Into the Night

Is it Love

Is it Love

He always came to me at night, never during the daylight hours. Since that time he rescued when I was but a child. His name was Alexander Deimos. He was the man who rescued me and raised me.


It was late early spring, when the flowers had started to bloom, the tress started to grow new colorful leaves. I was but a child of three years of age, when I was taken from my home.

Days passed and these strange people who kidnapped me from my home would only come and feed me 3 times a day, and then lock me back up in the tiny room they had put me in, after that nobody would come and play with me, tuck me in or even change me, and that would happen everyday.

All that changed on the fifth day of my stay there. On my fifth day there, from my tiny room I heard a loud commotion that had woken me up from my slumber. There were very loud noises I couldn't decipher at that young age, but what I knew was that those noises scared me like no tomorrow. As a child I did the only thing I could do, I started to cry and hip myself under the covers. I must have exhausted myself from all the crying I did that I fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt different. When I opened my little eyes I noticed that I was no longer in the tiny room I was being kept in. I was in a different, much bigger room. The room seemed warmer that the one I was previously kept in. Compare to that one anything would have been. That room was all bare except for a cot, which was where I slept in, but this new room was a child's dream. It was all pink, with two big windows, and all the toys a girl would want.

After I got over my initial shock of the room I became afraid again. All I wanted was my parents, but I don't know what happen to them, at that though I started to cry. While I was busy crying I didn't notice a stranger come into the room and pick me up. After what seemed like forever I calmed down and noticed that I was in someone's arms, when I looked up it was a man that I never seen before.

The man didn't appear scary like the people who took me, but he didn't appear too friendly either, but he seemed nice; I felt safe.

End flashback.

That was the first time I set eyes on the man that raised.

Part 2

"Cassandra come here please" Alexander said in a not so pleased voice, more like irritated. "Yes dearest Master, how can I be of service," I responded in an overly sweet voice. "Cassandra please don't test my patience and come here this instant," he growled. At that tone I jumped and ran to him.

"Okay I could explain it all. You see me and Erica were playing this game and I accidentally spilled paint all over Lady Monica, but I did say I was sorry," I said quickly rushing to his side. At the mention of that his silvery eyes narrowed at me turning a slight, no scratch that, red. Oops I think I just opened my big mouth.

"You what?" he growled. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't punish me Master." I quickly said bowing my head. While I had my head bent I her him mutter some words in Greek, Latin, and French. Wow he was extremely angry. "You now what Cassandra, before I loose my head. Do me the favor and go to your room. Now," he growled the last part. "Yes Master," was all I said and rushed to the door of his office. "And Cassandra one more thing," he said stopping me from escaping. "Yes Master?" I asked. "WOULD YOU STOP CALLING ME MASTER ALREADY," he shouted. "Yes Ma… I mean Alexander." I said with a smile, and then dashed off to my room.

You see in Alexander's house I wasn't a servant, I was more like the lady of the house because Alexander raised me, more or less like a sister. Even though I like to call him Master every once in a while because it gets on his nerves.

Here is a little history on Master Alexander Deimos. He was born on in 1302, making him 706 years old, wow he's old, but he looks like he is in his late 20's. He is a born vampire, from royal blood; actually he is part of the original royal family of immortals. He has three younger sister; Andrea (653 years old), Samantha (376 years old), and Georgina (130 years old). He also has two younger brothers; Gregory (698 years old), and Adam (242 years old). So their orders are Alexander, Gregory, Andrea, Samantha, Adam, and Georgina. Anyways, they are the six royals. But Alexander is next in line. Now for his looks: he is about 6.4 feet tall, lean and muscular. He was black hair just like the rest of his male siblings and father, and silver eyes, which is the family trade mark. You see only the royal family has silver eyes. His home base is located in the suburbs of Pennsylvania.

Also on another note, vampires and humans can co-exist with each other due to a treaty they signed about three hundred years ago.

At this moment I was in my room contemplating my next prank. I just love causing chaos and mischief. Alexander does call me a trouble maker, but he also says that I bright up his dark existence, which is good.

Now let me tell you about Lady Monica. She is a nasty, gold-digging vampire, who wants my Alexander to herself. Is not that I like Alexander like that, but I just don't want him with her or, Sandra, or Sarah, or Melody, or Diana, or Gina, or Rosemary, or Demitra, or Christina, or Joseline, or Josephine, or Mary, or Romana, or Donatella, or Milagros, or Brandy, or Celeste, or Crystal, or Ally, or Nancy, or Karla and Karly (those two are twins), or Mandy, or Sahara, or Jennifer, or Jessica, or Desiree, and let's just say the list goes on and on and on.

