Brooke was running in the park. It was the Friday after the Dark King had attacked. Normally Brooke would be swimming her troubles away, but the pool was still under construction. With swimming out of the question, Brooke took to running. Letting her mind wonder, Brooke thought about the problem facing her friends right now. After constant searching, they were still no closer to finding the princes.

She sat down at a bench and watched the happy people in the park. Her blue eyes reflected the sunlight like the water in the fountain. Sweeping a stray piece of gold hair behind her ears, Wayde's face surfaced in her thoughts and Brooke let out a small smile.

He has to be, what, eighteen? Brooke thought, he was always two years older than me.

As she continued to stare in the direction of Wayde's face, she realized that it wasn't just her imagination. Smile growing wider on her tan face, Brooke got up quickly and started walking towards the tall, sandy-blond haired young man.

Wayde sat on a park bench reading a book. His ice blue eyes scanned the text while one hand unconsciously ruffled his sandy-blond hair. He looked up when he felt someone's eyes watching him. Looking around he saw a blonde haired girl with deep blue eyes staring at him. Suddenly her smile grew wide and she stood up and started walking towards him. Wayde closed the book and waited for the girl to reach him.

"Oh my God. I can't believe I found you," the girl said excitedly. Her blue eyes looked relieved and hopeful at the same time, while she seemed to be bouncing slightly.

"Um, can I help you?" asked Wayde, confusion written all over his face.

"Don't you remember me?" asked the girl.

"I'm sorry, I think you've confused me with someone else," Wayde said.

"That can't be. You're Wayde right? Your very smart and you write excellent stories," Brooke said not liking that Wayde was teasing her.

"How do you...?" Wayde started to ask, "You're not a stalker are you?"

"Of course not," Brooke said with a shake of her head, "We've been friends ever since we could walk. You always showed me your stories. You even wrote one about the Dark Kingdom's attack on Earth. I didn't like that one really, but... you really don't remember do you? You don't remember me, or the other princes and princesses."

"Look I really should be going," Wayde said starting to get up.

"But you're Prince Wayde of Mercury. Remember? I'm Brooke Princess of the Water Kingdom. We came to the future because of the Dark Kingdom attack."

"Really I have to go," Wayde said turning away, "That's a nice story and all. But you're really starting to creep me out."

Wayde quickly walked out of the park, leaving Brooke standing by the bench.

'Why didn't he remember me?' Brooke thought as she walked slowly from the park. The temptation to run after Wayde was strong but she realized that it would be hopeless. He really didn't remember. Brooke shook her head sadly, causing her blonde bangs to go into her eyes. Tears formed in her blue eyes that had been so bright only a moment before. Angrily she brushed the tears out of her eyes, she would not cry. She hadn't cried when they faced the Dark Kingdom, she wouldn't cry now. Brooke walked out of the park to go to her house until she had to meet the other's at Lucy's house.

After spending yet another afternoon in the library trying to find out the location of princes, Adena finally gave up and decided to go home before she had to meet everyone at Lucy's house. As she squinted in the sun, she thought about Haydon.

Where could you be? Adena asked silently, knowing that there would be no answer. As she started down the steps she noticed a familiar young man sitting on the steps.

"Haydon?" Adena asked the young man sitting outside of the library.

"Uh, yes can I help you?" Haydon said as he closed the sketch pad that was on his lap. He looked up at the girl standing above him. Her gray eyes sparkled with emotion.

"Haydon, you always would tease me," Adena said sitting down next to Haydon, "What was that you were drawing? I always loved your drawings whenever you came to visit my kingdom. I really liked the ones you did of the Mars landscapes."

"Mars landscapes?" Haydon asked while moving away from Adena, , "What are you talking about?"

"Oh Haydon, your the same no matter what time you're in. You always loved drawing the volcanoes of the Fire Kingdom. Sometimes I thought you would never go back to Mars because of those volcanoes, well and of course you always said I was your best inspiration," Adena said as she leaned closer to Haydon, "So Prince Haydon of Mars, are you glad to see your princess again?"

