As steel crashed and monsters roared in the raging battle outside the palace, a messenger ran up to the tall, blonde girl.

"Princess Brooke, Dark Kingdom's forces have infiltrated the palace walls. You must get to safety."

The princess' ocean blue eyes flashed, "I will not leave my people. I will fight alongside them."

"But princess, if we lose you we have no hope in the war. You must unite with the other princesses to fight the final battle."

"No, I will not fail my people in this battle."

The messenger looked into Princess Brooke's tan face, "My princess, your people need you for the final battle, quickly, the demon's must almost be at the palace door. Go!"

"But..." Brooke's eyes filled with tears for the suffering of her people.

"Go!" the messenger cried as a crash was heard from downstairs.

Brooke, princess of water, grabbed her dagger and bow and ran out of the secret exit, ran out on her people, the one thing she had hoped never to do.

Screams echoed through the halls as a black haired girl raced by swinging a sword.

A soldier ran up to her to help against the monsters entering in the door.

"Princess Adena, you must get out of here. The royal guard will help you escape the castle."

"Soldier, you know my place is here, fighting alongside my people," Princess Adena's coal eyes burned with determination as she cut down monster after monster.

"Princess, hurry this way! Quick before the monster surround the castle. Flee into the night and win the battle only you can fight."

The soldier gasped as a monster stabbed him from behind.

Adena killed the monster and saw the look of trust in the eyes of the dying soldier, as he stared up at her dark face.

"Go," he gasped as blood gurgled in his throat and his eyes dimmed.

Adena, princess of fire, gripped her sword tightly as she escaped into the night, leaving the monsters to ravage her home and people, the one thing she wished could never happen.

The forest burned and smoke rose. The temple was on fire as a priest hurried to the short, brown haired girl.

"My Princess Hermia, go before the temple collapses," he cried.

"The temple is my home I will not let the Dark Kingdom triumph," her green eyes flared.

"Princess, you must. Only when the forces of earth, fire, water, and light join together can darkness be vanquished."

"But my people, they need me."

A glowing timber fell from the temple roof, landing in a shower of sparks.

"Quickly, the temple is about to collapse, by fighting later you will save your people," the priest said.

"Fine. I will go, I will fight to end this nightmare."

Hermia, princess of earth, snatched her spear as she rushed through the burning forest of her home. The temple collapsed in flames, the one thing she wished she could have stopped.

Magic flashed in the moonlit courtyard. Monsters and men fell everywhere, staining the ground the color of blood.

Princess Lucy looked at the carnage from her courtyard. Her pale skin and white blonde hair glowed in the moon light.

"I must go. There will be no hope for my people unless I destroy the Dark Queen," Lucy's silver eyes looked up to the stars for guidance.

"The others," she breathed, "I must find the other princesses."

Lucy, princess of light, rushed through he gates of her land. As the battle grew softer in the distance, a tear slid down her white cheeks. She raced to the one thing only she and the other princesses could accomplish.

The Field of Dreams lay on a cliff overlooking the sea of the Water Kingdom, the forest of the Earth Kingdom, the volcanoes of the Fire Kingdom, and the moonlit hills of the Light Kingdom.

Princess Brooke hid in the bushes waiting at the edge of the Field of Dreams. Having fought numerous patrols of demons, she was wary of going out into the open. A movement on her left coming from the rocky path caught her attention and she nocked an arrow.

Princess Adena arrived to the Field of Dreams out of breath. The long journey up the mountain had worn her out. As she lay recovering, a twig breaking from the bushes caught her attention and she gripped her sword tighter.

"Come out," Princess Brooke challenged, "into the moonlight where I can see you!"

A sudden cry from the boulders, and a raging girl, dark as night, came brandishing a sword toward the bushes.

Brooke rolled out of the way as the sword point whistled over her head and cut through the bushes. Before she could get an arrow off a beam of moonlight better illuminated the attackers dark face.

"Princess Adena is that you?" called Brooke cautiously with an arrow still pointing at the opponents chest.

"Brooke? Brooke! Why didn't you say it was you sooner, I was about to cut you in half if you hadn't dodged," Adena sighed in relief.

"Adena, there is trouble from Dark Kingdom at the Water Palace. We were overrun and I barely made it out of the kingdom."

"The situation is the same at the Fire Castle. My royal guard was slaughtered trying to escort me safely out past Dark Kingdom's forces."

From behind the trees, Princess Hermia was watching the two figures in the field. They were too far away for Hermia to hear them and shadows covered their faces. She readied her spear and let it fly.