Now that paint incident was the first attack on Lady Monica, God I hated her the most out of all of them. In front of Alexander she would act like the victim, but behind him she was the definition of evil. Hey! I just got my idea. All I need is the camcorder Adam gave me for Christmas. Can you say, show time!

"Master," I called to him, in an innocent voice while walking into his study where he spends all his time. "What is it now Cassandra?" he asked annoyed looking up from some papers he was reading. "Are you still mad at me about yesterday?" I asked while sitting down in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk and giving him the puppy dog eyes he can't refuse. He just looked at me and rolled his eyes giving up and smiling. "Cassandra how…" he started to say but I cut him off, "I know, I know, you don't want me calling you Master, but you know that I just like to get you all riled up and besides everyone else calls you Master. I really don't see the big deal of it," I said all in one breath. "You know the reason for that is because I am their prince, but to you Cassandra we are family," he said and gave me a tiny peck in the nose.

"Do you ever wonder what would have happened to me if you haven't rescued me all those fifteen years ago?" I asked a while later. Once again he looked up from his decreasing stack of papers and said, "They would have either sacrificed you, or made you into one of them, but come to think of it they left you unharmed for too ling so they must have needed you for something else. But, lucky for you we got there in time," he said smiling at me. "But what eve happened to my real parents?" I asked leaning forward. It's weird in all the years I've been here, I'm 18 now, I never once asked about them. At my question he got up from his massive chair and came around the massive desk to stand in front of me.

"I had hoped you had forgotten about them," he said sounding regretful. "Do you now what happened to them Alexander?" I asked in a low whisper. "Unfortunately yes I do," he said kneeling in front of me with a look of concern in his eyes. "You see once we got you safely out of their lair and disposed of them, like we set out to do. You do know that all vampires who disobey the laws have to be punished, especially those who feed on humans?" he asked, I just nodded my head. "Well they were vampires who lost themselves to temptation and had to be eliminated. Your parents were some of their casualties," he said and paused to look at me. I had tears running down my face at this time.

I had always asked about them, but now was when I finally got my answer. I wasn't happy about the outcome, I asked. Alexander was rubbing my back trying to soothe my tears, but it was no use, so he scooped me up and held me tight.

We must have been like that for a while because I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew there was a loud gasp and I was ripped out of my comfortable place and thrown to the hardwood floor, did I mention that I was pulled by my hair. "What is the meaning of this Alexander?" I heard Lady Monica's shrill voice. "Hey what the hell is your problem." I said when my head stopped hurting. Alexander was already on his feet and glaring daggers at Lady Monica. "Yes Monica what the hell is your problem?" he asked in a low but edgy voice. "You want to know my problem? My problem is that I come in here to surprise you and I find this filthy human sleeping in your arms and you are sleeping too. How does that look that my fiancé is sleeping with a mortal, a filthy one at that," she yelled. Huh? Did I hear right? Did she say… say…? Oh my God. As soon as I finished that thought I ran out of the office and to my bedroom, which was located down the hall.

I was crying my eyes out inside my room, how could he get engage and not mention it to me. Well like she said I'm a human, a filthy one at that.

I needed to get out of here, now. I couldn't stay a minute longer here.

Part 3

I wrote Alexander a later saying goodbye, then I packet a backpack full of clothes and all the money I had saved up since I've been old enough to get an allowance. I had a lot of money save up, but I didn't have a lot of cash on had, I only had 1,000, and my bank card, which had a lot more.

I was still crying when I left the letter on my pillow, I didn't want to leave but I felt betrayed and deep down I felt that Lady Monica was right. I was just a human.

Alexander was never the one to keep me locked up in his house. He always allowed me to go out for school, shopping, and to even hang out. That meant that I knew a lot of places where I could go. Right now I was running away to my apartment that I got a few weeks ago. Alexander doesn't know about it yet but I was planning on telling him soon.

I quietly made my way down the hall. Regretfully I had to pass by Alexander's office. I quietly passed by the office, they were still arguing in there so they wouldn't notice me passing by. When I finally reached the stairs to do down Alexander's office door slammed open and I knew that that was my cue to run like hell.

