One word entered my mind when my plane pulled into the Halifax airport. That word was home. You know that feeling you get when you've been somewhere really different from home for a while and then you get back? Well that was the feeling I had when I saw my little brother waiting for me through the big glass window. I had been in china for the last two years staying with my dad while mom went on a tour of Europe with my brother. The people in China were cold to me and they didn't seem to take kindly to intruders. My dad studies the economics in china. Which by the way isn't very good. It is very crowded. The English schools over there are smelly and dirty so dirty it makes living on a farm seem like heaven.

"Wow Christian! You've grown so much!" I said as I ran up to him.

"Who are you?' He replied as he looked at me. Had my mother not told him about me.

"Chris, its me Rosalia" I said ruffling his hair. He wouldn't remember me because he was two the last time I saw him.

"Rosie!" He threw his arms around me.

"Rosalia, hurry up we have to get home because I have a special chore for you before dawn." My mother said. Of course she had a chore for me before dawn. School was starting the next day and I had to get the bus at dawn. The car drove down the road at dusk. My family didn't like the day light well mother didn't. I know what you're thinking We're a family of vampires. No only I am. I go out in the day though, unlike in those movies vampires can go out in the day in the sun. It just hurts our eyes. I'm also only half vampire so I can eat human food and drink blood only once a month. I've never met another vampire let alone a half vampire.

We got in the car and drove down the long road that led to my house. We passed acres of farm land that hadn't been touched in years. It was all ours but we only used about an acre of it. Our house was an old Victorian style house, you know like the ones you see in horror movies. My yard was a horror movie set, not literally but it could be. The thing that I loved most about being home was the fact that the next day I could watch the sunset from the highest branch of my favorite oak tree.

"Rosalia, I want you to take the path to the old abandoned Parker house and clean up a bit I heard that a new family will be moving in." Mother said as she unloaded my stuff. I shot her a dirty look and grabbed the back pack I'd brought and slung it over my shoulder. Walking to the parker house was no easy task. The parker kids were my best friends until they suddenly moved away when we were five. No one in the town has heard from them. Everything was still in the house and I was the only one who knew how to get into it. As a child little Kelly Parker and I used to crawl through a broken board in the side of the house to a trap door that led to the basement. I'd always loved the basement of that house, there were empty coffins and stuff.

I entered the old basement only to find one of the coffins open. I approached it with caution in case an animal had opened it. When I got close enough I found a guy he looked about a year older than me around seventeen. He looked like he had been carved out of an elephants tusk. His skin was as pale as mine, and he wasn't breathing. I thought that maybe I should go get the rest of the house cleaned up. When I got upstairs I found a woman.

"Hello... Why are you in our house?" The woman asked casually.

"I'm Rosalia, I live down the path and I came in through a trap door under the basement. I wasn't aware anyone had move in yet. So I came to clean." I stammered.

"Well nice meeting you. My name is Catalina, My husband and four children will be living here from now on. We would appriciate it if you tell the towns people to stay away from us." She replied. Her hair was as red as a rose and it sparkled under the moon. She was beautiful. Even the way she told me to never come there again was beautiful.

"Catalina, she's okay. Let her come around it would be good for the kids." A tall man said with a firm kindness about his voice.

"Oh, young lady my name is George." He said. I excused my self leaving the same way I came. On my way out that boy was gone so I climbed out. As I was crawling out of the hole he got in front of me and let out a snarl.

"Whats your problem! Havn't you ever seen a girl before?" I said as I tried to push him out of my way. He didn't move.

"Excuse me but you're an intruder in MY house" He said. His voice rang out in a velvet tone. It was so mesmerizing it caused me to blush. I tightened my grip on my sweater as I looked into his mint colored eyes.

"I just came to clean up before y'all moved in. Apparently I was too late. Geez you gotta make a fuss about it?" I snapped. He smirked.

"Stay away from here." He said.

"Don't be flattered. I wouldn't come around you if my life depended on it." I shoved passes him injuring my shoulder on his stone body in the process. I could feel his eyes piercing through my back as I walked. What was his problem? What ever it was I hated him for it. If their kids were all like him I didn't want anything to do with them. Not only was that boy creepy but his entire family sent off bad vibes. I got home and went into my room it looked huge compared to the tiny one I had in China. It was very quiet and dark in my room. The only sound that could be heard was a Violin coming from up the hill. Mom and Chris were asleep. I don't sleep because I'm half vampire.

