Why do you have wings
if you aren't an angel?
But if you're an angel
take my breath away
I want to fall in love with you.

Why do I smile
if it's mere irony?
Actually I just had you in my mind
every kiss, every caress, every sigh
crash into my reality.

How do you shed those tears
if you don't cry?
But if you do, let me drink your pain
in the shape of bittersweet memories
I want to be the remains of your happiness.

How can I live without you
if you're everything to me?
love's become a bottomless abyss to me
one look, two hellos, three goodbyes
it's as if there's no ending.

Where are you going
if there's no heart to belong?
But if there's a heart to belong
I'd call it home
I want my home sweet home in your heart.

Where will I meet you
if it's neither heaven nor earth?
Just an everlasting sorrow song
since I have no wing to fly
let's walk together.

What's your dream
If you can't dream?
But if you can, draw a sketch
of the future I'll believe in
even if it's distant.

What little I have is yours
even if it's a little flame
it'll rise as our love RIP
from the ashes a sweet feeling
will impregnate this lonely way.

When were you born
if there's no beginning?
No name, no age, no face
but there was your hand holding mine
I didn't hesitate it was love.

When I become a heartless person
to not to being hurt again
I wonder if I'll be able to remember
the way you used to put your arms around me
impossible love is always a nice plot.

Who are you
if there's no a mirror?
But if you know who you are
let me look into your eyes
I want to know who I am too.

Who will I love instead of you?
I don't even think to love again
but if I think, I want to fall
in love with you until I break myself
into a thousand pieces.

You're the only answer to my questions.