"Are you crazy? I'm no prince, you must be out of your mind," Haydon said getting up.

"Haydon, it's me, Adena, I was the princess of the Fire Kingdom. But now that we're in this time, I'm one of the Warriors of Earth," Adena said desperately, tears starting to form in her eyes, "Don't you remember?"

"Look if this is your idea of a joke it's not funny. Now please leave me alone," Haydon said walking away.

Adena had tears streaming down her face as she ran towards her house. How could he not remember me? She thought in a daze, he told me he would never forget me. Haydon never broke his promises. She ran home and buried her head into her pillow as she waited until she had to go meet the others.

Hermia sat on a bench by Lucy's high school. She had her drawing pad out, sketching the scene before her. As she moved her pencil, the busy street in front of her took shape on the paper.

Hermia laid her pencil down, and closed her eyes, instantly Demetrius floated through her thoughts. She turned from the busy street to look at the building, while flipping to a new page and began sketching him at a piano. The memories of his playing filled the air, until Hermia realized that someone was actually playing a piano. The music had drifted out of the open doors of the school.

Standing up she rushed into the building. After locating the room the music was coming from, Hermia looked into the small window. There he was. Demetrius was sitting at the piano with his eyes closed. His dusty brown bangs hung over his eyes. Hermia rushed into the room.

Demetrius stopped playing when her heard someone come through the door. He opened his eyes to a small girl with bright forest green eyes staring intently at him.

"Can I help you?" he asked politely.

Without saying a word the girl dropped her drawing pad on the piano and gave him a hug. Demetrius sat with a confused look on his face while the girl finally pulled away.

"Do I know you?" he asked as he stood up.

"Of course you do, silly," the girl said, "I'm Hermia remember? I'd forgotten how much I loved your mint-green eyes."

"I'm sorry I don't know any Hermia's," Demetrius said, "You must have confused me with someone else."

"You're Demetrius, my knight in shining armor from the planet Jupiter," Hermia said and gave a small laugh as Demetrius's bangs fell into his eyes again, "Your bangs always did fall into your eyes. I never could understand how you could see the music with your eyes covered, but you always did play beautifully when you visited the Earth Kingdom."

Demetrius gave a blank stare.

"I can't believe you don't remember. You promised that you would never forget me," Hermia said with tears falling down her cheeks, "I'm Princess Hermia of the Earth Kingdom. You were my childhood friend, Prince Demetrius of Jupiter. You and I came to this time from the past in order to stop the Dark Kingdom."

"Do you need me to call someone to come pick you up?" he asked.

Hermia just stared at him a moment longer, picked up her drawing book and ran out of the room crying. She ran towards Lucy's house to meet with the others.

Lucy was in the park looking for Brooke. She thought she had seen Wayde driving down the road towards an apartment complex. Having found one prince, Lucy was hopeful that Artemis was somewhere around town also. She wasn't looking where she was going and when turning around a corner someone ran into her.

Artemis was in the middle of his daily run through the park, when he came around a corner, and he ran into someone.

"I'm so sorry," he said as he picked himself up off the ground and extended his hand to help the other person up, "I didn't see you."

"It's alright, I should have been paying more attention to where I was going," the girl said, "I'm Lucy by the way."

"Artemis, and I'm really sorry about knocking you over," he replied, "are you sure you're okay?"

"Your name is Artemis?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah I know it's a weird name for a guy," Artemis shrugged, "But I guess since your okay, I'll be going now."

"Wait, don't you recognize me?" Lucy asked, hope shining in her silver eyes, "You can't have forgotten me. We're best friends."

"Sorry, but the first time I saw you was just now. Maybe we go to the same school and that's why you think you recognize me. I'm captain of the track team at the public high school that's across from the library."

"But you're the Prince of the Moon. You would visit my kingdom here on Earth almost every summer," Lucy said, "I'm Princess Lucy, we ran from the Dark Kingdom and then came to the future."

