"Back off I'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong and this is not where you belong
I can't give everything away
I won't give everything away"

- 'Headstrong', Trapt

I was eating a bag of gumdrops the first time I saw him. I popped one into my mouth, hollowed out my cheeks and sucked on its sugary outside. I nearly moaned at how good it tasted. It took a second before I realized that I had actually done so out loud.

I looked up to see if anyone had heard. I sighed in relief when I didn't see anyone around. It was cut off though when I caught him staring at me.

Amused mercury colored eyes gazed at me, and I found that I couldn't look away. I was like one of those poor defenseless tiger cubs that are illegally caught and stolen. The poachers always catch them when the moms not around, and my mom was hundreds of miles away.

The boy smirked at me now. He tilted his chin up and quirked a brow in my direction, as if to say Come on baby. Hit me with your best shot.

My internal sense of control snapped. I wanted to walk over and show the douche bag exactly what I thought of him.

Instead I popped two more gumdrops into my mouth. I gnashed my teeth at them violently, ripping them to shreds, not bothering to enjoy their sugary outside.

I had never been the type of girl to back down from a challenge. I really wish I could say I was. That I could admit to being smart and logical, rather than filled with pride and rash. But then again smart and logical girls never dyed their hair bright green did they?

Oh, I answered alright. Girls with bright green hair are never the quiet sort. Nah, we're the fiery freaky girls that guys secretly like, but wouldn't admit to. Cause who really likes freaky girls right? Besides what do you say to mom when you bring something like that home? I'm pretty sure your trust fund will be gone within a minute.

So you see, I couldn't really help myself when I pinned him with an icy glare, and relayed a message back to him. Watch out pretty boy, cause here I come.

I ground my teeth together, shredding the gumdrop remains in my mouth.

AN: So this is a sequel to 10 Reason I Hate Drew Hartner. It's in Melissa's point of view, and starts in September during her second year of college. The story will revolve around her, but both Li and Drew will make appearances. I should have the first real chapter posted within the next two days.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy it. If you're up to it review and let me know what you think!

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