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Chapter Two

I paced back and forth in my new room. It was much too big for me. It was white, empty, and boring. A bathroom of my own was off to the right while a huge walk-in closet was to the left.

Anna had informed me that I would be able to design it myself. It being the new room. My new room. Ugh. The very thought of it sent shivers down my spine. At least I would be able to design it and pick the things out. However, I still had no say in the modeling thing.

"Bloody, bloody cots!" I swore. I was known to some of my friends as the the girl who never said swear words, but she instead made up her own. I huffed as I thought that.

I flexed my fingers before I stormed into my closet. It was the only place for me to hide. I hated this. HATED IT! Why had I been adopted by these two bats? WHY?!

"Melody May White, we are leaving!" Anna's voice came from outside my closed door. It was nagging at me, I knew it!

I stormed to the door and opened it calmly. "T' where migh' I ask?"

Anna smirked. "To meet your agent, design your room, and shop."

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "O' course."

I followed her reluctantly to the newest Mitsubishi or something along those lines.


"Oh, Jeselle and Gennet will adore her!" A smug secretary with a retro hairstyle said when she lead us to the people.

I hated them. Why did I have to be a model? Of all things, a model?! Grr. Why couldn't I have been adopted by normal people.

"Melody May?" A slim lady who was obviously spent much of her time devoted to fashion.

"Aye. That'd be me." I looked at her.

"Lovely. Gennet will love her hair." Oh, this must be Jeselle. Wonderful.

"I know; I know." Anna said in a stuck-up manner.

I didn't pay attention to what the two ladies where saying when a retro lady walked up. "Where is this supposed Melody May who has the fab hair?"

"Righ' 'ere." I nodded.

THe lady, Gennet, did a double-take. "Oh My Gosh! Perfect hair! When can I have her?!" She looked to Anna.

Darn it! I hated them. Hated them. Why and who were they to decide how my life would be?

Anna smiled. "Well, I was planning on going places with her, but you can have her now."

My eyes narrowed, and I knew it. Why was she doing this to me?!

"Follow us!" Gennet and the other lady walked. I had no choice but to follow.

THis was not going to end well.