"If what you're saying is true, which I doubt, how come I don't remember you?"

"Because in order to come to the future we had to forget our memories. The other princesses and I have regained our memories and now we still fight the Dark Kingdom as the Warriors of Earth," Lucy said biting her lower lip as tears started to form in her eyes, "Are you starting to remember anything?"

"No I'm sorry, but please I really have to go. It was...uh...nice... talking to you," Artemis said as he ran off.

Lucy couldn't understand, she brushed away the tears and started towards her house to meet the others. She thought that Artemis and her love would have caused him to remember everything. As she continued to walk, she lost her battle against the tears. Tears fell as she rushed home.

"So they didn't recognize any of you either?" Adena asked between sniffles.

The four girls were in Lucy's room, the floor had become littered with tissues. Hermia sat on the floor rocking gently, her eyes all red from the tears, the largest pile of tissues surrounded her. Adena was hugging a pillow while reaching for yet another tissue. Lucy sat at her desk with empty boxes and tissues surrounding her, tears had stained her cheeks. Brooke sat on the bed staring into her lap. Her box of tissues were untouched. The tears that had formed earlier were gone, but the way she locked her jaw showed that the tears weren't far away.

"He just ignored me," Lucy said, wiping her eyes once again.

"Demetrius didn't even answer," Hermia bawled. Out of the four she was the one most seemingly hurt.

"Brooke?" Adena asked, "Brooke are you listening? Did Wayde recognize you?"

Brooke shook her head and clenched her hands trying not to cry. She wouldn't cry, not in front of the others. She was the oldest and had to be strong for the sake of the younger girls.

"But there must be a way," Hermia cried, "The guardians promised."

"Brooke, what's wrong?" asked Adena worried, "You shouldn't bottle your emotions up."

Again Brooke clenched her hands while taking deep breaths. Her friends became very worried for her, and they finally realized how hurt she was, probably the one hurting the most out of all four of them. Her eyes weren't the same bright ocean blue as they normally were, having faded to almost a lifeless gray, and her tan face was pale. Her normally childish behavior had been replaced by a sullen, dejected mood.

"Brooke, you know it's okay to cry," Lucy said gently, "You just found your true love and he didn't even recognize you. You don't have to always be so tough just because you're the oldest."

"Brooke we know how you feel, it's alright to show your emotions. It doesn't make you any weaker," Adena said.

Brooke attempted one of her light-hearted smiles to put her friends at ease, but it came out strained and soon the tears were running down her cheeks. Her friends embraced her as Brooke cried on their shoulders. Soon the tears were shed and she sat there sniffling.

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to..." Brooke started and then she shook her head, "Actually I don't know what I was trying to do. I know that although I'm the oldest I always act like nothing matters. I guess it's to try and take some of the stress of you guys, like if I'm not worried, then there was nothing to worry about. But when Wayde didn't even recognize me..."

"Brooke you shouldn't have to handle all of that stress alone," Adena said.

"We're friends and that means we help each other out," Hermia said.

"Thanks, I feel much better now," Brooke said, her ocean eyes taking on their normal brightness, "But now that the tears are done, we need to start thinking seriously about what we're going to do about this problem. We can't be crying when the monsters attack the princes. We just made the Dark King go running back to the Dark Kingdom all scared. Think about what crying would do to our image."

"Brooke you're right," Lucy said, her silver eyes brightening with determination,feeling much better now that they were planning, "So what's the plan. You sound like you have an idea."

"Wait, what?" Brooke asked like her normal self, "I don't have a plan. When do I ever have a plan? Adena's the smart one ask her."

"Brooke..." Adena sighed as she shook her head, though feeling that because Brooke was being herself, everything would soon be better, "Couldn't the serious moment have lasted long enough for you to think of a plan?"

"What serious moment? Did I just have a serious moment?" Brooke asked wide-eyed. She saw the others shaking their heads and rolling their eyes, "Wow. That's amazing."

