The Storyteller Chronicles

The Collector Of Delhi

Part 1

Collecting Dust

I have a standing invitation to join Mr. Watcher on his "daily perambulations" around this huge old park by his house. We usually end up on a bench under a tree somewhere, or at one of those concrete chess tables strung through the park, and inevitably he would indulge me with more of The Storyteller. Today was really no different. We came to rest at one of my favorite spots in the park. It was a well shaded bench on a small hill overlooking a natural gathering point in the park. This has also been one of my usual vantage points for participating in one of my other favorite pastimes, people watching.

After fifteen minutes of watching a large family stroll past our venue taking in the sights and otherwise acting like tourists, a question came to mind, one that would initiate a story. "So, what was The Storyteller's family like?"

Mr. Watcher thought for the moment, a knowing smile slowly growing across his face. "Amongst The Storyteller's family he was the black sheep, a late bloomer in a family of early bloomers. And to the casual observer, it may seem just that way, especially since his family were such things as heads of business, politicians on the rise, and star athletes, so this eighteen year old young man who graduated with a B- average seemed like a useless waste. This wasn't something that The Storyteller tried or or even wanted to change. His family just wouldn't understand.

At the forefront of this low opinion regarding The Storyteller was his own father. One of the founding partners of an international law firm, he was disappointed that his only son was not going to follow in his footsteps.

Despite this, The Storyteller allowed himself to be coerced into working for his father as his assistant. His father saw this as one last chance to get his son involved in the family business. The Storyteller saw it as a means of making money, lots of money, which he would need to join his girlfriend Ziribella in New York.

He and Ziribella, or Z, had been a steady couple ever since he helped her escape from a beast known as The Eater of Minds, three years previous, and The Storyteller wasn't about to let nearly a thousand miles change that. Z had received the opportunity of a lifetime. After she graduated valedictorian she was recruited by Columbia University for their medical sciences department. She didn't want to go but a chance like this one wouldn't come along every day.

Even Xavier, Z's twin brother and The Storyteller's oldest friend, was gone. He had given up on there dreams of creating a role playing game to go to a technical institute to learn computer programing. So

The Storyteller worked for his father, drowning in the mundane world of normality. That is, until adventure came to him.