You sit there concerned,

Worry etched on your face.

But I know you too well,

Your deadly, evil grace.

Your smile is warm,

But your eyes are cold.

As you sit and listen,

To my thoughts, so bold.

I tell you your faults,

Your sins and my woes.

Your tiny fears,

That I'll use for my own.

Your heart is synthetic,

Don't act like you care.

Your such a liar,

When you say truth, not dare.

You put up a mask,

To hide your colors true.

You show them white,

As we show black and blue.

You beater, you hater,

You fucking shit.

I hope you burn in hell,

For the shit that you did.

You're the fall of me,

And just laughter to you.

It's cutting deep,

But the truth is always


I know you better,

Than you know yourself.

Your thoughts, cataloged,

On hells bookshelf.

You're the reason I cry,

Till my tears run no more.

My hearts rivers run dry,

You filthy, fucking whore.

If I had a gun,

Your game would end.

I'd be long gone,

Your controller bent.

But you see,

I have the answers,

To my suicidal thoughts.

Why not kill you,

With your own schemes and plots.

Your finger is pointed,

At everyone but you.

Now it's time,

To be hurt with the truth.

My life is no longer,

A asset to me.

But your death is first,

I'll make sure of it, D

Your twisted thoughts,

And hellish schemes.

Will come crashing down,

On your evil reign.

You'll beg for mercy,

But remember your words.

"Joseph, your beyond caring",

As I lit the match so you burn.

your life may seem,

Like it's coming to a end

But mom, you got hell,

And a eternity of regret.