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Chapter 1: Hello Goodbye

"What can I say but I'm sorry?" Lucren looked at her piteously.

She flipped her hair decisively over a shoulder and answered without so much as glancing away from the window "You can go away. Never speak to me again."

"I...I can't. I can't just leave you! I lov-"

"You love me? Ha! If you love me so much you would simply stop. Change. Find a personality to match those cute looks." she glanced at him once more then stood up, walking away. Walking away forever.

"That was harsh." Sam smiled reassuringly from the corner "You think she could have waited for me to leave the room before blowing up."

"What the hell is wrong with me!?" Lucren sighed, falling against his best friend/roommate. "I can't keep a relationship going."

"Maybe you're dating the wrong women. I mean, you've never once made the first move."

"So? What's that got to do with it. We get along fine until-"

"Until you open your mouth? Ow!" Sam rubbed his jaw, faking surprise. "Did you just hit me?"

"Yes. Yes I did." Lucren rolled over, resting his head against Sam's shoulder "Maybe I do date the wrong women. I mean, have I ever felt anything besides lust? Nope. Or maybe," he looked up into Sam's big brown puppy eyes "I need women who have gay friends of their own. So they stop criticizing me for you."

"What, so now it's my fault!?" Sam ran a hand his golden hair "Well, maybe...I mean, how many straight guys do you know who have gay best friends? Gay MALE best friends."

" just proved my point."


"What? That doesn't even make sense!"

"So? Ow! Stop that! You can't keep hitting the money maker!"

"I never touched your ass."


"There you go."

"So, dumped again?" Sheandy inquired over burgers that night. She threw a french-fry in his general direction. Sam caught it, smiling triumphantly.

"Hey! And yes, I was. You owe me a fry." Lucren glared, pouting.

"Luce, for real? What the fuck? Maybe you should just give up." Sheandy flicked her long red/black/purple/white hair back. "I mean, why do you keep dating these broads?"

"Cause he's too much of a pussy to think about what he wants."

"Sam! I am not!" he hissed.

"Y'know? I think you're too femme to be dating these blonde bimbo types. They want the jock with the bod. Like the new guy in our sculpting class."

"Ooooh, yeh! He's so hot!" Sam drooled, grinning doggedly.

"What's he look like?"

"What do you care?" Sam turned back, giving Lucren the evil eye "He is so mine!"

"In your dreams!" Shandy interjected. She stood up, grabbing a couple drinks from the fridge. "Beer, beer, and bitch beer." she smiled, handing the last to Lucren.

"Just 'cause it actually tastes good does not mean it's for bitches." he stated, popping the top off his hard lemonade.

"Yeah okay." she plopped down on the big orange bean bag chair, sighing contentedly. "Man, too bad there are no threesome dorms here. That would be the shit!"

"No offense, Shea, but I can only handle so many gay people for extended periods of time."

"Numero uno, I'm bi. And secondly that is such bull! You live with yourself 24/7."

"Ouch, that really hurt me. Deep. For serious."

"No, I am being serious for a second here. Did you think maybe the reason you don't get on with these girls is because you might be, y'know, gay?"

"What!?" he cracked up "Sam! Sam, am I gay? Really."

"I gotta agree with Luce here. If he were gay, I fear for aaaaall of us in, well, the world. Not to say it wouldn't have an appealing ring…"

"What!?" he coughed on his drink "C'mon Sam, there is no way. I mean, sure I can tell when a guy is hot but that doesn't make me gay. It makes me observant and sensitive."

"Um, that is gay darlin'." Sheandy stared, completely serious now. "What if you are bi. Have you never really thought of the possibility? Maybe the reason you haven't found the right girl for you is…you're looking at the wrong gender."

"I hate to say it, but Shea has a point. I mean, think about it."

"Gods, whose side are you on? No, this is the end of the gay Luce. Oh gods I am gay! Just look at my name!" he collapsed, squishing Sam's legs.

