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Brick captured his lips in another fiery kiss as they continued dancing.

"Happy Birthday, Baby."

With that, he grabbed the curtain and ripped it back, baring them to the rest of the room.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: . . . And Hold a Lover Close?

Noticing the noise around them had faded, Jace broke the kiss and glanced around. The curtain was gone, and every single person in the room was staring at them with mouths wide open. Including the band.

Damn. And Jace thought he was the dramatic one.

"That wasn't exactly what I meant," he whispered in Brick's ear.

"Regrets already?" Brick's expression was unreadable.

"Never." He drew Brick's lips back for one more kiss, breaking the silence and making the room let out a collective gasp. "An escape plan might be nice."

Brick grabbed his hand and they made a break for it out the back.

Well. Next semester should be interesting.

He didn't let go until they reached the car.

"You okay, baby?" he asked, breathless, as he pulled out of the driveway.

"Definitely. And don't call me baby." Jace replied, high on adrenaline. "I'm a grown man now."

Pause. "Well, you will be soon."

Jace didn't blush. Grown men don't blush. It was just warm in the car, that was all.


They pulled up to his house and, not for the first time, Jace cursed his lack of planning skills.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he hissed as he unlocked the door and led Brick into the dark living room. "Sure, I'm eighteen now, but the stuff about my mom being here, and the lube and shit, all that's the same."

Brick grinned at him, and a shiver went down Jace's spine. Seeing Brick lighthearted, smiling, relaxed never failed to give him goosebumps. It also made him want to jump the other guy's bones.

"It's all taken care of. Your mom's bunking with mine tonight. And I picked up a few things at the store last week."

Jace sized him up. "You seducer, you."

"I learned from the best."

Jace mashed their lips together and just about dragged him up the stairs.

And then they were on Jace's bed, in his favorite position—Brick looming over him, hard body pressing his into the mattress, massive hands on either side of his face. God, those hands.

Jace pulled off that killer hat and threw it toward his closet. No way was Brick ever getting it back.

They tore off their clothes, suspenders, chains, and dress pants flying. They'd waited too long for this. It was need, not romance.

Finally naked skin met naked skin, and time slowed down. Jace relearned the body he'd only felt through fabric, all planes and angles, warm skin. He felt more than heard Brick gasp as his fingers teased the trail of hair on his belly. So much power. The strength to maim, to kill, to rip and tear, spread out for him in surrender. "Brick," he moaned.


Jace stared at the cock rising up below his hands, thick and proud. So similar, yet so different from his own. He touched a finger to the shaft, and Brick lurched.

So he did it again.

"Mmmm," the giant moaned, catching his gaze with unseeing eyes. "Payback's a bitch, you know."

Instead of replying, Jace closed his hand, gave him one good stroke, and then another. "I look forward to it."

He pulled back again, looked down at the swollen tip. He didn't know how a penis could be cute, but Brick's was. Jace would punch anyone out who dared to say that about his, so he used his mouth for a better purpose, flicking out his tongue over Brick's adorable slit.

He barely processed the other man's shout as he leaned down and slid his mouth over that pulsing mushroom head.


Brick moaned as wet-hot pleasure wracked him. So hot, so slippery, so soft. He knew he was keening like an idiot, but no one had ever done this for him before, and it was every bit as incredible as he'd always imagined. And then Jace sucked, and rational thought deserted him as he thrashed, left to the mercy of a man who didn't have any.

He was so close, it felt so right, but when he felt a tell-tale tickle at the base of his spine, he slid a hand into Jace's hair and eased him back.

As his mouth slid off with an obscene pop, Jace peered up at him. Shy? "Come 'ere," Brick growled, pulling his boy up by his armpits and rolling on top of him, sinking into that heavenly mouth. He caught a salty taste he knew to be his own pre-cum, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was the incredible man in his arms who was setting him aflame.

He trailed kisses down Jace's chest, making the muscles twitch. His boyfriend might not be as big and built as Brick, but he wasn't skinny or petite either. Jace was all man. Brick palmed the evidence of that, squeezing the head and thumbing the slit as he sucked a mark on Jace's neck. His.

They'd only ever played around with their clothes on, grinding and rubbing and squeezing and kissing, but it was all muted, almost pretend. This was so much better, so much more intense.

Jace clawed at his wrist and their eyes met again. Breathless, gasping, they didn't need words.

He reached for the lube.


Jace spread his legs and reveled in the awe in Brick's eyes. They were finally doing this.

