Eros was electric, the day Lucian Boom came to town. The air sizzled and popped against my flesh, gripping my hair and lifting it a full two inches off my shoulders. I sniffled, a cold coming on from the abnormality of our weather. I stood outside the shiny metal diner, waiting patiently for Gray to make an appearance. It was funny how things worked out, how strange even the most normal of things made a person fall prostrate under the hefty weight of a tremendous and somewhat anticlimactic situation. The situation in itself being my breakup, which hadn't, at first, done anything but confused me. The actual day of my detachment from Jackson was almost painstakingly familiar in the sense that I had woke up just like any other day. I had got dressed, walked outside and been greeted by him almost immediately. I didn't ask him why he'd been waiting outside my tiny confusing house. I hadn't done anything but go right to him and take him in a warm embrace. It was weird because he hadn't given me a hug back, not a real one anyway. True, his arms were wrapped around my body, but the bond was loose and his chin hadn't even rested on my head like usual so I had pulled away and gave him a funny look. He did one of those fake laughs, the ones that sounded like they'd been bottled up for years to use on a awkward situation or an inappropriate time. "Jackson..." I had started to speak but left it off with a sort of soft smile, thinking he was just having an off day. I should've known then, Jackson never had off days.

When I reached for a kiss... now that was when I could feel my insides swell with the unpleasant sort of butterflies. Those were the kind of winged beasts that tickled mercilessly until you felt you might just revisit your breakfast. He'd stopped me before contact, taking my upper arms gently in his hands and holding me a good distance away. I felt jilted to say the least, my ears burning for a moment and I stood dumbfounded at his pale face. That was the exact point in time he broke the news to me. He told me about how he'd seen Fern the day before and fell in love with her laugh. It wasn't the normal every day sort of love, but the deep connection one Eros born was meant to feel for another. It was becoming more and more rare to find your perfect match, so much so that it took a few seconds for it to sink in. So it wasn't really anger I'd felt toward him when I nodded, stepping out of his reach and nodding once more for emphasis. "I know this isn't exactly how we planned things.."

"It's alright," I shrugged, forcing a bright and believable smile. "As Madeline so adequately said once, shit happens. I believe that."

"I want us to still be friends."

"Oh I don't know," I giggled, shaking my head and looking far off into the distance. I could easily slap him and run off. "I'm thinking a clean break sounds great."

"Why are you laughing, Ez?" He'd asked me. I know I must've looked crazy. Getting broken up with didn't usually rank high on the humor scale but I couldn't help but laugh.

"It's just so not funny I have to."

And I'd walked away, patting him once on the shoulder before slinking off toward the city. He hadn't followed me and what was really sad was I really hadn't expected him to.

It had been weeks since that happened and out of nowhere one day it started. My emotions would come and go. I could feel everything in spurts. I'd get upset and then hysterical and then completely fine. But what was amazing was it never happened in front of people. I was always alone when I had my mood swings, thank the gods for small favors. But the truth was I was heartbroken in sense. It was all the same. Rejection stung like a whip against bare flesh and I was no more immune to it than the next girl.

It was late morning and the whole city buzzed with movement. I watched interested at the passersby. Even living here my entire life I still found it interesting, all the different shades and types of people walking down the glassy sidewalk. They were all getting ready for the bad boys actual arrival, shopping bags with new low cut blouses and barely there skirts littering the interior of the glossy cases. Lucian Boom was coming back, the first invisible to actually take up residence in the enchanted city, after such a long bout in the Lowlands. No one had expected him to actually be accepted. He had spent over two months on lockdown with the Elders, listening to their rules and promising not to bring any of his Darkness philosophies into their shiny land. I had heard talk amongst the crowds, Lucian hadn't behaved well and that was the reason for their involvement in his transition. They were frustrated with his sharp jaw and low set brow. The coal eyes didn't help his situation, seeming to darken even further with his ever worsening mood, but this was all just talk amongst gossip giddy teens around town. Madeline had assured me and anyone around that he was no more harmful than Sebastian was, but something about the way her eyes shot to our favorite pervert convinced me otherwise.