The song being played wasn't anything I'd ever heard before and I'd heard every piece of classical music out there because my mom isn't a very knowledgeable person when it came to stuff from this century. Thats why my brother's name and my name are so old fashion. I honestly don't mind though. It makes us unique. Being only half vampire means officially as of June twentieth of last year I no longer get to grow. As in I'm stuck sixteen for eternity. I lay in my bed until I heard the crowing of my alarm clock which broke my thoughts. I picked up a binder a packed of paper and some pens and stuffed them in my back pack. My back pack had bat wings coming from it.

After I showered and brushed my teeth, I went down and grabbed a toaster strudel before heading to the bus. My brother was already at the stop. It was his first day of kindergarten. I stood looking at the sky for what seemed like ten minutes when I was suddenly bumped into.

"HEY WATCH IT IDIOT!" I screamed.

"YOU" The person sneared. I looked up and saw that guy from the night before. A small growl escaped my lips as the hatred rose up from the pit of my stomach. Hatred or bad strudels, which ever it was it came up in the form of puke. None got on me but the guy was covered in it. I looked up and just had to laugh at the disgusted look that had crossed his vomit covered face. I looked down the street and when I looked back he was gone. Christian's bus got there before mine. By the time my bus actually came that guy still wasn't there.

The school was pretty big compared to the one in china and there were also a lot more students. I made my way to the office to get my schedule for the rest of the year. The secretary gave me four little sheets of paper to give to all of my teachers to let them know that I've probably already done everything but English. Which happened to be my fifth period class. I walked out of the office and down the hall to the locker which was apparently going to be mine. I shoved my jacket in it then shut it. Only to be greeted by my old best friend Rei.

"Rosalia! Is that you? Like no way!" Rei said.

"You've changed A LOT." I said. I wasn't kidding she was now all preppy and cheerful.

"Yeah, I'm head cheerleader. Come on let me introduce you to all of my new friends." She pulled my arm. Among them one really stood out. She was pale and her hair was the same red as the woman from the parker house. She was even as beautiful. Her hair hung about the same length as mine to her lower back. My hair is dark brown making my skin look all the more pale, my eyes are cherry colored. Every thing about me is dark except for my skin. The girl walked over to me and rose her eye brow.

"I'm Isabelle and you are?" She asked.

"Rosalia. You are very pretty" I said. I wanted to be her friend because she was actually nice.

"Thank you. You are too. Especially your eyes. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with that color eyes before." She replied.

"Yeah. Rose's eyes are like that because of a disease that she had as a kid." Rei added.

"Oh this is my friend Rei." I said.

"Nice too meet you." Isabelle said. She and I walked away at the same time. My first class was my Gym class. I didn't have to participate because it was my first day and I didn't know I would have gym. Second I had History it started off pretty good. There were two seats empty when I got there and they were the perfect seats. The last seats in the two middle rows. About fifteen minutes into class I felt someone sit beside me. When I looked up it was that guy whom I still didn't know the name of.

"Mr. Dryden... You are late because?" Mr. Portsbury asked.

"Well I missed the bus because some girl emptied her stomach contents all over me so I had to change. He looked over his shoulder at me.

"Oh and there she is!" He pointed me out. All eyes were on me.

"Who are you?" I asked pretending I never saw him before.

"I am Richard Dryden, and you are Rosalia Clifton." He replied.

"How about both of you shut your traps and take a seat." Mr. Portsbury said. As the Day progressed I found out the only other class Richard wasn't in was Math. I was frustrated because in English he Sat behind me and was throwing erasers at my head and got me in trouble. He was trying to get me back for puking on him by annoying me. What ever he was doing was making me more and more mad by the second. I didn't know why he was making me so upset. I mean I hardly knew him and I hated him. It was like I was a cat and he was another cat moving in on my territory. The only thing that could drive me crazy like this was if he was a vampire but thats impossible. Vampires aren't allowed out with humans other than in special cases like mine. Another case like mine was impossible. Most people would die if they only got half of the venom, I didn't because I was half dead. I know he's not a vampire for that very reason.

I walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I looked out the window at the little gray farm house that sat atop the hill. My mind shifted to Richard. How his Mint Green eyes sparkled in the moon light and even when he was embarrassing me in front of the class. His light brown hair was even sparkling as it fell slightly around his face like that of a hockey players only more elegantly as if he was from the sixteenth century. It was almost six which meant dinner was probably just about ready and then I could go sit on my tree and watch the sun set.

"ROSE! SUPPER!" The echoing voice of my mother rang through the big house. I went downstairs and sat at the table in front of the only full plate not being picked at. Chris was a fussy eater so he was enjoying a jelly sandwich. My supper was hamburger potatoes and gravy. Which was way better than fast food every night like in china with dad. Mom and dad were still very much in love but mom couldn't stand china so she had to stay here. Dad is going to come home in a year. He hates being there about as much as I did but it is going to make him millions after his report is done.

When dinner was done I walked outside and hopped a few branches until I reached the second highest. I was about to climb up to the next one when I noticed a dark figure leaning against the trunk. I looked up only to see that it was Richard. The only one person that would make me want to scream. Which I just so happened to do.

"Good evening!" He said cheerfully with his velvet voice.

"Get out of my tree" I grasped the branch I was holding onto.

"Why do you hate me so much?"Richard said.

"Richard, you were incredibly mean to me all day!" I said.

"Please, call me Richie." He replied.

"Okay Richie... Why were you so mean to me all day?" I proceeded.

"Because you're irritated by the fact I got in your way. You even got so mad that you emptied your breakfast back out from in side your stomach all over me this morning." Richie looked down at me and I felt my face flush.

"I'm just not used to someone stronger than me being around." I admitted. There was no way he could actually be stonger than me because I've got triple the strength of a regular human.

"Well you are pretty strong." He said.

"Complements won't get you on my good side. Now GET-OUT-OF-MY-TREE!" I said.

"Its not YOUR tree" He replied.

"Actually it is. My dad Planted it when he was a kid and when I was born carved my name on it. There fore I own the tree now move." Richard jumped down off the high branch on to a lower one. I climbed up and looked out to the sun set. It was dusk my favorite time of the evening. The most beautiful. I had missed this view when I was in china through the smog of the city I was in you couldn't see the sunset. I hopped down from the top branch hoping that he didn't see me when I reached the ground.

"That was a pretty high jump" That velvet voice rang out.

"I've been doing it since I was a kid. I don't even feel the pounding in my feet anymore when I hit the ground." I replied as I wiped my hair away from my face.

"I'm going for a run don't fallow me." Not that he could. I run faster than a car. I ran slowly until I got around the corner. I hated him he annoyed me so much one minute he was as mean as a wasp and the next he was nice. It was like he was pregnant. I swear guys have periods too. I was running so fast that I couldn't see anything but blurs all around me. The scenery somehow seemed more beautiful as blurs. I ran for about fifteen minutes and I was already at the airport. Which is where I ran right into what seemed like a brick wall. I looked up and it was a guy with light brown hair and pale skin. He was really big and muscular. Kind of scary looking and very cold to the touch.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking." I said sheepishly hoping he wouldn't beat me up.

"Its okay its like you came out of no where." He replied. I had come out of no where but I couldn't let him know that.

"Yeah, people say that a lot about me. You visiting a relative?" I asked.

"No my family moved in like a week ago and I'm coming back from a trip. Where do you live?" He asked. He was very kind for someone who looked like he did.

"I live on a farm next to an old house. The house is on our property but we don't use it so we sold it." I replied pointing in the direction of my house.

"Do you know where this house is?" He asked as he handed me a picture. I looked at it and it was the old Parker house. He must have been one of the kids.

"Actually thats the house right next to mine." I replied. We walked over to a car. It was a very old antique car. It was the most beautiful automobile I had ever seen. It was a nineteen-forty-seven MG. The Most beautiful car in history, next to of course my old hunk of junk. Once I got my old nineteen-forty-two continental fixed up it would be the beauty of all the East Hants roads. We got in his car and I drove home right up to his house.

