Chapter 1:


Saba looked up at the gray, brick, ceiling of the holding cell. In a matter of minutes she would be auctioned off as slave to hopefully to a kind person. Her friend, Sparks, had been auctioned off the other day. All Saba had left of her was the fiery red necklace that hanged around her brown skin.

God please help me. She prayed.

Saba, is what people called an others called an "ex angel". During a war between heaven and hell, she was of many angels who fell to earth and lost their wings. Heaven won, but the angels couldn't come home. Since then Saba made her home on Maidra, with her friend Sparks.

Sparks is a blacksmith, and also looks for lost valuable magical items. Her kind is rumored to be from hell, because of their dark brown skin and fiery red hair.

Sparks and Saba were exploring an abandon castle out in the woods, on the outskirts of their hometown. They had reached the main hall and were caught in a trap, and were taken to the sea city of Lorena. Off the coast was Hell's Island that is inhabited by demons. Saba was in the jailhouse next to the harbor.

"Hey! You! Time to go!" Came the harsh voice of the guard from the other side of the bars.

Saba got up and brushed off the ragged and torn dress, then let her long hair fall on to her shoulders. The guard led her onto a stage in an open street. There was a crowd of people in front staring at her.

"The starting bid is at 100 gold!" he yelled.

"500!" someone yelled.

"800! Yelled another.





"50,238!" someone from the back yelled.

The crowd went quiet. From the stage could see the bidder. She was and short with a long black dress and tan skin. She had short hair that was dyed a dark purple, with brown eyes to match.

"Going once…Going twice…and sold to the mage in the back!"

The man clamped a metal ring on her neck and sent her to the woman in the back. She seemed nice and had a sweet smile.

"My name is Nashwa I'm the night mage for the town. What's your name?" She said.

"My name is Saba, I'm from the southern city of Alentia." She answered.

"Any abilities or gifts?"

"I'm telekinetic, and I'm an okay fighter."

"So you could defend your self if the time came?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"You seem to have common sense, and your in good condition, also your not an airhead like some girls. Let's go to your new home."

"Is it in the city?"

"No unfortunately, its out in the mountains. So its quiet a walk."


"Ouch! Whore."Vlad said.

Sparks had bit his hand when he tried to touch to touch her. She could tell from the moment he bought her what his intention was, and she wasn't going to let him have his way so easily.

"Just like a dog who bites its master." he said.

"I did warn you." She answered.

Vlad had blood red eyes, and dark brown skin with short black hair. Vlad is a demon from Hell's Island. Now he is Sparks's owner.

He moved in close to her and started sucking on her neck. Spark's tried not to give in.

"It will only hurt for a second and then it will be all over." he said soothingly.

"You cant stop with whole "trying to get me comfortable act". I'm not a virgin."

"Even better we can just get started."

"Lets just get it over with."

Vlad stopped what he was doing for a second.

"Your eager."

"I've done demon's like you before. They're all the same: lustful, horny, quick, and small. So I'm not really excited."

Sparks could feel his whole body heat up, and his teeth sink down into her skin. He looked straight into her eyes with anger in them, and squeezed her arms tightly.

"You…BITCH!!"he yelled.

He slapped her across the face leaving scars on her left cheek. He pinned her down on the bed and came in close on her face with a lustful look in his eyes.

"Your really that sure of yourself?" he whispered. "How about I prove you wrong. I'll make it as slow and painful as possible, so you'll feel as if you were being tortured in hell."

"Hey Drake were home!" said Nashwa as they reached the living room of her mansion.

After walking for two hours into the mountains they reached an emerald green mansion in the pass between two mountains.

The library was all brown , with shelves of books going up to the ceiling. There were red couches sitting in the middle and long brown wooden table near the western bookshelf. On the table were piles of books and two black boots sitting on the table.

"Drake get your dirty boots off my table, or I'll rip your fangs out." She said.

