Author's Note

Hey, Guys. It's been too long.

I thank each and every one of you who have written a review when Everlasting Rapture ended. Now to better things, I finally posted the prologue of A Witch's Tempest. Most of you have guessed who's story this is. Yes, it is Tara's. I didn't know that when I created her that she will have a lot of fanbase, and so I granted all you Tara-lovers your wishes. Her very own story. Tara has grown up and with it, her training was continued throughout the years, but her spunk has mellowed out a bit due to maturity. Don't hate me that she is no longer as reckless and stubborn as she used to be. Bowen tempered it.

Tell me what you guys think. I miss you all. I hope you enjoy reading her story like I will enjoy writing her passage.

Grumpirah: Thank you for reading Everlasting Rapture. I hope you enjoy A Witch's Tempest. :)

smrae: Thank you very much! It makes me happy knowing that my readers enjoyed my story. Enjoy the next one!

Ck90: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Knowing that my characters were so well loved and known makes me a happy parent with my character children. A Witch's Tempest is Tara's story, and about her being with another man other than Hugh...well, I'll leave that to her to tell. She did continue her training to be a knight, but let's be realistic. In those times, women were more known for alliances and strong bloodlines, built for breeding and keeping a home. Tara, no matter how spunky and determined she is, could never be a knight. Her reason for hiding will be told on the story.

pbgurl: Happy that you loved ER, Liz! Yes, AWT is somewhat of a sequel since it doesn't focus on Gowan and Moira anymore.

ValerieYoung: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Ha ha ha! I will be updating Point of No Return soon enough.

geminibaby6789: :) Glad you loved it!

Kylen: Yes, everything worked out with this couple. They're living la vie en rose. The next installment is Tara's story. And a thing between Tara and Bowen...well, I'll leave that to her to say. Hugh will come back, don't worry. :)

SingingBird812: Thank you for loving and reading the story!

sweetpea265: Thank you for reading! About the typos, I apologize, I'll probably go back and correct it. But there's only little ole me and at times I don't have time to edit things. I tried to keep it authentic as possible without seeming it too confusing, I will probably add footnotes about sayings and little quips used in that era for my readers to understand. Hope you like the next installment!

Madkatter: Enjoy A Witch's Tempest! :)))

Thank you so much, guys!

- Love, Anna