There once was a sad tomato. He was sad because he kept giving other fruits salmonella. Since he was so depressed he couldn't stop eating. He went to talk to Potato but the potato got scared and screamed at him to go to the all-knowing asparagus. Tomato got mad and mashed Potato. So off he went to the asparagus. He gives Tomato a piece of himself which can cure anything. So Tomato took the piece of asparagus home and ate it. He waited and waited for it to cure his salmonella. Suddenly he smelled a peculiar smell. He went to the bathroom to see if it was coming from there. While he was there he took a piss and the smell got stronger. He realized it was him and diced himself. Everyone rejoice! But then they smelled him and everyone that survived moved to Pluto. WHICH IS STILL A PLANET IN MY HEART!



Revolve in Peace