"Well, for all people know it could be short for Lucifer." Shea offered halfheartedly.

"No Shea, I agree with Luce. It sounds like Lucy." Sam wrapped an affectionate arm around his friend. "Let us test our theory shall we?"


"I am not doing this. What if it gets weird?"

"Relax, it's not like you have to sleep with him. You can if you want though, I have no claims on this one."

"Saaaam!" Lucren whined, tugging at his collar "And what is with this shirt? It's so-"

"Gay? Quit being such a bitch and get out of my car. Gregory," Sam sat up a little straighter "is probably waiting for you."

"Fine, but one question first. Why haven't you dated him?"

"…I'll tell you when you get home, kay?"

"Che, fine. If this goes south you are fucking dead."

"Mmhm, love you too."

"You must be Lucren." a handsome Italian stood up, offering his hand. Lucren shook it nervously, not sure what to do.

"Does that mean I can assume you're Gregory?"

"Greg, please. Gregory feels so formal."

"Uh, sure." don't say it "My friends call me Luce." damnit!

"Luce? That's cute." Greg smiled "My real name is Gregorio. Where are you from?"

"Uhm, Albany."

"Really?!" he grinned delightedly "I love New York!"

"What? Oh no, Albany, Oregon. Sorry."

"Oh? That's quite alright, I'm sorry for assuming...but I've never heard of Albany, Oregon. Where is it?"

"In the valley area, a coupla hours from the coast."

"The ocean. It is a beautiful place, is it not?"

"Yes." Lucren smiled for the first time, glad they hit a topic he could stand "I love it there. All the different sounds and smells."

"Mmm. Quite dazzling. Like your eyes, if I may say so."

"Oh. Uh, sure. I mean, thank you." Lucren brushed self consciously at his emo cut, knocking black hair back over his left blue/gray eye. His right one, slightly green/blue, looked awkwardly around the restaurant, not sure what else to talk about. The evening continued like that, small talk turned uncomfortable when Gregorio turned his words into a compliment. Lucren felt he should compliment him back, but he didn't want to lead this Greg dude on. He was having an alright time but...he just didn't feel anything other than kind of slimy whenever Greg made a comment about his eyes, face, hair, personality, you name it

Finally, after one more beautiful, he snapped.

"Would you fucking quit with the compliments? I'm not some dumb blonde who's going to swoon at the sound of your voice!"

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't realize, I'm just nervous…I…you see, I work as a…an escort."

"What!? Are you for real!?" Lucren choked on his food, coughing loudly. Greg blushed.

"I bet this the most excitement this restaurant has seen ever." He whispered, leaning across the table. Lucren laughed wickedly. He smiled, glad to have broken this young man's professional sleaziness.

"Are you alright? You've barely touched your steak." Greg quickly changed the subject.

"I'm fine. I'm more of a dessert person so...I know it's bad for me but what can I say?"

"I see." His green eyes glinted "Well, they have an excellent dessert menu here."

"Really? Sweet."

"Yes, sweet." at Lucren's look Greg smiled again "Nothing. Order whatever you want."

"Okay!" Lucren grinned. He ordered a raspberry cheesecake drizzled in chocolate. "Drizzled, I love that word."

"It is kind of funny, isn't it. I'll have the Tiramisu." the waiter left them to their thoughts. "I don't often go on blind dates or even dates really. I spend most my very small free time sleeping and playing video games."

"Yeh, me neither. The dating I mean. But I play video games a lot. I actually want to switch majors and go into game design."

"What is it you're studying now?"

"Oh. Uhm, business? I don't know why the hell I ever thought of that field."

"Well, god knows we need some new ideas in the market." He chuckled

"Are you like a serious gamer? Cause you don't look like it at all."

"Don't I know it. I actually went to school for game design. Back before I got a job that is."

"Why can't you do both? I mean, just work part time?" Lucren asked, taking a huge bite of cake. Greg sighed, turning his attention to his tiramisu.

