Young Enough

Young and fresh and shining bright
Filled with wonder and delight
I see beauty, day and night
I am young enough

Whether it's Real or just Pretend
Possibilities have no end
There could be magic, 'round the bend
I am young enough

Dolls can move when I'm asleep
They come to life while I count sheep
And freeze whene'er I dare to peep
I am young enough

Book-friends all come out to play
My bed becomes a magic sleigh
Imagination rules the day
I am young enough

The sky can cry a lot of tears
The trees tell secrets; can't you hear?
The world's alive: to me that's clear
I am young enough

Grownups say the queerest words
Have secrets that they won't unfurl
I am curious of Their World
I'm still young enough

They can be strange without a doubt
I try to prod those secrets out
But they won't tell what they're about
I'm not "old enough"

They just laugh and sometimes say,
"Little girl, be on your way
We'll tell you of Our World someday
...when you're old enough."

And yet sometimes they seem so stressed
Like a weight has squeezed and pressed
Sad and tired, needing rest -
Is that Old Enough?

They've just forgotten, I suppose
The way is not completely closed
And they'll come back someday, I know;
When they're Young Enough

Mommy, Daddy, I love you
Don't be sad and don't feel blue
You'll return to My World, too
...when you're young enough.