I almost made it to the door, but as luck would have it I ran straight into a wall I don't remember being there and fell flat on my ass. When I looked up that wall was an angry looking Alexander.

When he seen my tears streaked face his gazed soften. He helped me up from the floor not taking his eyes from my face while I averted his eyes.

"Where are you going Cass?" he asked me with sad eyes noticing my backpack. It took a lot for me not to start crying on the spot, I couldn't trust my voice either. So I spoke in my mind hoping that he would hear me. "I'm sorry Alexander, but I have to go," then I pushed myself pass him, while the tears ran down freely.

I ran out into the night.

It has been a month since I left Alexander. A few days after I left he found my apartment, but he didn't come himself to get me Adam came first. Alexander knew I always got along well with him so he was sent to retrieve me first. Then Gregory, after him Andrea, Samantha together, and lastly Georgina whom I consider a best friend. None of them could get me to go back, they didn't understand how I felt. All my life I was brought up to believe that I was part of the family, but as it turns out it wasn't the case because everyone knew about the engagement except me.

On my third month I was already over it somewhat. I did have to go on with my life and I couldn't live of my allowance forever even though Alexander kept putting my allowance in the back, but still I needed to move on. I haven't seen him in three months, but I do see his family almost every day considering that shortly after Adam decided to move into my apartment with me to keep an eye on me. I really did miss Alexander terribly. Every night I would lie in my bed and wonder what is he doing, how is he doing, and if he misses me because I sure as hell miss him. I don't know if he is still engage to the gold-digger or not because I refuse to ask about him.

"Hey Adam I'm heading to work now." I yelled while grabbing my keys and jacket. It was a breezy night in spring and I had the night shift at the club I worked in. I took a cab to the club seeing as I was running late as usual, I was supposed to start at 6 o' clock and it was 5: 50 already.

"Hey Jake, big crowd tonight," I said to my manager and friend who nodded over the loud music playing. I worked in a vampire/human club, meaning that I had to serve blood drinks, ewww… I could never get over the blood thing. Alex… nerve mind.

It was already 10 at night and the crowed just got bigger than before. "Hey Cass Baby, take a break already you look tired as hell," my best friend Erika said. Yeah she works here with me; she was the one who got me this job here in the first place. "You just read my mind. You think you could handle them?" I asked with a laugh, she just gave me a sarcastic pout. Then I left on my brake I needed some fresh air.

After I got trough the crowed dance floor, I went to where the bouncers were outside. "Hey Charley how is it going?" I asked him. Charlie was your typical bald, 6.2 feet, muscular, heavily tattooed bouncer who looked like he could kill you on the spot. But, deep down Charley was a big teddy bear, with fangs. All the bouncers here were vampires, even Jake but he was the manager/part owner.

"Yeah and it's gonna get worst because we have a special guest coming tonight," he said in his rough voice. That got me interested who might the guest be. "So who's coming here tonight?" I asked him. He looked at me and smirked then said, "That's for me to know Missy." I started to pout like a two year old. "Sweetie that's not gonna work on me this time," he said laughing. "Argh… fine, I have to get back to work anyways." I said, but before I went inside I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"That was fast," Erika said from behind the bar. "Yeah, yeah… Hey Erika did you hear about the special guest that's coming tonight?" I asked her taking a sit in front of her on the other side of the bar. She just looked at me kind of nervous then left to attend customers. What the hell does everyone know except me? Well, since I'm not that curious I might as well wait.

It was already 12 o' clock and as I heard the special guest was going to be here any minute. I have been intrigue as who it might be because everyone has been acting strange every time I asked. Right now I was working the bar, which might I add was very busy, if this keeps up we might run out of blood and liquor by three o' clock.

Finally the guest arrived, but I wasn't able to see who it was because security rushed them to the V.I.P. area.

"Hey Cass let me take over this and go take care of our special guest." Erika said handing me a few bottles of the most expensive blood wine called Rouge Sang, from 1901. Hmmm… I wonder who the high rollers are tonight.

As I made my way to the V.I.P. section I was stopped by security that check me all over. God this type of security made me mad I think they just wanted to feel up on me. I mean I couldn't be hiding anything. I mean come on I was wearing a short mini skirt, a tight white blouse, a black corset, and 4 inch heel shoes. Now seriously where was I going to hide a weapon?

After a few minutes, I swear if they would have touched me once more I would have popped one of them, they let me pass. Once I got in the V.I.P. section there were a lot of people in there. Groupies, I though. I had to get through al of them in order to get to the table were the couch I was assigned to was.

