I'll have you hooked from the first touch,
the first stare, that wink that makes time
slow down enough for you to catch my smirk.

I'll be the girl of your dreams, the one you
want to show off to your parents, the one
you can't wait to get in your bed.

I'll be the kind of love you only see in movies,
the kind of dialogue that seems unreal.

I'll be what you can't live without,
but i'll leave you (empty) in the end nonetheless.

I'll be the addiction you can't stop feeding.

I'll be the last drop in the bottle of jack daniels
you named lost count.

(And don't worry,) I'll be watching you break your skull
on the washroom floor, sipping my glass of vodka slowly.

Because I'll be your last love
but you'll only be my number one
and counting.