Hermia started to laugh and Lucy threw one of the empty boxes of tissues at Brooke. As Brooke dodged she gave a light-hearted smile, "Now this is better, you're much more fun to hang out with when you're laughing."

"Brooke you amaze me," Lucy said, "How can you change moods so quickly?"

"Well next time don't try to be the strong one all the time okay," Adena said.

"You're much more fun to hang out with when you're not worrying so much," said Hermia,"So did you have any ideas about how to make the princes remember?"

"Of course not. Like I said Adena's the smart one and Lucy's the one by the computer, ask them," Brooke said as she leaned against the wall closing her eyes and giving a small smile. She was glad that her friends were feeling better and they had understood her.

"Well we're stuck again," Hermia complained.

"How old are they?" asked Lucy typing half-heartedly on the computer.

"They're two years older than us," sighed Adena.

"It does seem hopeless doesn't it?" Brooke asked the ceiling, causing her friends to turn to her, "Of course we know what general area Wayde lives in. We also know what schools Artemis and Demetrius go to. So now we have to find out where Haydon lives or goes to school. We're seventy-five percent done already."

"I didn't realize that," Adena said.

"I thought you said you didn't have any idea what to do?" asked Lucy.

"I have my moments," Brooke said with a smile and a slight wave, "Well I'm going home, call me if you find out anything."

The next day Brooke was going for her morning run. She was glad that the others were feeling better, if anyone should be worried it should be her, since she was the oldest. Feeling the sunlight on her face and the steady rhythm of her feet, Brooke closed her eyes and thought about Wayde. When she opened them again she was looking up into concerned crystal eyes.

"Are you okay?" asked the deep voice.

"Um...yeah...I think so," Brooke said groggily as she sat up, "What happened?"

"Well you were running with your eyes closed for some reason, and well you ran right into a tree," the voice laughed.

"Oh kill me now," Brooke groaned, "I'll never live that down if anyone finds out."

"It's okay, I won't tell the school that the swim team captain ran into a tree while out running," the boy said as he extended is hand, " Maybe you should stick with swimming."

"Thanks for the advice," Brooke said as she took the hand, "Wait a minute, how do you know who I am?"

Brooke looked closer at the person standing in front of her. His creamy hair was windswept, while his crystal eyes were light with laughter. With a start she realized that Prince Artemis of the Moon was standing right in front of her.

"I'm Artemis. We go to the same school, and I'm captain of the track team," Artemis said, "But I guess we wouldn't see each other too much since I'm a senior."

"Oh, I guess not," Brooke mumbled when she suddenly realized that Artemis was still holding her hand. She hastily pulled her hand out of his grasp, "Well thank you for seeing that I was alright and for promising not to tell anyone."

"Your welcome Brooke," Artemis said as Brooke started to walk away. He then hurried to catch up, "Could I walk with you? Perhaps I could protect you from the trees that like to come out of no where."

"Um," Brooke started.

"Great," Artemis said, "You know I've always wanted to know you better. But that thug Jimmy was always around. He's not your boyfriend is he?"

"Who Jimmy? Never," Brooke replied, "But I'm sure you already have a girl friend."

Brooke was becoming uncomfortable with the conversation and was trying to find a way out of it, when suddenly Artemis stopped and took Brooke's hand again.

"Brooke would you go out with me? I know we just met and such, but I feel as if I've known you from somewhere before a long time ago."

"What? No!" Brooke cried, "I mean, no. My heart already belongs to someone, even if he can't remember me. But I know I'm not the girl for you. I'm sorry."

Brooke ran out of the park, leaving a stunned and confused Artemis behind. After she saw that he wasn't going to chase her she slowed to a walk and pulled out her cell phone and dialed Lucy's phone numbers.