Speaking of that, the wedding between Sebastian and Madeline was well know and the two had shown up less and less in Eros. When they did come, they stayed close to the house to avoid prying eyes and the irritating questions from little girls wanting fairy tales. I didn't blame them for their shying away. They made sure to come at least once a week, but finding myself single and without any of the regular friends to distract me, I turned to Gray for company. But knowing what sort of boy Gray was led me to question my decision on telling him to meet me and expecting him to be on time. I glanced at the large clock on one of the larger buildings in the city. The young man was now officially fifteen minutes late and with my mind made up to leave, he popped around the corner. He was beautiful, Gray was. He had startling sort of statuesque sort of looks, soft brown hair and gorgeous dark gray eyes. He'd been lolling in his cousins shadow for most of his life, and now, with Sebastian married off to a mortal, he was showered with the sort of attention no one should ever be privy to. He spent most of his nights running around with the random hot girl, making out and taking out anything with a vagina. I was excluded from this, thank the gods, Gray saying I was much too damaged and perky at times to make him any happier than friendship.

"Bout time you made an appearance, loser," I grumbled, watching him take his time in approaching me. Gray wore a coat the exact same shade as his eyes, his hands delved deep in the pockets. He looked cool, looked being the only thing about him anywhere near that adjective.

"I'm wore out. I had four women last night, and some of them weren't with me individually, if you know what I mean."

"Sadly I do," I sighed, rolling my eyes and laughing inwardly at how awkward the conversation would be with anyone else. "I don't want to meet the person that didn't understand your innuendo... because it was very straight forward. It took no thought really..."

"So are we going to wait for-..." I didn't hear the rest of his question, watching carefully the scene unfold over his shoulder.

Down the street, no more than twenty feet, stood the happy couple I'd longed to never see. They were married now. I knew that, hearing about their fancy wedding in all the local news and gossip. That was more than enough. I watched skeptically, hoping to see a fight break out between the two, watch their relationship crumble right before my eyes. It was the dark in me I suppose, we all had a little in us. I pursed my lips and waited. But it never happened. They were laughing though, just loud enough for me to hear. Fern had her hand curled up against his chest, smiling up at him as if she were me a few months ago. I grimaced, thinking maybe I'd be lucky enough to witness a large truck with no breaks, run them over. They'd stop laughing then, yeah? I then shook my head and refused to watch them any longer. I didn't actually want them dead, just out of sight. That's when they were supposed to be out of mind.

"I'm surprised you didn't cackle just then, sunshine," Gray grinned, reading my mind without really doing so. I laughed it off, my orange curls tickling my face. I pushed them away, glancing one more time at my ex and his wife. "You seriously looked very sinister just now."

" A moment of evil," I shrugged. "What happened to you? You were really late."

"I overslept." He sighed, not bothering to go on with his perverted orgy stories. "Lets go eat."

Inside the diner it was just as I had always remembered. The walls were a shiny metallic silver, the waitresses wearing matching silver dresses with hot pink and green stockings. We took our old booth, the one that use to seat all six of us now felt extra roomy with only Gray and me occupying the red vinyl. Gray grinned at the waitress, leaning over just a little to close to her breasts while ordering. I picked the same sweet smelling apple cream slush that I always picked, while Gray asked the young woman to surprise him with something special.

"You're getting to be disgusting. Not that you weren't right shit before, but I'm just saying... this is a new low, even for you."

"I'm not any more disgusting than I was yesterday or a few weeks ago for that matter... its just okay now because they want it just as bad as I do."

"You are sad, Gray." I laughed as his eyes slid over another breast-blessed female. "I'm not surprised though. Seb did a good thing leaving when he did. This town is sleazy. Look at all the trash out."

"Why are there so many fine women out today?" Gray asked curiously, glancing out the large window we sat by.

"Lucian Boom makes his big arrival on this very day."

"hmm," Gray hummed, leaning back and playing with the utensils wrapped in a red paper napkin.

"Aren't you excited, sweetheart. A Lowland bad boy right in our very own city. Where's your dance of joy?" I asked sarcastically. Another Lowland male meant competition for Gray and that look in his eye seemed as if he'd realized the exact same thing. He groaned, holding his head in his hands and faking a pained cry.

