A/N: One of my best friends lives in Georgia, and for some reason it was getting me upset that I couldn't sign her yearbook. So, here goes nothing. R&R me, I'll R&R you. Keep writing. -pammy.

Because I Couldn't Sign Your Yearbook...

Alright, I've been holding this pen for a full five minutes,
telling myself that I need to write something about you.
I'm feeling so many things at once right now
and I know it's always better if I let them all out...
It would appear as though my muse is slacking off tonight,
or perhaps she doesn't know how to start it off right.
I mean, these are thoughts and feelings I've had before,
but generally I keep them behind some kind of door.
And then there are days like these,
where I talk to you and you talk to me,
and it almost feels like you never left,
even though almost three years have passed.
It makes me kind of angry; it makes me kind of sad.
It makes me feel as though I should probably be glad.
I'm indescribably happy that we still talk-
(Remember when we were convinced that we wouldn't?)
I still tell you things I wouldn't tell anyone else.
We still have our own language, our own "catch-phrases",
and we can talk about things in middle school,
or tell each other what went on ten minutes ago.
And we'll listen with an open heart or an open mind,
whatever the situation calls for at the time.
We can still make fun of each other relentlessly,
but we know when to stop, and when our words will sting.
(Sometimes we keep going anyway, but we were never perfect.)
Still, I think we've come close, my friend, and all our trials have been worth it.
We've been through so much stuff that has torn other friendships apart,
and everyday I'm thankful we protected ours from the start.
They say people don't keep in touch with their high-school friends,
but you've been so much more to me than that.
You've been a friend, and a mentor, and you've always had my back.
Even though you've been really far-away,
and we've been distant from each other in a number of ways,
it's all always come back around and we always find our common ground.
Even if I don't see you every day, I know when it counts you're a heartbeat away.
You've gotten me through more hard times than you could ever know,
and when I'm around you, I know my true colors can show.
You're one of the people I consider myself lucky to have met,
and I'm even luckier because I can call you my best friend.