Powerful Words

By: Payton Nowling

There are lots of words in the world

Lots of powerful words too

But there is one special group of words

They're "I love you."

Love is a wonderful thing to possess

Once you know you've got it, don't let go

You know you have it, when your heart won't rest

When you love someone you will know

They will run through your mind

Over and over like a cycle

And when you dream of them

You sleep with a smile

You hope to be with them

For the rest of your life

You want them as a husband

Or maybe a wife

You want them beside you

To be with you every day

But when they aren't there

You just want to say

Why are they gone?

What have I done?

You just want to leave your life

And run

You run and run looking for them

Until, finally, you come to an end

You fall to your knees just to cry

You yell to the sky, Why? Why? Why?

What did I do to deserve this?

You ask yourself

As if to find, that enclosed help

You don't want to live

You just want to die

You don't know what went wrong

You don't know why

All you know to do is cry

You ponder through your mind to try to find

Where your love is

And were they really mine?

Then one day as you lie in your bed

You feel a warm hand upon your head

You open your eyes to see

The one you loved before thee

You jump out of bed for a loving hello

You hold on tight and don't let go

It turns out they missed you

As much as you did them

Now is the time for your love to begin

You dreamed and dreamed

For this day to come

Now it is here, it feels life has begun

So when you find that special someone

Don't lose them

Don't let them go

If you lose them

You may never get them back

Hold them tight

Let them know

That they are that special person

You will know

There are lots of words in the world

Lots of powerful words too

But the most Powerful words