Fool's Gold

by, Cassandra

Forgive me if I don't believe a word you say.
Forgive me if I laugh in the face of your pain.
Forgive me if I can't trust you to catch my fall.
Forgive me for realizing that I never even
knew you in the first place.

I want to believe that this is real,
but I've been fooled by fool's gold
far, far too many times.
You're a good imitation,
but I'm an expert by now
at pointing out every
single little flaw.

Forgive me for that, as well.

If you were real, you wouldn't break
so easy under my watchful eyes.
If you were real, you'd sparkle
just a little bit brighter under
the light of my smile.

You're a little dull,
but the good news is,
you were almost (almost)
close enough to fool me.

But I don't deal with fakes,
and I don't deal with liars,
so you're getting tossed out
with the rest of the wanna-be
s. You stupid thief.

(pretty is as pretty does,
but it's what's inside that
really counts.

Better luck next time, almost-lover.