A/N: I had some rough times with some friends. Still sort of am. But here's the product of it all.

In Too Deep

I never meant to betray you.
I never wanted you to hurt because of me.
I never want you to hurt again.
But especially not because of me.

I never meant to abandon you.
I was only trying to do the right thing for myself.
It sounds so selfish.
But I thought you would understand.

Because it was hurting me.
Our friendship was like the ocean.
The surface waves of laughter, jokes, innocence.
A little deeper, the shallow waters of shared secrets and promises to never, ever leave.

But deeper, deeper, and the pressure grew to be too much.
Too much.
The cold darkness was filling my head
flooding my lungs
choking me
drowning me.
I was never the best swimmer.
And I went too deep in the ocean.
I just wanted to breathe.

Is that so wrong?