"Oh I didn't get your name" He gasped.

"Rosalia, but you can call me Rose. And yours?" I asked.

"My name is Zander Gabriel. You can call me Zan or Andy if you want though." He replied.

"Wait, your last name is different from the girl that lives in that house. My brothers new friend her name is Helena Dryden." I said. Remembering my brother had met a friend in Kindergarten. Well she was in grade six but none of the kids in his class liked him.

"Yup Catalina and George Dryden are my aunt and uncle. My parents are studying abroad so I'm staying with them." He said.

"Oh where are they studying?" I asked.

"China." He said simply.

"My dad is studying there!" I shouted.

"ROSALIA! COME INSIDE DEAR ITS GAME NIGHT!" Mother shouted out the window.

" I gotta go. See ya" I said as I ran into the house. Game night was a tradition in my family. Its something that dad could play too. Over web cam.


The next few days passed with out much Trouble from Richie. It turned out that Zander was in my Gym class and Math. He was also in History but sat across the room from Richie and I. At lunch every one sat at a huge table in the cafeteria. By everyone I mean Zander, Isabelle-- Who happened to be cousins-- Rei and some new people I met. Ashlee, Kevin, Martina, Kate, and Jennifer. Jennifer is on my list. She doesn't like me because she is Rei's new best friend and I am Rei's old one. I don't understand why we can't all be friends I mean honestly now I'm closer to Zander than Rei. Richie sits on the other side of the room at a table by him self. Zander and Isabelle both invited him to sit with us but he refused. Everyday he gives me the same disgusted look. Like I'm a piece rotting meat. In Science he just sits there and does both of our work. I hate that. I know enough to do my own but he treats me like I'm some stupid blond cheerleader -- No offense to Rei-- who doesn't know a thing about science.

I walked over to Richie's table and sat down. He looked up at me and scowled. I put my tray down and my bottle of soda fell over getting everyone's attention. They were looking at me as if they were thinking "What is she doing talking to that loser." I didn't care. In China I didn't have any friends at all so I didn't care how many people stared. Richie kept looking down at his food and picking at it .

"Why are you being so anti social. As much as I dislike you. Freezing out your sister and cousin isn't going to help you. I mean whats your problem they made friends." I said.

"YOU are my problem. They made friends with YOU. Why I feel annoyed with you I do not know but you are too cool for someone who just moved back. You look different and yet you have all these friends new and old. You're not a cheer leader yet you hang out with them. You're a klutz yet you are graceful. You are not like any one I've ever met and it pisses me off! You're cocky and arrogant you aren't a people person yet you have friends. There is a air about you that is like a magnet! Now GO away and leave me ALONE!" He growled. His velvet voice echoing in my head for the rest of the day. It was true everything he said. I shouldn't have all of those friends.

Why did it hurt so much that he hated me? I hated him the same. When I got home I chucked my stuff onto the ground and jumped onto my tree. My tree is my tree and no one can take it from me because its mine. The rest of the night pass by with what seemed like an endless sadness hanging over my head. I havn't been physically able to sleep since I was three. That was when I was half changed and well I suppose I miss being human. Not that I really remember it.


It was now the weekend I had plans to go to Halifax with Zander and Isabelle. I wanted to look good so I went up to my room and looked at some of the clothes I got in china that I never even touched. There was a nice pink tank top that had Love written in Chinese on it. I took out a skirt from China that matched the top and put it on. I'm not really one for skirts but today is a special on my way out my bedroom door I grabbed my old brown sweater that I got from my friend Barry in grade nine. When I got out side Zander's car was out side my house with him and Isabelle in it. To my surprise so was Richie.

"Lets rock and roll, Rose!" Zander's bellowing voice called to me from across the yard.

"Coming!" I couldn't help but smile to him. He'd become my best friend in this last week. I got in the back seat next to Richie.

"Unfortunately we had to bring mr. gloomy guts with us."Zander said.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" Richie yelled.

"He called you Mr. Gloomy guts. With the way you've been acting in the last week I somewhat agree with him." Isabelle shot him a glance.