He gazed up at the cuddly giant and relaxed, all of the fear and uncertainty falling away. It wasn't rocket science, it was sex, and he trusted Brick more than anyone in the world. He was ever the optimist.

When a slippery digit slid into his passage, he wasn't prepared for the million bolts of electricity that zapped his nerves all at once. He jolted off the bed.

"Damn," he panted, forcing his muscles to relax until the finger slid in deeper and he seized up again.

"Hurts?" Brick asked, freezing.

He shook his head, still trying to catch his breath. "No, not really. I can't explain it, it's just too much."

They lay there for a moment, eyes locked together, Jace's knees in the air and Brick's finger inside him, and suddenly it wasn't enough.

He surged up to brush Brick's lips with his and groaned as the finger slid forward, hitting all the right places. "I'm good," he moaned, sinking his teeth into his boyfriend's shoulder. "Don't stop."

Brick stroked his walls, delving deeper, turning him into a giant puddle of goo. "More," he whimpered, pulling his boy down to him and licking that spot below his ear that he liked so much. Brick growled, the presence inside him disappeared, and then there were two fingers pushing inside him. That overwhelming feeling was back, the pressure just short of pain, but so good at the same time. Too good to stop, but this was his limit—Brick was never going to fit. He opened his mouth to beg off, and then those fingers were parting, scissoring, stretching his opening, and the ability to string words together deserted him.

"Brick . . . good," he babbled, arching his back and letting the play on his nerve endings take him to a happy place. A warm chuckle filled his ears, and then there was a firm grip on his cock and a tongue in his mouth, and it was perfection times three.

Unable to express what he was feeling, he threw it all into the kiss, devouring Brick's mouth like a starving thing. The pleasure was rushing through him in waves now, and he hardly noticed when two fingers turned into three, until the bite of pain as the knuckles passed his entrance had him hissing. But then one of those huge hands stroked his shaft from root to tip, twisting and gripping so tight he felt strangled, and the pain was just part of the pleasure.

"Like that, baby?" the giant taunted, and Jace neede to wipe that smirk off his face, but he was too busy writhing in Brick's arms to do anything but give a half-hearted glare. Those fingers reached deeper inside him, impossibly deep, endlessly deep. And then they brushed something that felt like a dry orgasm. Heat, so much heat, eyes rolling back in his head, convulsions. He was pretty sure he screamed. As the feeling eased, and he could breathe again, his eyes opened and drowned in a pool of silver.

Brick looked as shocked as he felt.

"Was that—?"

"I think so."

Jace braced himself. "Do it again."

And he did. Over and over, until Jace was a heartbeat from coming and mindless from the neverending pulse of sensation. "So intense. So close," he panted, gripping Brick's arm.

"Let go, baby," Brick whispered, sucking Jace's bottom lip between his teeth. Brick's eyes met his, and the softness in them sent him over the edge as fingers nudged his prostate and an iron fist squeezed his cock. Every muscle in Jace's body seized up as nerve endings fired, one after the other, in wave after wave of the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had.

Finally his muscles eased, and he fell back to the bed, pleasure fading to a steady buzz and a series of sigh-worthy aftershocks. As he settled into the afterglow, he felt strong hands skimming over his skin, gentling him, prolonging the high.

"Brick," he moaned, wanting nothing more than to curl into the muscled body and bask in the moment. That thickly corded body settling on top of him again was just as good, though. The fingers disappeared and something much larger, much hotter, much more, in every conceivable way, pressed against his entrance.


Jace smiled, gazing up at the man he'd once feared, almost hated, and now couldn't imagine living without. Brick was straining to hold back, desperation evident in every line on his face, and he almost said no just to drag out the torture.

"Go," he said instead, trying to relax. The pain of the entry still made him shout. Brick's cock was ripping him apart. The nerves inside him that had been singing were now screaming, every brush against his walls utter agony, and the pressure was insane. "Nggh," he moaned, strangling the sheets.

Silver eyes swam with regret, and one giant hand stroked Jace's flagging erection, to no avail.

Pain was his life, his past, his future.

"I'm sorry, baby." Brick was trying his hardest not to move, to be patient, and Jace loved him even more for it.

"S'okay," he drawled, feeling lightheaded. "Don't stop. S'not helping anyway."

A pause, and then Brick was moving, scraping across those nerves like fire, and Jace almost took it back. He felt like there was a tree trunk inside him. But Brick was shuddering, clearly in blissville, and it was his turn anyway. Jace could deal.

