Of the people I will meet,

and the places I will see,

there will always be sadness and defeat,

there will always be good fighting free.

But sometimes the latter is hidden,

hiding in the endless dark,

as if hope and happiness are forbidden,

and evil has left its mark.

But somewhere is a seed of good,

a seed that will someday sprout,

descended from all the brave and kind that once stood,

to bath in light all those who doubt.

Everyone plays a part,

be it evil or be it good,

we give our lives a joyful or woeful start,

we live our lives as we think we should.

So though it may not seem,

that I make a difference in my life,

that I play a part in the bigger scheme,

I shape my life through joy and strife.

No one but I,

the one who gave and stole,

for no matter how much I laugh or sigh,

I am the captain of my fate and master of my soul.

So I ask myself during this night,

in a voice weak and feeble,

am I the seed of light,

or the black of evil?