A/N: This poem was inspired by 'I'm in Paris with You' by James Fenton. Awesome poem, one of my favourites.

Don't talk to me of love
If you know nothing of the topic.

Do you speak of nature
If you are not erudite in science?

Do you speak of elections
If politics is not your speciality?

So don't talk to me of love.

Let's talk of the sky
Let's whisper to the oceans
Let's call upon the clouds
And distract ourselves from this world.

Let us do anything to calm our racing minds
To release our aching hearts from the hidden subject.

I do not wish to talk of love.
So rest your tongue my dear,
And quieten your mouth.
Rest your lips atop mine.

And we shall talk of love no more.

Yup so...another random poem from me. Please read and review, any improvements?