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Come On Baby, You're the Only One Not Doing the Bossa Nova

I checked out my reflection in the window and tried out a feeble smile. I looked like a nervous wreck. Not good for a first date, but it wasn't unusual. My hair was a bad excuse for a stylish hairdo and my clothes were as geeky as ever.

I walked into the restaurant and found myself a two person table at the back, then sat down. Soft Jazz played in the background and I tapped my fingers nervously in time. After a few songs I looked at my watch. Fifteen minutes late! Oh well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he's stuck in traffic…

I wonder if he has changed, it's been three years after all. Three years!? Let's see, that had been my senior year of high school. I had a huge crush on him and had been lusting after him for most of high school. He was outgoing, popular in his own unpopular way, and smoking hot! I hadn't mustered the courage to confess to him until a month before graduation.

Twenty minutes late. I looked up at the rugby game on TV, and watched that for a few minutes. Maybe if I had confessed earlier, something might have happened between us, but he had left after high school to go to college at University of Washington, in Seattle. I hadn't seen him since.

Twenty-five minutes late. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it. So you can imagine my surprise when Ana called me to announce that she had set up a date and that I was meeting him here tonight at exactly 6:15.

Thirty minutes late. Half an hour. I started to stand to get a drink from the bar. When:

"Eeedddieeeeeeee!" I fumbled to put my cigarette out in the ashtray as he wrapped me in a quick hug. He pulled back. He didn't seem to have changed much, except he seemed even more cheerful and hyper. And taller…no wait those were his platform boots.

I was about to sit down at my table again, but he grabbed me, "C'mon let's get a booth!"

"No, wait—Alan!" He pulled me over to a booth and shoved me onto the bench. He slid in next to me, leaving the side opposite of us empty. Then it was silent. I pulled out another smoke.

After a few minutes of awkward emptiness, he started a conversation, "So it's been three years, huh?"


"High School seemed just so long ago, now."

"Yeah." We were silent for a little longer as we browsed the menu.

A waitress walked up to our table. "Ya want to order?" She looked at the empty side of the table, "Or are ya still waitin for someone?"

"No we'll order." Alan piped up, "I'll have fish and chips and a hot chocolate." Hot chocolate!?

"And, let's see, I'll have a burger and a PBR." The waitress looked at the ID I held out, jotted down my order and walked away with our menus. "Sorry, you probably don't really want to be here." I apologized, looking down at my hands.

"Of course I do! I really need to get caught up. Plus, I miss your cute little smile." He pinched my cheek. I smiled in spite of myself.

We seemed to have broken the ice a little, and we chatted about high school and our lives in the past few years until our food came. The waitress set our food and beverages. Again, she glanced at the empty side of the table before walking away.

Alan started to eat his food. "You know, the more I think about it I realize the awkwardness of my confession in senior year."

Alan grinned, "Actually I was glad you did. I had a tiny crush on you myself, ever since you sat in front of me in Lit. Class. Your ass was so cute!" I felt heat rush into my cheeks and I fell back to eating. After a few bites I felt Alan's boot brush against the back of my ankle and settle behind my feet. I frowned. Suddenly he started tickling my knee.

"Wait, Alan—" I got cut off by a fit of laughter. Dammit, why am I so ticklish? He started tickling me under the chin with his other hand.

I gasped for breath between giggles, "Please…" laugh, "Alan…" laugh, "Stop…" I reached towards the table and grabbed a French fry. I turned, then shoved it in his ear. He stopped tickling and we both turned towards our plates. I took a sip of my beer, but then we both started laughing so I snorted it up my nose. Gross.

"Did you really just stick a fried potato in my ear?" He flicked a baby pickle at me.

"Yeah, sorry." The pickle missed by a few feet.

"Well I guess I just have to get revenge…" he cackled evilly. He started tickling my sides and I fell back onto the booth's bench. He leaned over with his hands still on my sides. He licked my ear.

"Hey didn't your mother teach you about turning the other cheek?" I whined in what I hoped was a pitiful voice.

"You're right." He turned my head and licked the other ear.

"That's not what I meant."

"Oh" He grabbed my chin and pulled my face toward his. He leaned in more and his lips lightly pressed against mine. I could feel his breath dancing across mine lips. His hands held my face and his booted feet tangled with mine.

I felt his tongue glide across my bottom lip and I hesitantly opened my mouth. His tongue slipped inside and I felt it aimlessly wandering over my teeth.

About halfway into the kiss, I pulled back for air and realized that people were probably staring. It was a public establishment, after all… oh well. He leaned back in and the whole thing started all over again, this time our tongues fought for dominance.

I heard the man at the table behind us cough loudly, 'Oh yeah? Well, fuck you, you insecure snob.'

After our little make out session we sat up. Our waitress was standing beside our table staring, eyes wide. "Check, please." I smiled. She walked away with a surprised look still plastered on her face.

"That totally turned her on." Alan whispered. Brushing my hair with his fingers.

We walked out of the restaurant, fingers interlaced and my head resting on his shoulder. I laughed inwardly. No one would have thought this was our first date. "You know, I think you have ketchup in your ear…"

Afternote: So yeah, the french fry thing was totally based of this one time I stuck a french fry in my sister's ear to get her to stop tickling me. I am so ticklish (fuck, my secrets out, now you all know...) wasn't the beginning a drag? oh well had to be there...
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