"Okay. Okay" came a deep voice from the pile of books.

The books were being cleared away that revealed a boy about Saba's age with a pale face and red eyes. He had long black hair, he was wearing all black clothing, and had a pair of glasses hanging off the edge of his nose.

"This the new girl?" he asked.

His voice was deep and raspy. It had a sort of evil tone to it.

"Yes. Saba, this is Drake. He's my slave demon." Nashwa said.

"Really Nashwa I thought you knew me better than that. She seems so delicate, I don't want to damage her." he answered with a smirk on his face.

"That's exactly I why got her, She has enough common sense to know your trouble, unlike to other maids you seduced so quickly. Besides she's telekinetic, which is useful and she can protect herself."

"Well at least it's a challenge."

"This isn't a game! I need someone to watch and keep order here while I'm gone, because you keep having wild parties with your friends. Saba, Drake will show you around."

"Yes ma'm." she answered.

"Oh and Drake."

"Yeeeeees?"he said.

"If see one more "gift" that's from one of your girlfriends lying around, I will shove them in unfriendly place. Got it?"

"Loud and clear. Saba let me show you around and tell you the rules."

Nashwa left the room and Drake got up from his spot. He set his glasses down on the table, and came around the front so Saba could get a good look at him. He had a black choker on and a loose black shirt with pants.

"What's wrong? Never seen a demon before?" he asked.

"I try to avoid crossing paths with them." she answered.

"Well get used to it. There are hundreds of them in this town. So, how about we start with the main floor."

He gestured to the door.

"Shall we?"

She followed him out the library and into the hall. They went about one door down, then walked into a large green room.

"This is the guest room. You don't have to come here most of the time."

Then they walked down the hall and while they were walking he told her the rules:

"I usually have sparring matches with friends outside. So you have to supervise and make sure it doesn't get out of hand. It's easy to remember were the rooms are because their different colors." he said.

"What are the colors?" she asked.

"Nashwa's room is purple, of course. Her study is a light green. My room is red and my practice area is a light blue. The kitchen is white. The dining room is gold. The living room is maroon."

"Where's my room?"

"Yours is next to the garden. So you have a balcony. Want to go see it?"


They climbed 4 flights of stairs, then reached a green hallway with flowers hanging off the walls.

"It's your job to water them." He said. "Here's your room."

He opened a pale green door, led to a huge room. The inside of the room was light blue, and had an enormous circle bed with purple sheets. He walked to the glass doors and pulled the curtains, revealing the colorful garden in the back.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"This is all for me?" she asked.

"Nashwa considers you part of her family now. Family deserves the best."

"Thank you."

"There's some clothes for you in the dresser."


"That's probably Vlad. Let's go." He said.

Saba looked puzzled.

"He knocks pretty loud." she said.

"Even during childhood he had a strong arm." he said while rushing down the stairs with Saba right behind him.

They got to the entrance and Vlad was still banging loudly on the door. Drake pulled it open quickly, revealing Vlad with a scowl on his face. To Saba's horror she saw her friend Sparks on the end of leash that Vlad was holding. She could easily make out three scratches on her face.

"You got a new toy? Did the other one break?" Drake said sarcastically.

"No. It got pregnant." Vlad answered harshly.

Saba could tell from Drake's expression that he was a little creeped out.

"She's cute." Drake said. "Maybe I can play with her later." He let them both come in and winked at Sparks on the way in.

"Derek, Romeo, and Sonja are coming over." Vlad said.

"Drake are you having a party?" Saba asked.

"Yeah. Their some of my friends from the Island." He answered.

Great! More demons! She thought.

Drake: Okay, why do I have to wear choker?

Saba: What's with the all red theme is he obsessed with death or something?

Nashwa: The author thought red and black would work with him, considering that fact that he's a demon.

Vlad: And that one line I say makes me sound cruel and unfeeling. I don't want to be seen that way. Also using the term "toy" sounded a little sexist.