"I get the good life for a few weeks and now here he comes to yank it all away from me."

"He might not," I laughed, tapping the table with my midnight blue fingernails. "From the sound of it he's a pain in the ass and won't want anything but trouble."

"It's just not fair," Gray rolled his eyes and watched the waitress with the baby blue eyes and hot pink and green stockings sidled up to his side.

"Here's your slush and here's your surprise, baby. I do hope you like it." She winked at him, sliding a red napkin under his hand and running a playful hand through his hair. Gray seemed enamored, smiling wide at her retreating backside.

"Well look at it this way, Gray." I started, plucking the napkin from his grasp and studying it. "If all else fails you have Candy here to show you a good time... and a little something extra."

"I love Sebastian for marrying Madeline!" He yanked the napkin from my hands and placed a rather loud and exaggerated kiss upon its surface. "He made my life!"

"Stop it, Gray. You're embarrassing yourself." I laughed, shaking my head. "No seriously, stop it."

And he did.

It was hours later when I found myself alone once again. It was silly to think something as easy and common as a walk by yourself felt different after a breakup. It wasn't as if I hadn't walked home plenty of times without company. But something about the fact that I wasn't going home to anyone or going to see any one, for that matter, seemed almost uncomfortable. Gray was rarely alone, burying his face in a different pair of breasts every night meant never having to think too much on the subject, in case it ever did come up. Sebastian and Madeline were never alone, Seb bragging about how he is constantly by her side, completely and utterly in love in every sense of the word. Mrs. Bear was alone while Mr. Bear was at work but she knew he was coming home as soon as possible. And I wouldn't even bring up the fact that Jackson and Fern never thought of being alone, not anymore.

I only stopped with my heavy duty thinking when I noticed my path had gone haywire. I knew the way home like the back of my hand, so looking down at the path had never been an issue before. The path in Eros automatically knew where you were supposed to go and lay out before you, one step ahead. But this time it didn't lead to where I wanted to go, it went to the left. I had planned on going home... which lay to the right. I stood dumbfounded for a moment, stomping my foot on the naked grass and almost internally demanding for the gravel to appear under foot. When it didn't, I stepped back right, glancing behind me and waiting for someone or something to jump out and yell gotcha. No one did, so I started with my walking. One foot in front of the other, very slowly for many steps until I felt I had to do it. I had to see where the path led. So I walked a thousand steps until I stood in the shade of a grove of trees. I glanced around, the path automatically disappearing and leaving me to wonder why I had been so trusting in the beginning. You weren't to question odd things though, not here.

The day was ending in Eros and for a moment I felt scared. Never before had I felt fear in this place, my muscles clenching at the great unknown. I turned around. A soft cool wind blew in from the heavens, pushing the trees, causing them to sway and dance in an almost frightening movement. The wind picked up, dark clouds blew in and a whirlwind of flower petals and blades of shiny green grass whipped around me. And for a moment it was cold, unlike it had ever been in Eros. Bits of sharp ice water stung my skin. I took a couple steps back, my arms wrapping around myself, my teeth clinking like jagged stone against rock. I bumped into a tree, my body taking comfort in the steady trunk and watching in pure horror as a large black funnel opened up in the sky. I felt my eyes slam shut as a rather large branch broke off and went hurdling through the air. I slunk down and saw the strangest and most terrifying sight I'd ever witnessed in my life. Through that funnel fell a body, limp and lanky. It fell in a startling speed toward the earth, slamming into the ground with a sickening thud. Next came a small case, landing just inches from the bodies head.

Just as quickly as the funnel had formed it swallowed itself up and disappeared. The air calmed and the debris shooting through the air, floated softly toward the ground. I went running toward the body, not thinking it might be harmful, but wondering if it was conscious, or alive for that matter. Kneeling down I saw the face of an angel, pale skin with a sharp jaw and dark lashes. His hair was black and dangerously sharp against the smoothness of his brow. He had a large and rather impressive cut alone his forehead, one of which I cleaned with my sleeve. I'd never seen someone so beautiful, not in all my years in a city made of dreams and supposedly mythical creatures. He was perfect. "Hey...hey, um..." It didn't feel right to call him mister but there wasn't much else to go on. I nudged his shoulder carefully. I cleared my throat, looking around and wondering if I should start the hysterical crying for help so typical with most females. Before I could open my mouth to scream his eyes fluttered open and he stared at me with a sort of mundane curiosity before those perfect blue eyes turned icy and a scowl took over his lips.