"So good, baby. So hot, so tight. God, you're like a vice, you're burning me up," the giant blathered. The soft breath in his ear made Jace shiver, and Brick pulled back almost all the way, massive head of his cock stretching the tight ring of Jace's opening, and then—

"Oh yeah," Jace moaned, rotating his hips, as the thick cock speared him, setting him ablaze, but this time the burn was good. He didn't know what had flipped the switch from God-make-it-stop to oh-yes-please-more, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in—oh, who the fuck cares about the damn saying anyway. "Harder!"

Lips locked and hips thrusted, and then Brick tilted his ass just so and white lights blinded him as the cock in his ass lodged against his prostate with every stroke.


Brick cradled his boy in his arms, taking him with a savagery he'd regret if Jace wasn't so obviously loving every minute of it. Which was good, because Brick wasn't sure if he could help himself. Jace was so hot, muscles gripping Brick's cock like a silken glove, and all he could think about was that this was his boy, opening up for him, trusting him like this, and that just made it so much better.

"You feel me, baby?" he moaned, breaking away from Jace's mouth to suck on his earlobe. "You feel me inside you?"

Pause. "Oh, wait, is that what that is?"

Brick picked up speed, pulling a moan from Jace's lips. "I must not be trying hard enough if you can still be a smartass."

Pant. Pant. "Well, if you're going to ask a stupid question!"

"Faster, you said?" he taunted, circling his hips and picking up speed.


That's how he wanted him. Speechless, mindless, desperate, flying. "That's right baby. Moan for me."

"Aw, fuck!" Jace gasped, arching his back and wrapping his legs around Brick's waist.

Brick caught him by the thighs, groaning as he slid a whole inch deeper. "Sooo good."

"You better believe it," Jace quipped.

Wait a minute, now who was topping who? Brick slid a hand around to Jace's cock, jerking it hard in rhythm with his thrusts.

Jace's eyes rolled back in his head, and Brick groaned as the walls surrounding his cock spasmed, gripping him impossibly tight. Damn, he was close, but he needed his boy to go over with him.

He kissed Jace one last time, eating at his mouth, then slid his lips down to bite at a a tiny pink nipple. He pulled out as far as he dared, slamming back in in one long stroke, over and over again. Jace was keening now, and neither of them could hold out much longer.

"Love you so much" he whispered, cupping Jace's balls. "Come for me, baby."

He was mostly kidding. But for once, Jace did as he was told, screaming as he lost it for the second time that night. And as he watched his boy fall apart in his arms once again, Brick slid over the edge into oblivion—and spine-melting ecstasy.

The orgasm went on and on, ebbing and surging back to life with a vengeance every time Jace's inner muscles clamped down on him like a vice. Which seemed to drive Jace deeper into nirvana, making his muscles seize even more, prolonging the pleasure in a never ending cycle until Brick finally collapsed, wrung out, every cell in his body exhausted . . . and very, very happy.

A hand jabbed at his shoulder. He looked down at a sleepy, frowning Jace.

"You weigh three tons. Get the fuck off."

Chuckling, he rolled onto his side, catching Jace in his arms and holding him close. "Still alive, I see."

"Mmmm. Less talk, more sleep."

Brick sank his fingers into thick golden hair as he let his boyfriend use him for a pillow. He'd never forget the panic and regret that had swamped him when Jace had cried out in pain as he had entered him. Or the relief when the other guy had finally relaxed and started begging for more. Was he always going to be such a wreck for the man in his arms? So desperate to please him, so terrified he'd slip away?

As if sensing the anxiety rising up in Brick's chest, Jace popped his eyes open, nuzzled into his neck. "So good, babe. Fucked me so good. Best birthday ever." He kissed Brick, right over the heart, and then he was asleep.

Brick lay awake for what seemed like an eternity, stroking the back and shoulders of his other half. At one point he gained enough presence of mind to shed the condom and pull the comforter over them. And as he cuddled his lover close and sleep took him, he wished he could crystalize the moment, freeze time, so nothing could ever disturb them. He'd never taste perfection like this again, and he didn't want to try.


Jace was hungry. And sticky. And his arm was asleep because somebody had used it for a pillow. Then he shifted, and all his complaints were eclipsed by the pain in his ass. Why did it feel like he'd had something the size of a cucumber wedged up there? Oh, yeah, cuz he had.