"So the princess of the four kingdoms must band together to beat these monsters?" Adena asked.

"Apparently. But I wonder how the other two kingdoms are faring. It appears that our entire planet is under attack by the darkness," Brooke said.

"I agree. I hope that the others-" Adena started when suddenly Brooke pushed her to the ground.

In the place she had been a moment before, a spear stood, still swaying from the impact with the ground.

"These marking are of Earth Kingdom," Adena said after getting over the shock.

"But that means... Hermia!" Brooke called into he trees, "Princess Hermia are you there?"

After no immediate answer, Brooke and Adena stood with weapons at the ready. Finally a short young girl with brown hair and glowing green eyes stood out of the trees with a hunting knife in her fist.

"Brooke, Adena? Is that really you?"

"Hermia you frightened us. Why did you throw your spear?" asked Adena.

"The Earth Temple was overrun with shadowed figures who later burned it. I thought you might be two of them."

While the three were talking, Princess Lucy came from the hills upon the Field of Dreams. Tired from her journey to meet the others, Lucy stopped to rest.

"What was that," whispered Brooke as she went down to a knee with her bow at the ready.

"I don't see anything," breathed Adena, her sword clenched in her fist.

"I didn't see anyone, I heard them," murmured Brooke.

Lucy stood up to go to the field when she heard the voices of the other three princesses already in the field.

A lone figure stood up in the darkness and Brooke released the arrow.

Lucy cast a beam of magic as the arrow flew towards her. The magic obliterated the arrow as she called out, "Brooke, I hope that is you trying to kill me with that arrow. Is that Princess Adena and Hermia with you?"

The figure threw out her arm and the arrow was lost in the light from the magic. Then the figure called out to them.

"Princess Lucy! We thought you were one of them," Hermia cried as she and the others rushed to the fourth princess.

"Oh my friends, our world is in grave danger from the forces of the Dark Kingdom," Lucy said when they all stood together.

"We know," Adena replied.

"Somehow we must defeat them," Brooke said.

"We must defeat the Dark Queen," Lucy said.

"But she resides in a different universe than ours!" Adena exclaimed.

"How are we to get there?" Hermia asked.

" With our help," a voice said from behind.

Standing in the center of the field were four magnificent creatures. A kelpie, guardian of water, outlined by a blue light, a phoenix, guardian of fire, outlined with red light, a griffin, guardian of earth, outlined with green light, and an unicorn, guardian of light, outlined in white.

"If you four stay kind and loving you can win the battle," said the kelpie.

"Stay brave for this battle will be hard, but with courage you can succeed," said the phoenix.

"Stay strong to conquer the darkness," said the griffin, "for with strength you will be unstoppable."

"Stay hopeful and believe in yourself and you will triumph," said the unicorn.

The four stood together and as their figures blurred in the intense light, a dark portal was opened.

"Good luck, heroes of Life, warriors of Earth," said the guardians and then they were gone.

The four girls stood in front of the shadowed portal, preparing themselves for their journey.

Brooke, Hermia, Adena, and Lucy walked through the port and into the Dark Kingdom. Shadows and evil laughter surrounded the girls as they walked on.

"This place is so scary, it gives me the creeps," said Hermia.

"We have to keep going," said Brooke.

"So we can defeat the Dark Queen," said Adena.

"And save our world," said Lucy.

They continued down the dark path and came upon a cavern. The cavern was filled with a horde of monsters and on top of a crevice stood a woman.

The raven hair flew in the wind as her beak like mouth opened to caw out orders. Her taloned fingers pointed to various monsters and her crooked claws clenched in malice.

Suddenly her beady, black eyes bore into the four princesses. She cawed and monsters attacked.

The four girls surrounded by bright lights of blue, red, green, and white readied their weapons against the oncoming beasts of darkness.

The battle had begun.

Brooke released arrow after arrow into the monsters surrounding her and the other. When the monsters came too close for a bow, she wielded her dagger with deadly accuracy. The monsters vanished as she defeated them.

Adena stood back to back with Brooke, swinging her sword at the monsters. Cut after cut, slash after slash the monsters fell.

Hermia wielded her spear, jabbing monsters while in her other hand was her hunting knife. She too, took out many monsters of the Dark Kingdom.

Lucy stood beside Hermia, her magic disposing of many monsters at a time. But it was nearly hopeless for more monsters came every time one was cut down.