"Would you move? I can't fucking breathe with someone hovering over me like that."

"Wha-?" I watched as he pushed himself off the ground, snatching the case that had just barely missed his head and throwing it angrily against a nearby tree.

"And they dropped me in the middle of fucking nowhere. figures."


"Did they send you? Are you someone sent here to make sure I don't mess up your precious Eros? Because let me tell you this, I don't give a shit about your rules or your regulations and I definitely am not going to be bossed around by a midget with orange hair."

"I'm not a midget!" I stood up defiantly, somewhat ignoring his beauty. "I'm not sent by anyone. The path led me here and may the gods know the reasons because I'm really not enjoying meeting... whoever you are!" I threw my hands up in the air, screaming the last bit with a strength I didn't know I had.

"I don't believe you. Knowing them you're a spy."

"Quit with the conspiracy theories. I haven't the patience to be a spy and definitely not if it means spying on people like you."

"Why are you here then?" He asked, his face contorting into a mask of sheer unease. He nearly snarled. I made the same face back, or tried to, leaning back as far as I could from the boy and glancing around at our surroundings.

"I'm here because the path led me here. I got curious," I shrugged. "Believe me, if I would've known the things and people I would see... I wouldn't have been so obedient with my path following." I made a face at my own words.

I took a step away from him, glancing about for the way out. Much to my chagrin, the path wouldn't unfold itself and the trees went on for at least a mile. Stomping around in a circle, I finally decided on taking a guess at the direction and pausing only momentarily to glance back at him.

"I don't know where I'm going."

"That's obvious," he grunted, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms over his jacket covered chest. Stumbling around a few more trees I found myself right back where I started, with him watching on unamused. Finally I stopped with my meandering, stopping directly in front of him and realizing immediately what I should of realized half an hour before.

"You're Lucian Boom," he nodded once, eyeing me suspiciously. "I'm a friend of Seb and Madeline."

"Would you like an applause?" He asked sarcastically.

"You are a charmer. I can see Gray won't have to work hard to keep his good life," I mumbled the last bit, rolling my eyes and turning away.

"I'm Ezra," he seemed to perk for a moment, falling right back into his brooding before the next blink of an eye. "Let's just find our way out of here and I'll bring you to the Bears. I know Mrs. Bear was cooking for you today. It wouldn't kill you to pretend to be nice to her. She's the one person that will like you through all this, especially with the attitude you've got."

"I don't care if people like me," he ground out through clenched teeth. The bad boy routine was already wearing on my nerves.

I sighed. "Can we go now? I mean... are you done with whatever you're doing? "

He agreed slowly, standing up and taking a step toward me. As if by magic, which of course it was, the path folded out before me. I glanced back at him, wondering momentarily what it meant, thinking maybe some of his supposed dark powers had transfered with him. But I got no answers. He simply scowled at me, motioning hard for me to quit staring at him and go. I turned back forward and shook my head. And then we took our first few steps toward the tiny village where Seb's parents lived.

Eros was the same, physically, since the great changing of Sebastian Bear. The skies still changed from pink to green at random points of the day, the town still kept a million or so secrets places and mysterious stories all waiting to be discovered. The streets were still glass, and you were still able to see the mechanical workings of said city just by looking down. The windows still showed your reflections decked out in their neon fashions. The village we lived in still kept the blue tint and the flowers still sang when you passed. But something was different that night, and not just the fact that the newcomer was following me through a deserted field of night grass. It was something in the air.

The entire walk was in complete silence, the only noise was the occasional grumble from Lucian. His angelic face was a complete disservice to his nefarious perspective on things. Not once did he marvel at our multicolored sunset or bask in the glow of a thousand well lit, singing, stars. He simply walked behind me, his suitcase gripped tight in his right hand, while his left hung in a rock like fist at his side. I crossed my arms over my chest, quickening my pace so as to get toward people, away from being alone with the brooding god behind me. I had no need for anymore bad company.

