Magical Girl: It begins

(Note) This is my own story and my own characters and this is my first story so be nice and review it.


It was a close victory. The Guardian heroines have used every bit of their powers to seal the dark lord and his army of darkness away in the cold dark void, but at a terrible price. It cost the lives of the five Guardians including their leader, the princess of the planet Nova. The kingdom of Nova, once beautiful now in lies ruins with its people dead and scattered. The princess's mother the queen of Nova used the power of the Silver Star crystal that has been with the kingdom for thousands of years to send the fallen guardians to be reborn on a planet called earth. The queen also sends two of her trusted servants to keep an eye on them for she feared that evil will return. When sending her daughter and her companions in ball shape capsules she sheds tears for she knew she will never see her child again.

(Well that's the end of the prologue tell me what think and yea i know it is very short but it is my first time putting it so please be positive with your reveiws, positive words will encourage me to write more.)