After seven months of traveling, Captain Tagger Smith finally reached the mountain from the previous chapter in order to kill Dufartt. Unfortunately, everyone was gone by then and Smith had to go all the way back again only to discover that Belinda had Dufartt the whole time. Upon hearing this, Smith sat on the ground and cried. After several weeks in therapy, he gladly took his place again as Belinda's personal pillager.

Belinda's Mall business became so popular that Belinda bought the whole world. She spent most of her days in her private garden with all her animal friends behind the purple castle. Belinda later married Tagger and they had eight children together. Upon Belinda's death (involving a poorly formed spell and a wet noodle) Belinda's children lost control of her business and it went bankrupt. The concept of a Mall would remain forgotten for thousands of years.

Dufartt remained a permanent decoration on Belinda's desk for over ten years until one day when Belinda had drunk way too much coffee and "set him free into the wild!" Dufartt was promptly eaten by a frog.

Leroy worked for Smith for most of his life until he later found his life calling in taxidermy.

The creepy old wizard guy used his magic to bring Madison's kingdom back to life again and then went to the future where he now eats hot dogs while playing on the computer all day.

The magic stone was too powerful to be destroyed by magic, so David found a large rock and hit the stone until it broke into small power. And that's where pixy dust comes from.

Now if you are wondering what happened to David, Lenny, Madison and Cat; then continue reading:

"It was so nice of that creepy old wizard guy to poof us back to your house, Lenny," said Madison.

"I know," said Lenny.

"Boy, am I hungry," said David. "What's your mom making for us?"

"I don't know," responded Lenny.

"Hold on people," said Lenny's mom as she ran into the room holding a large covered serving platter.

"What is it?" asked Madison.

"See for yourself," said Lenny's mom as she lifted the cover off the platter.

"Wait a minute!" gasped David. "This is just a glob of peanut butter!"

"Looks delicious," said Madison.

"But as a main course?!" shouted David. "What if ...? OH NO!"

David jumped over the table and began running down the hall to the kitchen, knocking over pictures and decorations on the way. David charged into the kitchen and threw the refrigerator doors open. He began grabbing things and throwing them backwards.

"Where is it?!" shouted David hysterically.

"You're too late," said Grandpa Redcap who was standing over David.

"Never!" shouted David as he removed the jelly jar and pulled the lid off. There was nothing inside.


David heard an evil laugh from behind him. David spun around and saw the peanut butter glob standing at the kitchen door.

"We win!" said the glob obnoxiously.

"Why didn't you listen to me?" asked Grandpa Redcap.

"But I destroyed the stone like you told me!" said David pleading.

"Goodbye, David," said Grandpa Redcap as he slowly vanished.

"Don't leave me!" shouted David.

"Now it's just you and me," said the evil peanut butter glob as it leaped at David and ate him in one bite.


David sat up so fast that he did a summersault. He looked around, he was in his Grandpa's attic.

"Oh good!" said David.

"You fell asleep, David," said Madison as she threw some old maps to the side.

"It's strange," said Cat.

"What?" asked Madison.

"Why would Grandpa put his important map in a forbidden blue chest where everyone would look?"

"Don't know," said Lenny as he tossed a box to the side that crashed through the attic floor and into the room below.

"And for such a big chest, it's sure small on the inside." pointed out David.

"That's odd," said Madison as she reached inside and began feeling around, "hold on, I think this has a false bottom."

"A what?!" gasped David.

"My aunt has one of those," commented Lenny.

"I think this chest has another compartment," continued Madison.

"Oh!" said David relieved.

"I almost got it," said Madison as she pulled a tab and opened another hatch.

"What's in there?" asked Cat.

"A map," said Madison as she took it out and unfolded it. "A strange map. Just look at all these dots!"

"It looks like someone went crazy with a pen," said Lenny.

"I know what this is!" said Cat. "Here, do you see this teeny tiny dot right here in the far left side?"

David squinted. "Yeah."

"Well that dot," said Cat excitedly, "represents the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the entire Solar System!"

"That one dot?!" gasped David.

"Yes," said Cat. "And every dot on this map represents an entire solar system, complete with planets, moons and stars!"

"Stop! You're going to make my head explode!" shouted David.

"The universe is much bigger than you think, David."

Lenny began cheering and jumping. "We're going to space! We're going to space!"

Lenny then broke a hole in the floor and fell through.

"Question," said Madison as she looked down the hole where Lenny had fallen. "how are going to get to space?"

"Don't worry," said Lenny from the room below. "I know where we can find a space ship. I know all about space. This is my arena now!"

Cat and Madison just looked at each other and rolled their eyes with a sigh.

The End … or perhaps, To Be Continued?

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