Halloween Mayhem
Written by Starry

This is a twoshot for an unpublished story of Cheeky Crayon's. Luv ya Cheeky!! And, don't mind me writing a Halloween fic completely out of season!

Halloween Eve, fast approaching, was the first thing on everyone's mind during the school day of October 31st. Well, except for one person.

This one person was Evangeline, more commonly known as merely Evan. And currently, Evan was thinking not about Halloween, but of how to untangle her long, white robe from the bathroom stall door. She had unwittingly decided to dress up as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, whose long tunic spanned a full seven feet around her when stretched to its full length, and was decidedly not the smartest costume to wear to a middle school.

Evan's friend Lola, dressed in black from head to toe as a ninja, tried frantically to unknot the fiber of the fabric from the stall's hook.

"Okay, how did you manage to get the hem of your costume stuck in a hook several feet off the ground?" came a voice from the door. Damian's head poked in.

"Damian! Get out of the girls' bathroom! I don't care if you're gay or not!" hissed Evan, while at the same time un-snagging fibers from the bathroom. Damian, dressed as a matador (cape, red fabric, and all) stepped inside anyway and also began to fiddle with the hem of the dress.

"If I'm going to be in here to see how you're doing, I might as well help," he explained to Lola and Evan, who giggled despite their frustration.

The warning bell sounded overhead. Four minutes until class started.

"Evan, I think we're going to have to chop that part off," Lola said, dropping the folds of the skirt. Great, thought Evan, that's just what I need, to be stuck in the girl's bathroom, in an Egyptian tunic, on Halloween, with four minutes to the bell. Damian fished a pair of normal school scissors out of his backpack and trimmed around the knotted dress as well as he could. Once Evan could move again, there was a rather obvious hole to her left side. Damian quickly, and none too professionally, evened out the rest of the tunic, taking off a total length of about six inches, just as the bell rang.

"Brilliant," said Evan bitterly. "Just what I need, to walk in late to advisor, with a nicely sheared off costume, and having been stuck in a bathroom for twenty minutes." She compulsively straightened the golden snake headdress she wore to make sure that it, too, had not been sabotaged. Lola grimaced, and the three of them grabbed their things and set off to their respective advisors.

As Evan had suspected, the day was filled with remarks about the cut of the tunic, which did not make for a very good day despite the exchanges of candy that went on. She returned home, ready for the prospect of trying to repair the tunic. She recruited Lola and Renee's help for this, (though Renee was not much help as she had been coaxed into a unicorn costume by Lola and Evan and could not control her hooves very well) and they eventually decided to make it a sort of wrap using the excess material, of which there was lots. Evan decided that in the end she would call herself a modern Cleopatra. The costume was fixed just in time for all the others to arrive, so once everyone was dressed and ready to go, our band of intrepid heroes set out…to go get some free candy.

It was getting to be about 9:30, and candy sacks were getting full. As Queen of the Nile, Evan had volunteered to walk ahead of the group with Lola (the ninja) to make sure no neighborhood kids jumped out with squirt guns trying to steal the group's candy. It being dark at 9:30 in October, Evan did not notice the shape in front of her; she bumped right into it.

"Ow!" It cried. Evan recognized the voice. "Ricky?" she asked incredulously. Ricky grunted, his pirate hat slightly drooping over one eye from the jostling. In Evan's opinion it was somewhat dashing. The rest of the group caught up fast and greeted Ricky, who proceeded to join them. He and Evan took up the lead (Lola had chosen to fall back) and go on to the next houses to Trick-or-Treat.

It was pleasant, Evan decided, walking with Ricky along the sidewalk on a warm fall evening.

"Oh," Ricky said, as though he'd forgotten something. "Is your costume different than it was at school?" Evan explained how she had gotten stuck in the bathroom and fixed it after school. "Why?" she inquired.

"It...um…" although it was dark, Evan could tell Ricky was blushing slightly. "It looks better now, than it did."

"Thanks," she said, smiling at him. They walked a few more strides before Evan realized that Ricky had subconsciously grabbed her hand. She grinned to herself and kept walking.

Once everyone was finished Trick-or-Treating, everyone returned to Evan's house so their parents could pick them up. Ricky, however, took her aside quickly.

"I just wanted to say…well, tonight was fun," he said. "And we're over here 'cause I'd rather your parents not see this." He leaned down and gently placed his lips on hers. After what seemed like an eternity, he stood up straight again and turned to walk in the opposite direction. Evan ran to catch up with him, flung her arms around his neck, and whispered "Thanks," into his ear. Ricky turned around, hugged her, then let go once Evan finally remembered she had parents, and guests to attend to.

"Good night," she called after him. Evan returned, slightly star-struck, to her house. Lola, Claire and Damian began applauding. Evan was quite glad her parents were upstairs during this, as she knew she would have to explain otherwise.

This had undoubtedly been the best Halloween ever.

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