"...Lucy?...Hey it's Brooke...Yeah so I have a major problem right now...Well it's not necessarily about Wayde...I guess you could say I saw Artemis... Meet me at my house in like ten or fifteen minutes... I don't care that you have music lessons...Fine, fine, just get to my house as soon as possible okay?...Look I'll tell you what happened when we meet up at my house, could you call Hermia and Adena for me? My phone battery's low...Okay thanks...Bye."

Lucy was walking to her music lessons when her phone rang, looking at the caller id, she saw that it was Brooke.

"Hello?...Hey Brooke... A problem? Did you see Wayde again? Is that what the problem is about?...Oh, well did you see Artemis?...Well what's the problem?...I can't sorry, I have music lessons...Brooke, I have a recital in two weeks, I can't just skip practice...I will, but really what happened?...Sure I'll call the others after the music lesson...Bye."

She hung up the phone wondering what had Brooke so worried. Whatever it was would have to wait until after her practice. Lucy entered her school building and went to one of the rooms. She took the chair that was next to the piano and began to organize her music. Lucy decided to practice while she waited for her teacher to come.

Lucy closed her eyes as she sang, the florescent light making a halo in her white-blonde hair. As she continued the sad song, she heard the door open and then close. Thinking it was her teacher, Lucy kept her eyes closed and continued to sing. But when suddenly a piano joined into her music, Lucy abruptly stopped.

"Oh, please don't stop," said a voice from the piano bench, "I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I was walking down the hall from my piano lessons and I heard you. When I looked in the window it was as if an angel was singing. Your music sounded sad but beautiful, that I just had to come in and play the piano while you sang."

"It's okay, you play very well,"Lucy said as she opened her eyes and turned to the young man with mint green eyes and dusty brown hair at the piano. Lucy at first didn't recognize him, but suddenly she realized that it was Demetrius of Jupiter sitting at the piano.

"Thank you," Demetrius said, "Wow, I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Deme-"

"Demetrius," Lucy finished.

"Yeah, I'm a junior," Demetrius said, looking a little shocked, "I didn't think that the great singer of our school would know me. Lucy, you sing very beautifully."

"Um thanks, well I need to go," Lucy said suddenly trying to gather all of her papers, but in her haste knocked most of them to the ground.

"Here, let me help you," he replied as he bent down to pick up papers.

"No it's okay, really you don't have to-" Lucy started to say when both she and Demetrius reached for the same paper. His hand came on top of hers.

"I know this will sound weird," Demetrius said, "But...well actually, do you believe in true love and love at first sight?"

"Of course I do," Lucy said thinking about Artemis, when her thoughts were broken by a sudden pressure on her hand. She looked down and saw that Demetrius was holding her hand.

"I'm glad, because so do I. Even though we just met, I feel as if I know you from a distant time. Does that sound weird?"

"No that makes perfect sense," Lucy said nervously, "But believe me when I say I'm not the one you should feel this way about. I think I need to go home, I'm not feeling too well."

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Demetrius asked.

"No, that's alright. I'll see you on Monday I guess," Lucy replied and hurried out of the door.

Once she got outside she took out her cell phone while heading in the direction of Brooke's house. She looked through her phone book until she reached Hermia's name.

"...Hermia? It's Lucy...Well I just saw Demetrius...He was coming from piano practice, I don't know, that's not the point right now. Look can you come over to Brooke's house in the next ten minutes...You can? Great...No nothing is seriously wrong...Well sorta, look I'll tell you all about it when we meet at Brooke's house...Because she called me a few minutes ago saying she needed to tell us something...I don't know what she wanted to say and now I need to tell everyone something too...I'm heading there now...Okay see you there. Oh could you call Adena for me?...Thanks, bye."

Hermia was at a coffee shop, sketching the surrounding area, when her phone went off. Jumping from the vibration in her pocket, she quickly put down her pencil and took out her phone. The screen said Lucy. Hermia thought Lucy was supposed to be in her lessons right now and wondered why she would be calling. Shrugging, she pressed the talk button on her phone.

