So I told you about how my other story wasn't going the way I planned so I'm in the process of rewriting that. But until I find a plot I like here is a story I'm writing inspired by a picture I have.

I hope you like this one too.
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Prologue one

In the Kenyon clan one lore is always past down from generation to generation.This lore of the scorpion marked baby boy born on the first night of the Scorpio zodiac, the pure blooded vampire child, which would one day save their family from the danger of of extinction. Each generation is told to pay close attention to their sons for the said marking which will warn them for the impending doom.

This child was said to be able to call upon the scorpion from his back to save the leader of the clan from a horrible fate. The clan is to be mindful of this occurrence to save themselves and their clan. They must keep their eyes open and aware for the child and the leader for the day that just might become the death of not only their clan but the bond of supernatural and the human race.

Prologue Two

Jessica was a normal teen with, well, issues. Though her social life was normal, she herself was not. Jessica's parents were not the normal couple you see walking down the street holding hands. She was born to Katherine and Charles Kenyon. Katherine was a pure bred human, like most. Charles was full bred Transylvania vampire.

Jessica was born different than most half breeds. She had no fangs and no lust for blood, poison, or other vampire loved drinks. She on the other hand had a tattoo like birthmark on her back. It was in the shape of a scorpion. Since Jessica was a half breed she wasn't accepted by either sides of her family and rejected by her human sided society, since she never dealt with the vampire side there was no care there. This created a hard life for Jessica to go through in her parent's village in Ireland.

One day Katherine stood up to her husband's clan begging them to accept her daughter. This was Katherine's big mistake. Once Katherine and Jessica had fallen asleep a clan assassin had appeared in the room and sliced Katherine's throat. The young Jessica awoke to see her mother's blood on the sheets and her mother's dead body still laying in the same position as before.

Her father grabbed his frightened daughter and immediately went before his clan's leader. Vladamir, the oldest of their clan who is ego filled and traditional. Vladamir never gave Charles and chance to talk and killed him on the spot. Vlad would never keep the child which was now screaming as she tried to wake her father. He quickly walked down to Jessica and erased her mind. He looked into the future and threw her into a time where she would never know about her family and what she was, present day in a small town in New Jersey. She was adopted out of the orphanage she was placed in and raised in a human home. She couldn't remember anything past that day she was adopted but Jessica had a feeling that she didn't belong here. Like she belong in the rolling hills of the plush green Irish land.

When she turned 16 Jessica had no idea how hard her life would become.