A/N: A poem about Hiroshima in Sacrifice

A/N: A poem about Hiroshima in Sacrifice. I don't know, I've always like his character and thought that he was so much deeper then everyone else. This is in the manga section because it's a poetic tribute to him and it's a character from Melissa Norvell's Sacrifice.

Go and read it sometime! It's a great story!

Hiroshima © Melissa Norvell


Differences/Separate Worlds

By: Kurogane Black Ninja


The innocent eyes of these kids as I stare at them from across the room

I remember a time once, of doom and gloom

The shadows of my past always cling near

I swore to myself never to show them my fears

Innocent tears and cries of pain

The weak are the creatures that I disdain

How the hell did I get stuck in this predicament?

In this twisted series of events and cities of lament

They smile and act carefree

All I can do is frown and leave them be

Like hell they want to associate with a being like me

Black winged angel born in hell

After all, that is where all evil dwells.

All that I am has been ripped asunder

Nostalgia reminds me of all of my blunders

They invite me over to talk

I'd rather take a walk

I ponder on their words and all that has been brought about

I feel like a loner compared to them always left out

Humans can speak of such happy times

Their voices and laughter is an innocent chime

I look down with my ever present frown

How can you be happy in a world that causes you to fall down?

Black wings of evil and white of pure

What the hell am I? Even I am unsure.

Devil or angel? Dark or light?

The monster that will kill you in the middle of the night…

Stern and quiet

I take a stand and stick by it

Cruel and evil, I complain and bitch

Everything seems to irritate me, and causes my green brows to twitch

But I secretly do not understand their logic

And frankly our relationship is caustic

Don't they see? I'll never fit in

When I was being tortured, where the hell had they been?

Humans will never understand

All of the pain dark angels withstand

They beg for me to join them but I hesitate

I only want to be with my mate

Children are a pain in the ass

So what if I sound crass?

Why does my heart seem to melt around them?

They are bad for me just like post mortem.

Their hearts are pure while mine is icy

I am cruel while they have mercy

Angel in tatters and innocent children

Should not be together or even that smitten

But secretly I want them to understand my ways

We all know I'm crazy, why count the ways?

So I'll walk towards them in hopes that they will give me what I need

Kindness and love are the feelings on which I feed

I'd like to be friend them but I can't seem to trust

Urges to kill and frequent bloodlust

This puts us in separate worlds


A/N: A Hiroshima poem. For those of you who don't know, Hiroshima is a character in a story by Melissa Norvell called Sacrifice. It's the best shounen-ai story I've ever read and even if you don't like shounen-ai, I think you'd all love it. The shounen-ai isn't overpowering and there are just two couples that are that way. I can't convince you to read it, just suggest it but if you don't. you're missing out.