"Hello?...Hey Lucy, what's up?...Really! What was he doing?...Um, I guess I can. I'm not far from there now...Is something wrong?...But there is something wrong. What is it?... If you say so, but why Brooke's house?...Oh, do you know what it is?...Oh...Cool I'll be there in a couple of minutes...Sure I'll call Adena on my way...Bye."

Well that was strange, Hermia thought as she drained the last of her soda from the cup. Looking once more at her surroundings, she decided to quickly finish the sketch before heading over to Brooke's and calling Adena. She became absorbed in the drawing she didn't realize anyone was standing over her until a voice shook her out of her thoughts.

"Wow, that's really good," someone said behind her.

Hermia jumped once again and turned to face the speaker, "Thanks, it still needs some work though."

Standing behind her was dark young man with a kind expression on his face. His smoke colored eyes were looking intently at her drawing.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump," he said, "My name's Haydon. I'm a freshman at the University of the Arts downtown."

"Wow, it's my dream to go there for college," Hermia said, "I'm Hermia. I'm a freshman also. Though I go to the Academy of Fine Arts."

"Well the university is a nice school, and with talent like yours I'm sure you could get a scholarship," Haydon said.

Hermia was trying to think of what to say, but she had never felt very comfortable around Prince Haydon, even in the past. Although they had similar interests with drawing, the two had never become close friends.

"Wow, Déjà vu. I haven't met you before have I Hermia?"

"No I don't think so," Hermia replied and under her breath said, "At least not that you remember."

"Please don't think I'm some creep, but today when I saw you sitting at the table I knew that I just had to come over and see you. It's like some attraction or something."

"Well, I'm supposed to be meeting some friends. So I need to go now," Hermia said as she closed the drawing pad and started to walk away.

Haydon ran to catch up to her, "Would you mind if I call you sometime? Maybe we could go see a movie or something?"

"Are you hitting on me?" Hermia asked.

"Am I that obvious?" Haydon asked with a smile, " Well here's my number if you change your mind."

"Um maybe some other time," Hermia said as she rushed off.

Hermia turned the corner and thought about what had just happened. She quickly got out her cell phone and dialed Adena's number.

"...It's Hermia...Why are you whispering?...You're where?...Adena I can't hear you...Look whatever, you need to get to Brooke's house as soon as you can...Homework can wait...No don't hang up Adena! I just saw Hayd-..."

Adena was in the library doing her homework as she always did on Saturday afternoon. Her cell phone went off and she received glares from the library staff, as she quickly tried to answer the phone.

"Hello?" she whispered, "Hey Hermia...I'm at the library...The library...I can't talk right now...I can't I'm doing homework...Look I'll call you back..."

Adena turned off her phone and went down one of the aisles of books.

"Excuse me, I just needed the book right there," Adena asked the young man in front of her.

"Oh sorry," he said as he moved out of the way.

"Thanks," Adena said grabbing the book.

"So what are you reading?" asked the young man.

"Oh this is just a school book," Adena replied looking up at the tall young man. Suddenly she realized who the person standing in front of her was.

"Oh, well my name's Wayde," Wayde said his ice blue eyes light and his sandy blonde bangs swept off to one side, "I'm a freshman at the local university."

"Adena," she replied wondering why Wayde would be so nice to her, "I'm a junior at the high school across the street."

"Cool," he said, "So would you like to study together?"

"Um sure," Adena said, "But I have to meet some friends soon."

"Okay, but I want to show you something first," Wayde said as he moved towards a table.

"Uh..." Adena replied.

The two sat down and Wayde pulled out a composition book. He opened it and turned somewhere towards the middle. He looked around before leaning in close to her.

"If I show you something will you promise not to tell anyone?"

"Sure," Adena said wondering why Wayde would show her his stories. He only showed Brooke his stories, and that was after she insisted. No one was allowed to read most of his stories.

"Yesterday this girl came up to me acting very strange. She was saying how she was a princess and I was a prince. Well last night I dreamed of a field and there were these mythological creatures. But most of all I remember light, four different colors. So this morning I started writing a story about it."

