Emotions turn cold

Emotions turn cold.

The eyes turn hard,

No emotion is let through.

Her voice turns cold and curt,

Sharper than how an arrow flies.

She's cried for hours,

Cried until she was sick.

No one heard, no one knew

How hard her heart was hit.

Her eyes are puffy and red,

Swollen and hurt.

Her face is pale,

With eye-liner streaking it like dirt.

She's fed up of crying.

She's tired of it all.

The harder she tries,

The harder she falls.

She's made her decision,

Made up her mind.

She'll change who she is,

Her emotions she'll bind.

To be cold and polite,

Never show her true self.

She's on her own now,

She doesn't need any help.

They had their chance,

And they blew it.

Her eyes have been opened,

That last blow was the last hit.