I already added this to my other story but I'm making this and a dark blooded romance part of a series. A dark blooded romance will be the first book. While the scorpion child will be the second or third depending on whether or not i want to add a book in between about Vlad and Rose meeting and getting together.

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Chapter 3

We looked around the castle and could see the medieval style and weapons held on the walls. We stood still looking around at the room we were currently standing in. It was a huge library filled with all kinds of books. The fireplace was warmly lit, we turned to face it. Sha walked slowly towards it placing two fingers on the words sketched into the mantel: The clan of Kenyon.

"Where are we?" I asked Rose.

"Damien Kenyon's castle which he shares with his wife, Norah. They are your uncle and aunt," Rose said as she walked towards the door. I followed her quickly as she turned to look at Sha, "Come child."

"My name is Sha," she said as she walked next to me following close behind Rose.

"Will you answer me yet? Who the hell are you? Why do you need me? What did you need to talk to me about?"

Rose sighed and walked into the long hallway aligned with flaming torches to light the way. We entered into the large dining room that I thought could probably hold 12 elephants, 6 giraffes, and 3 tons of monkeys, though I do over exaggerate. There was an older man sitting at the other end of the table talking to a young male. I could only guess that they were relatives, the younger probably my uncle as Rose had said.

The males stood as they realized our presance. The older male was the first to talk, "Rose who in Hedes did you bring here?! These grounds are to be kept secret what if the demons followed you here?! You could've put our family in grave danger!"

"Vlad, please," Rose answered in a hushed tone, "You have to listen. The prophecy was a bit off in it's telling. Your half blooded granddaughter holds the tattoo of the scorpion. Not a full blooded male."

"You dare tell me that our prophecy was wrong woman! I should strike you this very moment for your insubordination. Enough of these games get out of my sight."

"Darling, it's true. You must believe me."

"I said enough!" His voice rung through out the room echoing against every surface lasting for minutes as everyone else stood silent. Sha and I looked at Rose and than to the strange man again. I realized that this guy must be my grandfather, but how was I half blooded, what was I half blooded with?

"Rose ummm excuse my interuption but what the hell am I doing here," Sha looked at me as I corrected, "I mean we doing here."

"Please sit everyone. I need to tell you what all happened," Rose stated as gently as possible. Her husbands angered and stressed aged face calmed slow as he sank into a chair. His eyes were alert and ready for anything at a moments notice. The other male, my uncle, sat in the chair on the corner of the table. Sha and I sat on the other end of the table of to the far corner next to each other. Rose stood standing and walked over the the fireplace not far from the table with a look that could only be recognized as someone deep in thought. With her hand braced on the fireplace mantel she softly spoke as if hurt.

"Jess your father was a great man."

"You mean a foolish one," Vlad scoffed interrupting.

"He was still your son Vlad your blood! Now if I may continue filling your granddaughter in on her past life than we can move onto the big problem."

"Than I'll make the story short!" Vlad said, "I killed your father and your mother and threw you into a random time where I hoped to never see your tainted blood again."

I looked at Rose curious and feeling so hurt as stress and the intensity rose in the room, "Is he telling the truth?"

Rose nodded softly. I looked over across to the other end of the table staring straight into my grandfather's eyes. They were hard, forceful, and most of all cold and serious. He could care less about me and most of all he was the reason why I was orphaned. I could care less about the rest of the story I just had to run. I stood and ran back down the hallway we entered from and back into the library that we first arrived in. I saw Sha running after me and closed the door quickly locking it behind her.

I fell to my knees as tears streamed over my cheeks and down my chin dropping one by one ontop the nicely kept old floor. Memories of never knowing about wondering how my parents died and wondering why I was in the orphanage streemed into my mind. The nights I waited wanting to see my parents again, thinking they would come back for me after leaving me on the doorstep.

I cried hard and long as a knocked settled on the door. "Jess, Rose's soft innocent almost childlike voice rang out, "I didn't mean for you to find out like that, but you must listen to me. That mark on your back means a lot to this family. It means you save our line, the last vampire family left. Please, you can dwell on this we are in danger you must figure out how to call upon that scorpion to help our family. We need you more than I can ever describe."

I turned to look at the door as she spoke. My tears slowed and finally stopped. I wiped my face and lifted my head to see that she had once again poofed into the room and walked over to me kneeling down wiping my face.

Sha sat in the corner still trying to process all that had happened today. Rose looked up at her and began examining her face from her distance. I looked over to her. "It can't be an animagus! You were all wiped out years ago."

"A...a.. what?! Look lady you may think your a vampire but I'm not a what ever you called it."

"You are Hun," She smiled, "If I'm right your from the O' Brien clan aren't you? All of their children could transform, that was when it was safe to. Now the demons hunt you down."

"My mother was yeah. So what?"

"Your an animagus my dear. Though your clan must've gone into hiding when the demons started to take over."

Sha looked at me, "When did we go into a Harry Potter book?! And besides how in the world can I be an animagus they have to use a spell to transform."

"True and the spell is in one of those books there," Rose pointed to the self only inches from where Sha sat, "I can feel it, your aura is amazing. I'm surprised that much magic build-up hasn't caused strange things to happen."

"Whatever lady."

"Jess you both should start reading on how to control your animal sides. All of your books Jess are there," Rose points to a dusty shelf on the left side of the fireplace. I stood and walked over to the self, tracing my fingers down one of the books spine slowly removing dust. I read over the golden written title of the black book, The Scorpion Child.