When I got there I saw someone I didn't imagine to see right now.

Part 4

My whole world collapse again right there on the spot. Alexander was there sitting on the couch with some blond bimbo all over him. I suddenly dropped the bottles shattering a few in the process and ran out of there. I left the club also I didn't want to be there right now.

I started to roam the empty streets until I ended up in a park. I was there for a while, by myself, wallowing in own misery. I should have know, I knew he always saw me as one of his sisters, but over the year I grew to feel something more for him and seeing him with another women just brought all that back.

I have been in the park for what must have been hours crying my eyes out until I turned my phone on to check the time, but as soon as I did my phone started to ring. "Hello," I sobbed out. "Cassandra where are you?" a very distress Adam asked. "Oh I'm at a park," I said composing myself a bit more. "Okay which park? There are dozens of park around here, be more specific dam it," he said sounding exasperated. "I'm in the park next to the library," I said finally then hang up.

Not a minute later Adam popped up next to me looking worried. "Cass are you okay? Alexander called me right after you ran out of the club. He sounded worried, and then I got worried, but that was about three hours ago. I have been trying to call you from that time, we all have. You had us worried," he said bringing me into a hug. I just started to cry all over again. "Let's go home honey, and get you out of those little clothes, then to bed. We will talk about this tomorrow night when you wake up because it's almost morning already," he said, and then we disappeared to reappear in back in our apartment.

"He doesn't care about me anymore Adam. He was there with some blonde bimbo all over him. He didn't care that I worked there or anything," I said while lying down on my bed with Adam's arms around giving me comfort. Adam and I were never attracted to each other like that. He has always been like more than a brother to me, like a best friend. I love him for that, plus his gay. He came out of the closet a few centuries ago.

"Awww… honey you know how this sounds to me? It sound to me that you are in love with my brother," he said sounding sure of himself. "No I'm not," I said defensively. "Let me let you in on a little secret; you broke his heard when you left. He hasn't been the same. He doesn't care about anything anymore. It has gotten so bad that our mom and dad are coming from Europe to take over things over here until he gets his act straight," Adam said while rubbing my back.

The next night I woke up feeling miserable from all the crying I did that morning. Adam stood with me all day while I slept.

"Hello gorgeous, how did you sleep?" Adam asked sounding very perky. "Please not now, you sound too perky and I really hate it right now." I grumble. "Here honey I made you breakfast and I also called work and I told that cute manager of yours that you wasn't coming in tonight. He understood completely and said to call him later. By the way is he gay?" Adam asked. That question made my day I broke out into a laughing fit.I laughed so hard by the time I finished my whole body was hurting.

"To answer your question my dear friend; yes he is gay, and before you ask he is available," I said to Adam when I sobered up from my laughing fit. "So my best friend in the whole wide world are there any opening in the club?" Adam asked with a hint of hope in his voice. "Well maybe but I'm going to have to ask Jake," I said while eating my now cold breakfast.

A while later, I was curled up watching The Notebook with my Raggedy Anne Doll Alexander had gotten me years ago, crying might I add, when the door bell rang. "Adam can you get that, please," I said sobbing. I head no response, "Adam… Adam… God dammed vampire always puffing off when you need him," I grumbled while getting up, still sobbing and cursing at the nowhere-to-be-found Adam.

When I finally reach the door who ever had rung had long stopped, but I went anyways. When I finally opened the door I quickly shut it back up just as fast as I opened it.

"Cassandra open this door," I heard Alexander yell from the other side. Haven't I been tortured enough already. I mean come one why does God hate me? Oh why?

"No, I will not open this door. Go away," I shouted. I really didn't feel like seeing him; that bloody jerk. "Cassandra please open this door. I would like to talk to you," he said. He sounded pained, but I don't care. "I said no, now would you please go away," I said sobbing out the last part. It's really breaking my heart saying that to him.

"Cassandra you do realize that if I wanted I could either break the door, or just appear there," he said a bit more forcefully now. "Alexander would you just leave me alone haven't you hurt me enough already. I can't handle this anymore. Go back to that blond bimbo, or even your fiancé. I don't want to hurt no more, just please leave me," I sobbed while slowly lowering myself to the floor.

I was now crying uncontrollably on the floor, while hugging my Raggedy Anne Doll. Alexander was now banging on the door. "Please leave me be your hurting me," I whispered over and over.