When we arrived at the small house he stood behind me, staring at the door as if he'd never seen on in his life. I made the first move, grabbing for the handle, a bit startled when I felt him move behind me. "Fuck," he mumbled, stepping away and looking off toward the hills. He was dealing with something internally, that much I could tell. "No,no,no." He doubled over again, this time nearly falling. He clutched his head, his bag dropped and forgotten by his feet. I watched on quietly, not daring to take a step toward him but finding a supreme dislike for seeing him in pain. Before I had the chance to move, Mrs. Bear walked out, startled by the noise coming from outside her door.

"What's happening?" The older woman asked, wringing a damp dishtowel in her hands. She looked to me for answers, taking a step toward Lucian, her hands shaking almost comically so. I held her back, watching grimly as Lucian fell to his knees in pain. Mr. Bear then emerged from the house, taking his wife by her shoulders and placing himself in front of her. It was adorable, the way he seemed to be protective of her in every circumstance, something I would've noticed if not for being completely enthralled by the situation unraveling in front of me.

"What's all this about, Ezra?" The older Bear asked, his voice deep with concern.

"I'm not sure," I whispered back. Then something struck me, so hard and fast I had to blink to realize this wasn't just ones imagination. There was a strong feeling starting in my chest and spreading throughout my limps and stomach, as if I might could help it, as if I HAD to help him. So I stepped forward, pulling away from Mr. Bears grip on my wrist, toward the boy writhing on the ground. Without a second thought I knelt down in front of him, which should've scared me at the time, but didn't phase me until much later. Taking Lucian's face in my hands I took my first real look into his open eyes. The dark blue orbs that I'd noticed from the start were now dramatically black, almost entirely so, he was shaking his head back and forth, slamming against my grip and muttering evil words under his breath. I held him still for a moment, calling his name several times without even realizing I had done so. "Look here," I'd muttered, "Stop thinking and look here." His movements automatically ceased, his eyes slamming shut, and his breath evening. Slowly the world disappeared around us, the quiet gasps of Mr. and Mrs. Bear dulled down to a silent nothing, the air and sky and house all went away. Lucian looked at me now, his eyes fading back to their normal blue.

"Where is everyone?" Lucian mumbled, for a moment seeming absolutely perfect. Even the sound of his voice came out like heaven.

"I don't know," I mumbled, back. Unintentionally I had began to trace his jaw with my thumbs. "So strange," I whispered, staring deep into those eyes of his. They were nothing special, I convinced myself quickly. They were actually quite normal for eyes, nothing startling about them. But I couldn't look away.

Something snapped then and Lucian pulled away. Without contact came everything at once. The air slammed into my lungs, the sounds all now loud and obtrusive to my ears. It was shocking to say the least, staring up at Lucian and watching calmly as he walked away. He glared at me from a distance, snatching up his bag and walking toward the Bears. With his hand outstretched toward the older Mr. Bear, he mumbled a greeting and walked inside.

"Lucian, what was that?" Mr. Bear asked. Lucian was sitting in front of a rather large slice of Mrs. Bears pie, slowly eating the sugary treat. Lucian cleared his throat, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. "It was something the Elders talked about but I don't really remember what it was called. I just get these really bad headaches and then they go away."

"By themselves?" I asked curiously, standing across the room with my arms crossed over my chest. "Because it didn't look like it."

"Most of the time I can," Lucian ground out, interrupting my words, and rolling his eyes in my direction. "It just takes a while. I have to talk myself out of it."

"Great job doing that," I smiled falsely.

"I would've had it," he shrugged as if he didn't care. "I'm alright with it. It just takes a little... determination."

"Oh my goodness. That's just horrible. What causes it?" Mrs. Bear had taken him under her wing, just as I knew she would. She had offered him a place to stay and he had taken it quietly, politely. It was funny watching Lucian Boom be nice to people when he refused to look at me twice without a snarl. He had even managed a smile at both of Sebastian's parents after his first slice of pie.

