Hiyas!! This is a poem that I wrote during an internship I went on over the past week and a half! I hope you like it :D

Perfection is forgotten,

In the midst of defeat.

Restoration is trodden,

And laid at their feet.

We give in to the darkness,

Run by despair,

In the courts of the warden,

Bearing thorns with no care.

It is a rampage of terror,

A house of pure fear.

A land void of mercy,

A cold blooded lair.

So we stride to their leader,

And are kicked on the ground.

Then we give in to their poisons,

And are thrown on the mound.

So now we must stand strong,

And lift our voice to the sky,

Call out the heavenly presence,

And know salvation is nigh.

For God is our savior,

Our strength and our shield,

So let us rise together,

And victory we will yield.