No one turned someone; Money doesn't buy love



Meet Maxine Kylie Briggs, a seventeen year old, blue eyed brunette. Just call her "Kylie." That's all that she responds to. No one, absolutely no one calls her "Maxine." That name just reminds her of her father, of whom she does not have that close of a connection with.

Her father is a wealthy actor by the name of Maximillion Briggs. He's an amazing actor, all kind and loving in his films, but not in real life and especially not towards his daughter. From his name, he does own plenty more than a million and that's what he is willing to spend for Kylie, but she doesn't believe that money can buy love. Kylie's mother, wife of Mr. Maximillon Briggs is Sophia Chamberlain, who is a big time fashion designer. Only her clients call her Sophia Chamberlain. To those close to her she's Sophie Briggs. To Kylie she's just another woman living in the same house as her.

Her parents aren't the only family in the house though. There's Rosalinda Gomez. To Kylie, she's Roz, and her support group at home. Roz is a house servant who lives in the Briggs' household on occasions. She's young and unmarried, and Kylie treats her like a sister. Because of her close connection with Roz, Mrs. Briggs almost fired her. Luckily, Kylie talked some sense into her, and Roz is here to stay.

If Kylie Briggs' home life is a mess is her school life balancing that out? She must be the most popular girl in school right? Wrong. Kylie attends a private school, Candlelight Academy, where only the rich and/ or famous' kids attend but if you have enough money, its welcome for everyone. All the kids live in mansions, and the Brigg's estate is no exception. It holds six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor movie theater, a garden, library, a game room, etc; but best of all its in a gated community protecting the family, as Mr. Briggs would put it "from the home boys and gangsters."

So another question you might be thinking about at this point is: Does Kylie have any friends or a boyfriend? Answer: Kylie does not have any close friends; she's closest to her cousin, Danielle Leslie Briggs. She is the daughter of Maximillion's older brother, Stanley Briggs, who is a big time movie producer and produced most of Maximillion's films. Dani, as Kylie calls her, is the only sane person is her life, and considers herself losing her own sanity by breathing the same air as her parents for so long. Kylie has never had a boyfriend before. She's never been kissed, never held hands with a guy she really liked, and could never stand the guys in her school. The only guy she could stand is the one guy that she's had a crush on since the ninth grade. Bret Michael Wilkinson. Otherwise known as BMW. You see, BMW, isn't the most popular guy in school, but he isn't hideous. To Kylie he has the body and face of a Greek god and possesses a musical talent. Kylie practically breathes music; she doesn't play any instruments, but music has been her boyfriend since the day she was born.

She goes to plenty of rock concerts with Dani, and sometimes spots BMW at the mike. She's entering her final year of high school, and doesn't want to leave it unnoticed. She's been the nobody of the school for too long.


A NOTE FROM GANGSTAR: Yay! It's a new story! This is going to be turning into a very different path compared to The Pregnant Life of Norah Jade. Keep reading to find out and hopefully, this story will contain less grammatical errors too. I know you guys all hate that. 