"So Richie what are you going to buy when we get there?" I asked trying to cheer up the conversation.

"Nothing I was forced to come because mom and dad love you and want me to become friends with you. Stay out of my way and we'll all be happy." Richie sneered.

"I wont be. You need a reality check! Dude! Can't you even pretend to be nice?" I choked.

"Richard she was trying to be nice to you. Please don't be rude, you know how I feel about that." Isabelle scolded. Zander sat in silence watching the Isabelle and I converse and Richie sit and wallow in his self pity. Maybe that was why he hated em so much. Because I didn't automatically fall madly in love with him like all the girls at school did. Or because when he was first cocky to me I was cocky back. He doesn't like that if someone's nice to me I treat them with respect. Unlike him I treat people with respect. We arrived in Halifax around one giving us some time for shopping before dinner, and since it was apparent that Richie didn't want to go with me I went with Zander and Isabelle took Richie.

"Zander... Has Richard always been like that?" I asked politely.

"Only around you." Zander replied.

"Why... Why does he hate me so much?"I persuaded.

"He's afraid of you. He wanted to be the big new popular guy on campus. But you came to the school and made a big fuss with everyone. You got friends by being nice.He gets friends because of his looks but personality usually wins in the end because every time we move he's pushed his friends away by the end of week one. Normally our family doesn't make friends we're not social. But you saw through that about Isabelle and me." Zander's eyes became distant.

"I don't understand... Why haven't you had many friends?" I couldn't figure it out.

"Well as you can see I'm built like a brick wall. All of the other guys are scared of me and the girls are protected by their boyfriends or big brothers. Isabelle is beautiful the girls are usually jealous and she isn't into dating that much out of our family. By our family I mean the people close to us. Richard is distant he hates living and gets cocky he's the perfect guy. He looks like he's been chiseled out of ivory. But thats all he is, he hasn't found that one thing in live that makes it worth while. He has no faith in humanity after an accident that killed his other brother. He's adopted, he had a twin brother named Gabriel but there was a car accident he died. Their parents died when they were... younger." Zanders explanation made my throat go dry. I looked at him his face reflecting the years that had past since then. Pain flickered across his chiseled features, I could see him trying to hide it but he couldn't. Unlike Richie he had a heart.

"I'm sorry I made you remember all those painful memories." I whispered. He ruffled my hair and shot a smile that could have knocked a girl out. Any girl but me. I got used to it after the first week of being friends with him. To be honest most of the girls in our group still fell over whenever he smiled.

"It was something you should know"

His eyes flickered back to that distance for a moment then he shifted to another topic. We walked along Barrington Street for a while until we got to the little book store where I caught sight of Richard. The look on his face wasn't his usual cold expression it was a smile so beautiful I walked into the glass then fell down. When he heard the thud from my face connecting with the glass then saw Zander he came out side to see what had happened.

"Rose are you okay?" Zander asked trying not to let out a giggle.

"Just fine" I lay on my back not even attempting to look at my now probably bleeding fore head.

"Idiot." Richie chuckled. I got up and was ready to pound him when he took the sleeve of his white shirt and ripped a piece off. He patted my fore head with it and wiped the blood away. I looked around and noticed that Zander had gone inside the store and was rather disgusted looking. He must have been queasy around blood. Personally I didn't like the smell of it when I was human either. It smelled like metal that has been rusting for some time. Now that I have to drink the stuff to survive it smells actually appetizing. When it isn't my own. I took out a bandage and stuck it over the cut on my forehead then went in side.

"I'm sorry Rose... I get a little sick around the sight of blood." Zander said as he patted his stomach. I laughed and joined in looking at books. When we finished up in the book store we went to subway to eat. Then Isabelle and I went to look into the cloths stores around while the guys went off on their own.

"Wow look at these!" I shouted lifting up a pair of vintage blue jeans. I knew Isabelle wasn't a jeans kind of person so I was mostly shouting to my self.

"They'll look good on you go try them on. I want to try on this skirt." She held up a beautiful skirt that was the same rose red as her hair. We both came out at the same time both looking pretty good in what we picked out. Of course she looked stunningly beautiful as usual. We left the store and met up with the guys at about six. Then went home.