"So he does remember a little," Adena muttered.

"Well in the end of the dream I was with this beautiful girl, but after I woke up I couldn't see her face or remember her name. When I saw you, I could remember. You were the one from my dream."

"I think you've confused me with someone else," Adena said, "I was probably in the background."

"But it is you," Wayde said, "I just know it. But I understand that we just met, so here's my phone number and my address. If you feel the same as me, just come on by."

Wayde got up and left, leaving Adena staring after him confused. She got up from her seat quickly and pulled out her cell phone. Unfortunately the battery had died. Adena gathered her books and ran out of the library while cursing under her breath for not charging her phone this morning. She turned down the street where Brooke's house was.

Brooke was in her kitchen preparing snacks for when her friends came. She wished the others would hurry up and come, she had to tell Lucy what had happened. As she grabbed the various bags and bowls, she headed upstairs to her room.

Suddenly there was a loud banging on her door, followed by shouts. Brooke rushed downstairs and opened the door and was hit in the face by a fist. As she stumbled backwards, the person at the door fell from trying to hit air.

"Gerrof me," Brooke tried to say to the person who had landed on her. She finally was able to shove the person off and get into a sitting position, carefully rubbing her jaw, "Adena?"

Adena paused for a moment in calling Brooke's name to look around, "Brooke? Why are we on the floor and what's wrong with your face?"

"Well you were about to break the door down, so I opened it for you and then you tried to break my jaw. What's gotten into you?"

Adena stared at her for a moment before shouting Brooke's name again.


"What's bad Adena?" Brooke asked, "What's wro-"

"ADENA! BROOKE!" a voice cried from the front steps, "YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!"

"Hermia what's up?" Brooke said as her friend came rushing through the door, but then Hermia tripped over Adena's foot and ended up falling on Brooke, elbowing her in the side.

"Brooke? What are you doing on the floor?" Hermia asked sitting up.

Brooke gasped, "Can't breathe."

"What? Oh," Hermia said getting up but then she saw Adena again, "OH! ADENA YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM"

"Hermia, Adena what's with you guys? Did the Dark Kingdom attack?" Brooke asked, "They didn't find any of the princes did the-"


Lucy was running in the door when she tripped on the mat and flew into Adena, causing her to fall on Hermia. They all landed on Brooke.




Hermia, Lucy, and Adena started shouting all at once while trying to get to their feet. Suddenly the three fell over as Brooke tried to get up.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Brooke screamed, she held her side and her jaw and said, "What is going on? And what is with you tackling me? Can we act somewhat civilized and go to my room to talk instead of sitting here in the doorway? Oh and Lucy, I have some bad news for you."

The four girls got up and went up the stairs to Brooke's room. Once there Adena took her normal seat at the desk, Hermia pulled up another chair, Lucy sat on the floor, and Brooke laid down wearily on her bed. The three younger girls started shouting again until Brooke shut them up.

"Okay, we all know that somehow we each have different problem, so let's try this one at a time. Okay? Now when one of us is talking let's try not to shout out," Brooke said as she rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on from all the shouting and being tackled earlier, "I guess I'll go first."

Brooke took a deep breath and told the others of what had happened in the park.

"You ran into a tree?" Adena asked between bursts of laughter, "I wish I had seen that, it would have been priceless."

"Wow Brooke, you sure did get hurt a lot today between the tree and the three of us," Hermia said trying very hard not to laugh.

Lucy just sat staring up at Brooke in confusion. Tears filled her eyes as she slowly shook her head.

"That couldn't have been Artemis. He would never do that. He said he loved me," she kept repeating to herself.

"It will be okay Lucy," Brooke kept saying, "I'm sure we'll find a way to make him remember that you're his true love."

Hermia and Adena finally stopped laughing when they saw Lucy crying.

"Artemis will remember you, don't worry," Hermia said.

Lucy looked at Hermia and suddenly the sadness left her eyes to be replaced by the same urgency she had when she first arrived at Brooke's house.

