Author's Note: something pretty bad that i wrote at 1 in the morning cuz i felt the need to write, might contintue, might not, let me know how it is

She sat and stared at the knife that was before her on the bathroom counter. The light hit it just right so that she could see herself in its reflection, and the sight scared her. Her hair was a mess, makeup running down her face, and her eyes were slightly bloodshot. She sighed and picked up the knife and looked at it again. It was a marvelous piece of engineering, the blade sharp enough to cut pretty much anything, but light as a feather. With a wicked smile she gently pressed the blade to her wrist, drawing blood. With a slight gasp, of pain or pleasure, she didn't want to know, then withdrew the knife and looked at it. The blood ran down the blade and collected at the tip, forming a little raindrop of blood. She glanced at her wrist and saw the blood running over her hand, through her fingers. She began to laugh as she brought the blade down to her pale skin.

Lights everywhere. She looked around with her eyes squinted and saw the fuzzy outline of someone at her feet. She tried to kick out at them, but she was strapped to the bed she was laying on. She began to scream and the person at the foot of her bed ran around and injected her arm with something. With a soft sigh, she fell back asleep.

"She is actually pretty good looking." I thought to myself as I looked over her charts. She had cut her wrists multiple times and passed out from lack of blood. It was a good thing that her roommate had caught her in the bathroom passed out, or she would be dead by now- beauty like this shouldn't be wasted.

Suddenly the girl woke and looked around frantically, I was about to say something to her, but all of a sudden she saw me and began to scream and thrash in the bed. I grabbed the needle and ran to the side of the bed, quickly finding the vein I needed, I injected her with more of the chemical that would calm her down.

I hated this job. I hated having to hurt people to make them better, even though it has been explained to me before, I just couldn't wrap my mind around it. Anyway, I had some other patients to attend to…

"Where…where am I?" I moaned as I tried to open my eyes. The lights were blinding me, and the constant buzzing was giving me a headache. I finally managed to open my eyes and looked around. The room I was in was pretty standard…oh wait…YES! I wasn't strapped to the damn bed anymore! I sat up slowly and saw a glass of water on the table beside me. I tried to reach for it and as I did, I noticed my left wrist-it was covered with bandages. I sighed in frustration, I had to stop the cutting, I know, but I had never gotten caught before. With another sigh I unwrapped my wrist to take a look at what I did this time.

The new cuts were pink and still painful to touch. The dozens of other cuts beneath the new ones were faded white lines. Some of the cuts formed words, and most of the others you could tell were just from anger-they were angry, aggressive cuts. As I inspected the new cuts, one of them began to bleed again. I sighed and pressed the button next to my bed to call for the doctor or whoever it was to come fix me up-again.

My breath caught in my throat when my doctor walked in. He was insanely hot, tall, dark hair, you know the type. I struggled to breathe normally. "My…ah…wrist…" I said lamely.

"Well, let's take a look." He said with a voice like honey. Gently, he took hold of my wrist and turned it towards him. "This isn't bad at all, just some parts that haven't healed quite yet." He let go and smiled at me.

"Oh-okay…" I said with a small voice. "Thank you…"

"You're welcome." He said again with that amazing smile of his. As he turned around I stopped him.

"Umm-I have a question…" I quickly said.

"Ok, shoot." Damn him with that smile of his.

"Uh-"wow what was I going to say…oh yeah I didn't have anything to say… "What's your name?" Wow…real lame.

He turned around the looked back at me. He looked at me with friendship and laughter in his eyes, not pity and sorrow like most people look at me with. "Damian." Again with that smile of his and he was gone.

"Damian…" I muttered to myself as I drifted off. "Damian…"