By:Andrew Troy Keller

Friday the 13th,as some would mention,
Is a day of evil and pure superstition.
In a way,within the case of both the herictics
And the skeptics,
It might be something far too worse to mention.

Such was the case
For poor Kimberly Chase,
Who had came to England
To challenge a particular legend
Which had included a very dark maze.

All Kimberly had to do was to spend the night
Of pure horrifical fright
Inside the place
That had once belonged to Lord Edgar Chase,
One of the Round Table's noble knights.

And she was also supposed to be alone.
However she was not alone,
For her skeptical lover
Named Peter Clover
Had decided to make sure she was not alone.

And so one night,
On an evening meant for pure fright,
Peter had decided to stand within the maze
And yell with the purest rage,

Then after he laughed like a hyena,
Peter had turned and discovered the true meaning of fear,
For he has been placed
Face to ghostly face
With the purest,truest form of fear.

Within the next morning light,
Poor Kimberly had recieved a sign of pure fright,
For when she had entered the maze,
Her eyes had been feasted upon a terrifying gaze--
That of Peter's dead corpse shown by the morning light.

It was also discovered that in a flash,
Poor Peter's body has been severely-slashed
And had been laid out with a look of dread
Within a pool of deepest,purest red--
A type that had came from a really deep gash.

As for Kimberly,
One could plainly see,
She has decided to stay
Within the house of her family.

For it had played it's part
In producing a broken heart.