"Oh no Hermia," Lucy said, "I'm so sorry."

"What? What's wrong?" Hermia asked.

"Demetrius, I saw him at school," Lucy said and she told the others what had happened.

"But..." Hermia trailed off before suddenly looking at Adena, "Adena, I saw Haydon today."

"Oh no, don't tell me. Actually it's probably better if you do," Adena said and Hermia told her about her meeting with Haydon.

Adena didn't waste any time with tears as she quickly told Brooke about meeting Wayde in the library.

"Let me get this straight," Brooke said after Adena was through, "All of the princes are in love with the wrong princess?"

"That's right," Lucy said, "This is going to be quite difficult."

"Yeah," Hermia agreed.

"What are we going to do?" asked Adena, "I wish I could draw better."

"Well I wish I was more musical," Hermia shot back.

"If only I was more athletic," Lucy sighed.

"Look this isn't getting us anywhere. We need to think of what to do," Brooke started.

Suddenly the room was filled with a bright light that spit into four familiar colors, as the guardians stepped from the lights.

"It seems you have a problem," said the kelpie.

"More like a major problem," Brooke replied.

"Don't worry it can all be solved," the phoenix said.

"Really? How?" asked Adena.

"All you have to do is transform in front of the princes and they will remember," said the griffin.

"But they think we're crazy," Hermia said.

"You'll think of something," the unicorn replied, "But we must go for now. The Dark King is trying to get into this realm. We will go and try to buy you some time."

With that the four guardians were gone in a flash of light. The four princesses closed their eyes against the bright light.

"So how are we going to get the princes alone so we can transform?" Lucy asked.

"Especially since they all like the wrong princess." said Adena.

Brooke looked thoughtful for a minute before her face lit up, "I've got it!"

"What?" asked Hermia excitedly.

"Let's go to a movie!" exclaimed Brooke, triumph glowing in her eyes.

The other three girls fell from their seats as they sighed.

"Brooke, I thought you were trying to think of a plan," Lucy said.

"I did," Brooke said.

"How is seeing a movie you're brilliant plan?" asked Adena.

"Don't you see?" Brooke said while bouncing on her bead in excitement, "We'll all go on a group date and we can go see a movie!"

"But Wayde thinks you're crazy. How are you going to get him to agree to go see a movie with you?" asked Adena.

"I wasn't going to go on a date with Wayde," Brooke said rolling her eyes. She looked at the three confused faces in front of her and then said lightly, "I figured I would ask Artemis."

"WHAT!" Lucy exploded, "You can't ask him."

"Why not?" Brooke challenged, "You can take Demetrius. I'm sure he'll jump at the chance to go on a date with you."

"NO," Hermia cried, "He's my prince."

"Yet he doesn't remember you," Brooke reminded her, "Don't worry though, you'll still have a date. Didn't Haydon say he wanted to see a movie with you?"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Adena yelled throwing a pen at Brooke, "She can't take Haydon."

"But you're the lucky one," Brooke said as she caught the pen as it flew towards her, "You're getting to go on the date with the most handsome prince of all. And believe me when I say that I would much rather go on a date with Wayde than I would Artemis. No offense Lucy."

"Okay so let's say we go see a movie," Lucy said, earning glares from Hermia and Adena, "When would transforming be on the schedule?"

"Well you see," Brooke began, "this is the part you're really not going to like."

"Just tell us Brooke," Adena said, her eyes burning with suspicion.

Brooke held up a pillow in front of her as a shield before continuing, "The guardians were going to buy us some time by fighting the monsters right? Well I'm sure they're going to attack the princes at some point, so why not make it when we want them to attack. If we put all the princes in one place, that would make the monsters come and attack them. But we'll be there to fight the monsters and protect the princes. Though in order to do that, we have to transform."

"Meaning that the princes get their memories back," Lucy finished.

"I think it will work," Brooke said, "Besides we don't have another plan."

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