"It's complicated. I get paid very well, but I have to work full time. It's amazing I even got this evening off."

"I still can't believe you're a gay dude who works as a straight escort."

"Yes well, I never sleep with my clients obviously." he made a face. "That would be so weird. Like...kind of...ew. You know?"

"No, not really." Lucren replied completely poker faced.


Lucren cackled like a madman on crack. After some hyperventilation he returned to his cake. Through a huge bite he said "I'm totally straight! I just…was thinking how damn funny it was that tonight, even though this is a date with a dude you're still a straight consort! Sorry about any false pretenses." He added as an afterthought.

"I know I should be mad but," he shrugged "I'm glad I'm so amusing." Greg chuckled. He picked up the check, smiling and waving away Lucren's protests. "I've had a wonderful time, if a bit slow to start. Perhaps I can see you again? As friends of course."

"Yeah, that'd be cool. You could come hang out with me, somewhere where you can chill and maybe check out my games."

"I would like that. Thanks again. Here, let me hail you a cab."

"No that's okay, Sam's coming to get me."

"Oh." he hesitated, a bit taken aback. "I see. Well, give him my best." he hurriedly replied, getting into a cab of his own.

"Sure...thing?" Lucren watched as the yellow car sped away. That was weird.

"I can't believe you actually did it!" Sheandy squealed.

"Do you ever go home?" Lucren asked, plopping down on their big memory foam couch. Sam collapsed beside him, grinning.

"Oh, did I forget to mention I'm staying over? So," her smile turned feral "how would you rate Greg as a date?"

"None of your damn business."

"So he's pretty good then?" Sam poked him. Lucren cracked an eye open.

"Uh-huh. Sure. Funny thing is," he sat up "when I mentioned you it was like he freaked. He couldn't get home fast enough."

"He probably needed to go masturbate-"

"Shea! Shut the hell up!" Sam yelled, throwing a pillow at her.

"Wow wow wow. What?" Lucren looked back and forth between his best friends. "What is it that's going on here, hmm? Sam? You set me up with a dude who likes you? That's kind of-"

"He does not! We're just friends!" Sam hissed.

"Uh-huh. Says you. But you want in his pants almost as bad as he wants yours off." Sheandy sniped, throwing the pillow back. He got up, resorting to jumping on top of the two and just laying there. "Agree or I will never leave you alone!"

"Ugh, you're way heavy! And never!"

"Okay mateies, get off the emo-kid. Now." he pushed, failing completely.

"I'm taller than you, what makes you think you can remove me from your person?" Sheandy giggled, refusing to let up.

"Whatever. So I guess it'd be kinda weird if I invited Greg over to play video games?" at his comment the other two froze.

"What!?" they both shrieked with opposite types of enthusiasm.

"Not because I like him mind. I don't feel any kind of attraction to men, as I have tried to tell you, but because he seems pretty cool. I mean, I dunno how you met him, since he's an escort but still. He' seems pretty chill."

"Now that, I'm sure, is an interesting story. How did you meet this man, loves? Hmmm?" Sheandy pressed, her face inches from Sam's.

"We met at one of my moms parties. He was masking it but I could tell he was bored. So I asked him if he wanted to talk, rather than be dragged around by a floozy. He politely rejected me and we've been friends ever since."

"I'm sorry, I think I missed part of that. How did you end up friends? Through rejection?"

"Sheandy, shut up. It's private."

"Oh my god! I know how! He rejected you but you totally didn't take it. and ended up kissing him, huh?"

"No. It was a hug, you perv. I told you, we're friends! He ended up getting ditched by his date anyway, I guess she went to go drink with her friends, and so we hung out. At the end of the night I HUGGED him and that was that. We exchanged numbers and e-dress'. Now leave me alone!"

"Hey, if you like this guy-"

"Luce! Shut up, okay? I am done discussing this with you guys."

"Uh-huh. Y'know, you stick your nose in my business when I'm perfectly fine the way I am," to this Sam snorted but otherwise kept silent "yet you won't tell your friends anything. What's the deal?"

