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This is my first story on fictionpress and I really hope people like it. Constructive critisism i'll allow. Tips and other stuff is allowed. But NO hate-messages or anything like that.

Dreamland Chapter 1


I was a dragon, lord of the skies. I was the sea, as old and as patient as time. I was the earth, wise and strong. I was everything that I could ever imagineā€¦.

"-Oliver. Jane Oliver."

I snapped out of my fantasy. I looked around the classroom to find that some people were laughing behind their hands. I grimaced. "What?"

"I have called you 5 times already! Come up here and answer this question!"

I stood up silently and, head bent downwards, I walked up to the board. Then I looked at it in confusion for there was nothing on it. I looked at my teacher questionably. Mr. Rich was glaring at me. I then realized that he had done this to humiliate me. Mr. Rich made me face the class and say, "I'm an idiot and wasn't paying attention in class,"

I walked back down the aisle, my face burning with shame. I wished I could get out of here. I sighed when I sat back down and tried to ignore all the eyes trained on me and all the barely-concealed laughs around me.

A little, nasty voice in my head sneered, Dream on.

"How was school today, honey?" Mom asked at the dinner table. Dad's picture was upside down, and mom made no move to fix it.

"Great," I said, sarcasm in my voice. "Mr. Rich made me say that I was an idiot in front of the class. You can tell my day was a fan-tastic day by the way I'm bouncing off the walls!"

"Now, honey-"

"And cut the crap! Stop saying, 'honey' this, and 'honey' that! Your just trying to make me feel happy so that you can tell me about some new stupid business trip of yours! What is it now, want me to dress up like spongebob and walk around the city saying, 'Want a crabby patty?' to random people?!"

Then I quieted, noticing something was different. The room was... darker. But the biggest giveaway was the ripped up picture. It had been taken a while ago, of the family. But the picture was ruined. Dad's face was ripped out. "W-where's dad, mom?" I asked quietly, fearing my answer.

Mom didn't answer for a while. The house suddenly felt too small, and I was suddenly aware of all the shadows in this house. I started to sweat.

And one glance at my mom's face and I knew.

"He's dead, honey."

A/N: Yo. This is my first story on fictionpress (as you have already guessed). I had actually typed this chapter a while ago. If you're wondering, Jane knows something is different because her dad was usually home before 1. And if he was away on some trip or another, he'd tell the rest of the family. Or he'd tell Mrs. Oliver and she would relay the message.