Suddenly the monsters paused and retreated. The princesses stood back to back with each other, weapons ready for the next wave of attacks.

"Pitiful. Simply pitiful. All that the Earth can sent to defend itself is mere children," the Dark Queen said in a raspy voice.

She came close and as each princess tried to attack, dark ropes appeared and surrounded them. She paused before each and as she tried to touch the forehead of each, a light appeared around them and a sign was blazing on their foreheads, protecting them from her touch.

On Brooke was a drop of water. On Adena was a tongue of fire. Hermia's forehead had a leaf and Lucy had a star.

"What is this magic?!" the Dark Queen cried, "I can't lay a finger on them."

as she stared, realization came across her, "The Princesses! You are the princesses of Earth! Your guardians have protected you."

She pounded her fist. Though as she did the ropes of darkness became tighter around the girls, suffocating them. Their energy was becoming weaker.

Throwing her claws n the air, the queen put a dark energy dome over the four girls.

No matter how they fought nothing could pierce the shield.

Slowly their attacks became weaker and weaker and the light of life around them began to dim.The dome of dark energy steadily grew around the four princesses, the heroes of earth, their life fading, struggled hopelessly against the darkness.

Above on a twisted crevice the Dark Queen crowed over the roaring of the crowd of monsters, "Evil shall triumph!"

Through the evil chaos a small voice could be heard. The voice echoed through the room and out into the Earth, where the battles continued to rage.

"Stay strong my friends, stay strong," whispered Hermia, Princess of earth, "For we fight for our people."

The young girl shuddered and fell to her knees, as she fell her green eyes dimmed and her life went out. Darkness surrounded her.

"Stay brave my friends, stay brave," Adena, princess of fire breathed, "For we fight for each other."

The fiery spirit lefter her body as her coal-colored eyes closed. She fell and darkness claimed her.

"Stay kind my friends, stay kind," Brooke, princess of water murmured, "For we fight for love."

The empty body crumpled to the ground as the tranquil soul left the blue eyes unseeing. Darkness cloaked her.

"Stay hopeful my friends, stay hopeful," Lucy, princess of light gasped, "For we fight for life."

Her silver eyes closed as she fell and the white light around her extinguished. Darkness beat her.

"Pitiful, the guardians have failed. Earth is ours," the Dark Queen cawed, "The princesses are dead! Evil has triumphed!"

The words of the dead princesses and the Dark Queen's triumph echoed throughout Earth. The battles slowly stopped as the monsters left to Dark Kingdom rejoicing. The survivors of Earth let out a wail of sadness. Tears fell like rain, mourning the death of the brave princesses.

The wails and cried echoed in the the Dark Kingdom where the four bodies lay, mixing in with the roars of triumph from the demons.

Suddenly, behind the monsters, a dim glow appeared. The glow grew and soon all four princesses were surrounded by the glowing light of love and tears from the people of Earth. The glows- blue, red, green, and white- intensified to a blinding rainbow around the girls.

Slowly the eyes of each flickered open and they gasped their first breath. Standing as their element colored aura glowed around them, the blue, gray, green, and silver eyes burned with determination.

Reaching for their weapons, the signs of protection from their guardians blazed brighter than before on their foreheads.

The monsters of the dark turned to stone in the light of the miracle that was before them.

The queen, unable to gather the energy in time, knew that the end had come.

"FOR EARTH," Princess Hermia cried as she threw her spear.

"FOR FIRE," Princess Adena bellowed and she swung her sword.

"FOR WATER," Princess Brooke screamed and she loosed her arrow.

"FOR LIGHT," Princess Lucy yelled and she released her magic.

Light surrounded the attacks as they headed for the queen, binding together in a flash of light and a thunder of sounds.

The Dark Queen let out a silent scream as she and her stone minions faded into the blinding light.

Earth, fire, water and light stepped back into the real of life, surrounded by green, red, blue, and white light as their signs blazed on their foreheads. A mighty cheer erupted from the mourning people of the four kingdoms as their princesses appeared.

Hand in hand, Hermia, Adena, Brooke, and Lucy walked to the edge of the Field of Dreams. Standing on the edge of the cliff, where the portal to the Dark Kingdom had been a moment before, they were outlined by the rising sun over the horizon. Earth, fire, water, and light had defeated the darkness.

The princesses of earth, fire, water, and light stood in the sunrise, hand in hand on the cliff at the edge of the Field of Dreams. As the sun came up, the four looked at each other and smiled at last, for, the nightmare was over.