the ocean was turbulent and calm simultaneously.
the storm surge pushing me until i reach the shore.
my gills seem to disappear to a human respiratory apparatus
but the webbing between my appendages remains.
the pale green tint to my flesh recedes slightly
and i breathe my first breath of atmosphere, the same atmosphere
touching the stars and wrapping around a prone object engulfed in
flame, like a makeshift sun in the storm-fogged night sky.
the clouds part as i lift golden eyes to the sky
and the moon bathes me as gravity takes hold of you, still
wrapped in flame.
the earth trembles and wind whispers as your impact douses
the flames. panting in the pure oxygen, i catch your scent. my
lips try to form a whisper. my webbed fingers digging unconsciously
into the wet sand, the storm-driven surf trying to pull me back
to sea.
i have waited eternities for you.
mute words escape me and you awaken, gaze searching
in the stormy gloom. the moon disappears but i retain the luna
your stare finds what it had sought,
and the eyes are still aflame, it seems, but not in flame. they
hold the glare and intensity of the sun.
as i have you.
a response. and we both edge closer.
your flame-callused and my webbed hands meeting at fingertips, entwining,
eager for feeling.
your gaze trembles.

(and the worlds reawaken)