A friend lost,

A friend's death,

Or a friend who moves away?

Gone forever,

Hard to see,

Or friendship gone astray?

Which hurts worse?

It's hard to tell.

For all three bring pain.

A fragile thing,

Your heart can break,

And tears can pour like rain.

For those you love,

A place is created,

Deep within your heart.

A place that becomes,

A terrible void,

As soon as they depart.

We question life,

We ask each other,

Why is it that we die?

Why do we break,

Our friendship apart,

Why do we say goodbye?

This love we feel,

It's wonderful,

It feels like a precious gift.

Until some day,

You are left alone,

And that love has created a rift.

To all my friends,

Who have moved away,

I miss you all a lot.

To those I lost,

From arguments,

I wish we hadn't fought.

To friends that died,

So needlessly,

And far, far too young,

I say I love you,

You'll be sorely missed.

Till later, then, so long.

I wanted to wait until the end to explain my reasons for writing this. I find that poetry helps express my feelings, and though I may not be very subtle with my points, it makes me feel better anyway. I wrote this today after the memorial service of a dear friend who passed away a week ago. In the past four years, I've had the unfortunate experience of all three of these ways to lose a friend, and I know the pain you can go through for each of them, but I can't tell you which is the hardest to deal with. This poem asks that question. I hope you enjoyed, and if I infected you with my melancholy mood, I apologize.