I think I must have fallen asleep while crying because when I woke up I was in one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. When the sleep washed away from my mind I remembered the events of the previous night and sat up quickly. Wait this wasn't my bed, my room, better yet this wasn't my home. "Where the hell am I?" I asked out loud to no one in particular, but I got a response. "You are back in our home and in my bed," came Alexander's voice from a nearby chair. "Take me to back to my house. This isn't my house anymore," I said in a cold voice, I was done crying over him. I'm stronger than that, he thought me that.

Part 5

"You are not going anywhere until we talk and you will listen to me," he said in a low and threatening voice, his eyes were even glowing. "Who the hell do you think you are? You are nobody to me anymore. You lost that privilege when you lied to me. But, it's okay because I'm just a filthy mortal girl." I spat angrily. He seem to be speechless for a minute until he said, "I am the man, the vampire, who threw everything away for you. I am the vampire, who left the woman he was arranged to marry in order to pursue you. I am the vampire, who took in that filthy mortal girl and watched her grow up. I am the vampire, who ran around in the middle of the night with that filthy mortal girl when she was sick as child. I am the vampire, who ran around any open store in the middle of the night because that filthy mortal girl was on her period and had cravings for something," he said almost yelling then he continued with his rant. "I am the vampire, who watched how that filthy mortal girl grew up into a beautiful young woman that any man, I mean any man or vampire, would be privileged to fall in love with. I am the vampire who threw away the chance to become King because he fell in love with the filthy mortal in front of me. I am the vampire who was left heart broken when she ran out of my life," he said the last part as a whisper. At this point I was crying.

"But why did you wait so long to come to me? Why could you not have said this sooner? Why were you in the club with that bimbo? Just answer me why?" I pleaded. "I waited so long because I was afraid. I was afraid of you rejecting me like you did. I couldn't tell you sooner because I didn't know how you felt about me. And, the reason I was in the club was to see you, but if you would have stood long enough you would have seen me shove that girl off of me because right before you came in she jumped on me. I tried to go after you but you were long gone and I couldn't sense you anywhere. I had Adam try and find you; I had everyone looking for you. I was always around you, but you never saw me. I even bought this building and took residence in the apartment next to yours," he said already in front of me. "Did everyone know about this?" I asked. "Yes…" he answered just before his lips crashed into mines. He then wrapped his arms around my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck.

When must have been kissing for what might have been forever because when he pulled away we were both gasping for air. "Wow…" was all I could say. He just had a smirk playing on his lips.

"You know that since you left me my migraines vanished, but also my smile, and joy went along with it," he said while giving me little butterfly kisses all over my face. "And since I left, I never stopped thinking about you," I said smiling up at him.

It has been three weeks since Alexander and I made up. I have never been this happy in my life. The King and Queen where back from England running their empire from here for a while until things got settle.

"Now that I am just a commoner with no title, Cassandra would you give me the privilege of being my wife?" he said while eating breakfast with me early one night. I almost choked on my bagel, well I actually did and he had to come around kitchen island and save me from chocking.

"Oh my God are you trying to kill me?" I asked with mock anger. "Huh…" was all he was able to say before I crashed my lips to his giving him my answer in one long passionate kiss.


A year after Alexander proposed to me we got married. There was a big ceremony and all our family was there. Well his family but you get it. In that same ceremony I became one of them, which was pretty cool. I got the trade mark eyes. Except I didn't change much Alexander said it was because I was already beautiful, which I think he was full of it, but go figure.

Even though he was no longer in line to be king, at the time, him and his family still had a strong relationship there wasn't any bitterness between them or anything. We were all close. Adam and Jake got together at our weeding, and then I found out that they were dating since before that, a few months to be precise.

After the wedding there was the reception, and there was when we got the biggest surprise of all. The King and Queen made the announcement that Alexander would be back in line to hold the title of King because his brothers and sisters decline the position, and because the only one prepare for the title and job was Alexander.

Now it's been two years since we have been married and I'm expecting. Yeah our future king works fast. When I first told the Queen I was expecting she was shock because it took them over three centuries to have their first born, my husband. Wow, I still get ecstatic every time I think of him as my husband, who would have thought.

In a few more years the King and Queen would step down from power allowing Alexander and I to take over while they go travel the world once again. They said that it was about time already. So as they say in Italy ci vediamo, there's where we went to for our honeymoon and we go there every year.