I honestly can't look you in the eye until I get this out, okay? So just give me a minute." I shook my head, if I weren't so curious as to what Deal wanted, I would have saved the stranger from, what I'm pretty sure, was a terrifying experience. I mean, some strange guy, covers your mouth from behind you at night, in the pouring rain.

Creepy much?

The girl must have stopped squirming because Deal continued to speak in that slightly unsure of himself manner, "Trick, you're like one of the most difficult people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing." Gee, thanks. "Sometimes, you make me want to straight up shake you." Even better. "But… fuck." Deal didn't swear much, something about his mum really not liking it. Mummy's boy!! But don't get him wrong, I've seen him deck a guy, more than once. You don't call island guys 'Mummy's Boys', they get scary on you.

"I really like you-" I stopped grinning. He seemed to think to himself as he said, "Hmm, that wasn't so hard." I was still unsure what he meant by like. "Trick, every time we disagree you squeeze your eyes shut and pretend you don't hear me, and so I use 'trying to get my point across' to try and squeeze you into agreeing with me." I shook my head, I had to admit- I half used that method of arguing just to get him to bear hug me like that. I'm not proud, but hey- I'm a girl. We're sneaky. "But the truth is, I just do it because I like being near you. When you make me want to shake you, it's because you're so freakin' blind-" I made to step forward, I felt really bad for the girl now, and maybe a little jealous?

"You don't trust guys much, I get it… but I thought you'd get that I like you. Like, like. Like, want you to be my girlfriend, like." I stopped, despite the cold- I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

I- I liked Deal well enough, but he didn't seem like the kind of guy who did the one-girl thing. He was just, he was too sociable to be tied down. Or at least that's what I thought. Okay, so I once overheard him telling a girl that he 'didn't get serious with girls' and that if 'that was what she wanted, she was wasting her time.'

And I'd only known him a year. Was that long enough to know, know a person?

The last guy I went out with, I'd known for two years- we went out for like two weeks before he dumped me because I was 'frigid'. His words, not mine. Truth was, he'd only been going out with me so that he could play the field, knowing that I wasn't the clingy type. Yeah, I'd been played. Since then, I sort of tricked guys into thinking I was really into them, lulling them into a false sense of exclusiveness, before bringing them down a peg or two by making out with someone else. No, not slutty, just bitter.

"Shit, you think I'm a dick don't you?" I made to step forward again, when he released 'me'.

"No." The girl he'd mistakenly taken for me, finally spoke in a scratchy voice. "I think you're the most sensitive guy ever to grab me from behind." My eyes widened , what the? How many times has this girl been ambushed by guys in the dark? (Okay, not meant to encompass an innuendo in any way whatsoever.)

"Oi, you're not Trick." The girl turned around, and Deal's dark brown eyes widened in surprise.

As much as his little confession to the girl had my guts twisting in ways that could only be deemed inappropriate, I had to crack up laughing.

"Trick?" He turned to look in the direction from where I laughed, before his face twisted into what I knew as a kind of unimpressed but amused expression, he turned back to the girl. "I am so sorry to put you through that."

"Oh not at all, you know if it doesn't work out with this Trick girl- maybe you should try a treat?" I stopped giggling madly, oh no she didn't!

I could see the screws in Deal's head turning, and his strong jaw working and even in the dark I could see him eyeing me out from the corner of his eye.

He was obviously assessing the situation, I mean- I was still processing what he'd just confessed and-

"Nah, I think I like being tricked." I grinned, he was still in the shit for making me stand out here in the pouring rain for more than half an hour, but that cheeky smile of his was enough to save him from capital punishment. His expressive lips mirroring my grin.

Just then, a flash of bright lights signalled the approaching bus- I almost cheered, yet dreaded the fact that it was the girl's bus. But I was glad to see her go.

"Were you standing there the whole time?" I stepped out from the shadows, wow that was creepy sounding.

"Nooo, yeah." I began to fiddle with my ear again, it was raining, I was wet, my iPod was dead, my umbrella was gone and this was awkward.

"So you heard all of that?"


"It's not nice to eavesdrop." Technically you were talking to me. Now why didn't I say this out loud? Neither of us moved, and it was still raining. And I was still wet, and everything was so surreal.

"Did you mean it?" I asked, now as uncomfortable as ever. Still fiddling with my ear.

"Yep, even the 'wanting to straight up shake you' bit, actually, especially that bit." Deal scratched the back of his short haired head, which had recently been died back to black after I accidentally died it pink when we were playing around in his sister's hair salon.

"…" I didn't know what to say.

He made a step forward, and I took a step back.

This was weird, in a good way, not the kind of weird our names were, but the kind of weird that I never felt so strongly before. The kind of weird that made your stomach do funny things to you.

"I thought you weren't in to getting serious with girls?" He continued forward until he was right before me, and I had to tilt my head up to look him in the eye. He sighed,

"Trick, you were there when I said that. You know I just didn't like Leila, I just didn't know how else to get her to back off." True. He shook his head disbelievingly. "I just told a complete stranger that I wanted to straight up shake her, among other things." I laughed,

"Sorry," I said sheepishly, at his un-amused look, "but you don't know how hard it was to not laugh out loud."

"I can imagine." He replied dryly.

"So you like being tricked, aye?" I asked teasingly, not protesting when his arm slid around my waist.

"Yaaa-"I raised my chin, daring him to continue, whilst cutting him off.

"Don't you friggin dare." I growled, "Or it's no deal." He visibly winced,

"Fine, so- do I get a treat?" He asked, leaning closer and closer. I could feel his breath on my lips, and just as his lips touched mine I pulled back.

"Nah, trick!" He slid his other arm around me and pulled me into a tight embrace. I gasped, "Okay! Deal! I need air!"

"Deal? Or no deal?" He murmured into my ear, and I pulled back to catch the slightly unnerving look in his dark eyes, a sort of hopeful look that I'd never seen in them before.

"If I say Deal, will you promise not to mess with me?" I asked, just completely afraid of being played again.

"Only if you promise never to trick me." He replied, just as serious, and I understood what he was referring to. I didn't answer, but rather I slid an arm around his neck and pulled him in, pressing my lips to his.

It was raining, and I was wet- but it was okay. Because the fact that I struck a good deal (no pun intended) was good enough to keep me warm. Besides, kissing in the rain was something I really ought to do more often.

We parted again, and as I caught my breath I grinned impishly. "But I thought you liked being tricked?"


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