"Hey, because it doesn't matter, that's why! Gawd, are you serious? Besides," Sam hugged a pillow "neither of us is the other's type."

"Oh god." Shea rolled her eyes, "Sam, is this about you being fat? Cuase I swear if you-"

"No, that's not it. It just wouldn't work okay? I'd have to fight to keep him and he'd have to quit his job because I want a boyfriend I can see…really, it just wouldn't work out. I've thought about it, believe me." He breathed heavily, staring out the window. "So now can we drop it?"

"No. How do you know he wouldn't make the time for you? I mean, it was obvious to me-"

"Lucren, just please. Drop it."

He did, sighing heavily. Lucren never understood his friends need to push away what was good for him. He was determined to get him out of this gloom.

"Well what about this hot guy in...what was it, pottery?"

"Ooooh, Jet!? He is soooooo delicious!" and just like that Sam popped out of his funk. "He's totally the big, muscular teddy-bear type! And it's sculpting."

"But you know he's straight right? Cause he was seriously bashing that one gay emo during break!" Shea, not missing a beat, jumped back into her roll as bad-news bearer. "Those big old arms and beautiful way I'm gonna lose another hunk to the GC!"

"Wait, are you guys talking about Damian?" Lucren cut in "That guy bugs the shit outta me! Such the macho asshole."

"I'm sorry," Sam turned, eyes impossibly wide "did you really just say that? 'Cause I may have to hurt you. Badly."

"What? Are you serious? He's just...and his friends...stop looking at me like that!" he hid behind a pillow, conveniently hiding the smile on his lips. "Maybe you should think about dating Mr. Briar then." he mumbled through the fabric.

"Oh do I wish!" Sam cuddled up to Lucren, "But just because the man is in sculpting does not make him gay."

"Sculpting? A football star in sculpting?" Lucren snorted derisively "That is soooo gay!"

"Oh, if you even realized the kind of pain I'm needing to inflict upon you right now…you're lucky you're pretty, I don't hit pretty."

"Booooys." Shea warned, holding up 'the peace hand'. They'd given it this name when, a few months ago, she'd been bored in Art History and let a couple of the other chicks at her table doodle 'peace' all over her hand in rainbow beautifulness. She'd loved it so much she had gotten her hand tattooed that way. Now one hand was a colorful glove of love. "Play nice."

"Or what, you gonna spank me?" Sam grinned, sticking out his butt. She smacked him sharply, a very un-Shea move. She giggled, waggling her finger at him.

"Given the opportunity, yes, I will spank you. You too, Lucy!" which stopped him mid giggle.

"Hey, that's not very nice. Besides, weren't you supposed to go meet that chick…uhm…"

"Victoria? Yeh, I was but…she totally canceled on me. It was such a drag, I really like her…"

"Did she say anything?" Sam flipped her his iPod to choose the music for her mood. His iPod was like the godly treasure trove of the music pirates, so full of, well, everything. She chose something sad but also a bit funny (there were zombie noises in it) and smiled.

"I dunno what happened. She just called me after we went to the club last night and asked me to cancel. And then hung up. She sounded really out of breath…I think she was on her way back from Tai-chi."

"Wait, is Victoria that Korean chick you met at the grocery store? You guys started fighting for…something."

"Yeah, we both wanted the last case of mandarin oranges…" she shifted uncomfortably "I mean, I know she and I won't be this big thing and we've only been seeing eachother off and on…and only for two months…but I really like her."

"Hey…isn't she a dance major?" Lucren sat up suddenly.

"Yeah…yes, she is."

"And isn't it your birthday in, like, a week?"

"Yeah…" light returned to her eyes "Oooh, maybe a present? A dance for me…but! I won't get my hopes up." She smiled, turning away to hide to joy.

Sam and Lucren looked at each other, shrugging over the constantly sporadic behavior of their friend.


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