"It's not certain or anything but they say being in the Lowlands so long.." Lucian paused, his body seeming to twitch for a moment at the mention of his old home. "It messed with me. I'm a little dependent on the dark now and all this fresh air and sunshine...that's just what they said." He tried to smile at them but his face wouldn't keep it long. He cleared his throat once more, scooping another forkful of pie into his mouth and staring down at his plate. He looked like a little boy, hiding away from anything uncomfortable. I almost felt bad for him.


His eyes snapped up to mine so fast and quick I felt foolish. I looked away, toward the fire now roaring to life in the stove. Mr. and Mrs. Bear continued to ask, in their polite way, how Lucian Boom really was. He answered in vague ways, only speaking up once to ask for something to drink. I slunk away across the room, falling onto their soft sofa and pulling a quilt over the bottom half of my body and waiting for Seb and Madsy to get there and make me feel better. They had that quality about them.

"What happened exactly?" Madsy had asked me quietly. Her eyes darted over to where Seb sat talking to Lucian at the kitchen table, completely enthralled with the details of his trip and extended stay with the elders. It was funny looking at the two together. Even Lucian seemed to brighten a little as the couple entered the room, shaking Sebs hand before mumbling a quick hello to Madeline and pulling his old roommate off to the side and quickly going over the last few weeks.

"Mr. Dark and Brooding had a darkness attack and I kinda shook him out of it... not that he would ever admit it."

"What's a darkness attack?" She made a face, which made her look fairly young and almost sweet.

"Well it's really not called that but it seemed like thats what it was." I dropped my voice to a whisper. "From what I can tell he gets overworked and freaks out, his eyes go all black and he loses control of his body. It's like a headache gone wild."

"Oh," she mumbled, nodding absent minded. We both looked at the boys. It was shocking to see them side by side. Both were thin, black hair, and sharp features. The difference between the two was, of course, their eyes, and the fact that Sebastian nearly glowed. He seemed happy, smiling and tapping his friend on the shoulder a good four times during the conversation. Lucian was dark, his eyes dipping into that odd onyx color, before returning to their soft blue. He was taller too, I noted randomly, a good five or six inches taller than Seb. I grimaced.

"I don't like him," I was almost appalled at the statement that fell from my lips.

"Ezra," Madsy laughed, glancing at the boys to make sure they hadn't heard. "That's not like you."

"I don't," I smirked. "He's very very rude and sometimes I catch him glaring at me for no reason."

"He's just angry. I would be too. I was." Madsy got that far off looked, the kind where her eyes went totally blank. She was remembering the Lowlands, like I hoped I would never have to.

"Well he nearly knocked me over when I found him." I brought her back from her memories, scowling at Mr. Boom.

Madeline sighed, reaching up and ruffling my hair like she was much older and very wise. My orange curls blurred my vision for a minute and she laughed, sitting back against the old couch. "How's life after Jackson?" I made a face, thinking about how I hadn't thought about him in hours. I shrugged then, throwing in a grin for good measure. For the first time in a long time I got to smile after that question and mean it completely.

"Life is going on without him surprisingly."

"That's usually what sucks about everything, huh?" Madsy laughed, rolling her eyes and sinking even further down into the cushions.

"I didn't miss him so much today. It was weird. The missing isn't really painful when it does happen, just ridiculously long lasting. And It's not even about missing him, just missing something. I'm abnormally empty these days Madeline," I grinned. "A big gaping hole but for some reason I don't believe it has anything to do with Jackson. It's something in the air." I sighed dramatically. "But no matter. Life does go on."

"You're an amazing amazing girl, Ezra."

"I get that a lot." I laughed, making a face soon after.

"We need to hang out more. I miss you."

"I miss you too and we will."

Madsy and Sebastian left pretty quickly and so I decided a quick exit was a good idea. Before I could leave I heard Lucian mutter that he hated my hair and before I could think twice about it I kicked his shin and ran. I could hear his angered curses echoing through my brain, just loud enough for me to hear, but no louder than a rough whisper.

It wasn't till ten minutes later that I realized how idiotic I had just been, how utterly juvenile and immature and how like me back when I felt good and whole.

Laughing hysterically I made my way home, having no trouble whatsoever with crazy confused paths, or anything for that matter.

Lucian Boom was an asshole.

True story.

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