He glared at the giant who was still cuddling with his arm. "Hey. Hey! Magneto!"

"Hmm? Washafredjinmenken," the giant murmured, pulling Jace into its arms and rolling over.

Well, at least his arm was free. And tingly. And half-asleep Brick was adorable.

And okay, his arm hurt like hell now. But not nearly as bad as his ass. "Wake up! There's a sale at Hot Topic!" he yelled in his boyfriend's ear.

"Wh-huh?" Brick snapped awake, sitting up in bed and cocking his head at Jace, who was, unfortunately, still cradled in his arms. "Hey."

"Hey yourself. Let go. I'm hungry and sticky and I hurt like hell, and if I'm not in the shower in five minutes, heads are gonna roll!"

"Wow, are you actually cranky in the morning? Go figure, Mr. Sunshine has a dark side."

"I think you broke me," Jace moaned, easing out of bed. "I'm not going to be able to crap for a week."

Brick blinked at him, then burst out laughing. "Good luck with that."

Jace glowered at him. He wouldn't be laughing if it was him, and Jace said as much.

"Hey, any time." His hands slid over the globes of Jace's ass, and Jace tensed, but far from aggravating things, the gentle massage eased the muscles, letting him finally take a deep breath.

"Mmmm." Jace relaxed into the touch, then jolted. "No. No, no no. Shower. Now."

Brick picked him up and carried him into the bathroom.

"You can lift me? Dude!"


"I don't know if that's creepy or hot."



"Shut up."

And then Brick had him inside the shower stall, water running over them, blissfully warm and soothing. He let Brick wash him, take care of him, suppressing all the stupid remarks he wanted to make that would only ruin the moment. No, he wasn't a girl, but that didn't mean he couldn't relax and go with the flow and let himself be pampered every once in a while. Especially if it felt this good.

Finally, he couldn't keep it in any more. "This is the most touching you're going to get for the next month."

Brick snorted. "I think that was a personal best."


"You actually kept quiet for five whole minutes."

"Fuck you."

"I think it was the other way around."

When had Brick gotten so good with the one-liners? And why couldn't he come up with one to save his life? Annoyed, he snapped, "Never again."

Pause. "Was it really that bad?"

Jace melted like the sap he was. "No. I hurt like hell, though. Seriously. After this, I'm not letting you touch me for at least a week. Maybe two."

Strong arms wrapped around him, and he settled back into them.

A hesitant whisper. "What if we do it the other way around, next time?"

Silence. "Seriously?" He'd never thought Brick actually meant it when he talked about switching, and honestly, once Jace had bottomed, he'd expected never to hear about it again.


Jace turned in his boyfriend's arms. He had to see those eyes to believe it. "Why?"

Brick just grinned at him like an idiot. "Honestly? Well, at first just because it's only fair. But then, watching you last night," he broke off, shaking his head. "I've never seen you come apart like that. Whatever it was . . . I wanna feel it too."

Jace flushed hot, then cold as understanding sunk in, and he felt an evil smile settle on his face. "You want me to fuck you, huh?" he asked, backing Brick into the wall and bracing his hands on either side of the giant's head. Two could play that game. "You want me to bend you over backward and make you scream?"

Brick blushed, he actually blushed! "N-no, I just—"

"You want to lie back in my arms, give up control, let me make you feel good."

"Yes," he breathed, his whisper a confession.

Jace kissed him then, cuddling that huge body to him and glorying in the knowledge that sometimes Brick just wanted to be taken care of, too. "Love you," he growled, grinding his hips forward.

And then freezing in place. "Owww," he moaned, leaning back against the shower wall. "Looks like even that's gonna have to wait a month."

"Poor baby. A week?" Brick's tone was filled with hope.

"Don't call us, we'll call you."

Like Jace could hold out a whole week.


Brick smiled down at the man who was glaring at him. Jace was a smartass who didn't know when to shut up, and he was never gonna change.

"Don't twinkle your eyes at me, Metalocalypse, feed me!"

But who was he to complain? He went by the name of a blunt object and clung to his chains like a security blanket.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it, pretty boy."

They didn't make sense, but they didn't need to. They just worked.

"See, I knew you were just trying to get in my pants," Jace teased, wiggling that delectable ass.

Whatever happened in the future, whatever the consequences of their dramatic little stunt, one thing was certain. He was never letting this boy go.

Brick snorted. "I thought I wasn't your type?"


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