I am conscious before my eyes can open. I can hear water flowing around me and feel my body covered in sheets. The earth element's humming is loud in my ears, the light is loud above my eyelids so bright red floods my vision. It burns to keep them closed. I open my eyes and white light stings my eyes further but after the light subsides, I am looking up into a veil of trees. The green leaves whisper against the wind, high above my head. I can also hear the wind element but its noise is buzzing somewhere behind the loudness of the earth. I sit up and look around. I am in a large circular room covered with tall trees. The bed I am on is made of wood, expertly crafted, and in the center of the room. It is surrounded by gently flowing water that comes and exits from the surrounding trees. The canopy of leaves shade me from most of the sunlight except where I was unconscious. A strong ray of light seemed to break through the leaves and shine right into my eyes.

I look down at my clothes, suddenly feeling that I was not wearing the same thing. I pull back the sheets, revealing a long, dark green dress made of lightweight material. I am clothed but I feel quite naked. I swing my legs over the bed and stand up. My head starts throbbing and my legs feel quite unsteady. I take a few steps toward the water and kneel down to splash some on my face. It feels cool against my skin and I feel refreshed. I stand back up and look around once more. I hear the sound of metal against the floor but when my eyes scan the area I do not see anything.

A few feet past the moat of water, the trees take root and bend toward the center. I wonder what is past them. I take a step forward but before I can move, chains wrap around my arms and legs and yank me backward. I fall onto the bed and the chains release me, slithering under the bed. I shiver in fright.

I don't think walking out of here is going to be an option. Sorrow fills my body and I let out a sob. Will I ever see White and Obsidian again? I've already lost White once and I can't bear losing him again. And I've nearly lost Obsidian while traveling so what am I going to do now? Where are they? The tears keep rolling down my cheeks. I have no one here to stop them.

I hear a person's voice from the trees and my head snaps in that direction. A girl comes from behind the trees wearing a red and gold dress with golden sandals. Her skin is golden brown and her hair black and curly. She looks no older than ten but she reminds me of Obsidian. She looks just like him.

A stab of pain enters my heart when Obsidian and White come to my mind.

"You aren't half as pretty as I thought you'd be Princess Cerulean," the little girl huffs. "Your face is okay looking is suppose but your body isn't nearly as lovely as he gushes."

What in all of Ivalica? I wake up in a completely different Kingdom only to be taunted by a little twit who hasn't even begun to grow her breasts yet! Who is she to say that? If she is related to Prince Vert then I will have no reason to restrain my anger.

"I'm sorry you think that," I snap, wiping away my tears. "Who are you anyway? And how do you know who I am?"

The dark haired girl smirks.

"I'm Princess-"

"Negre!" a boy's voice shouts.

Stumbling out of the trees is boy with dark blue eyes. He looks very familiar, like I've met him before. He looks a little like White, or the way White was two years ago, except, the boy is fair skinned, has short blond hair, and looks slightly older than Princess Negre. He is dressed in a white tunic with red desert pants. Gold sandals are on his feet as well. He takes the Princess's hand and tries to pull her back toward the trees.

"We must go! Prince Vert forbade us from seeing her!" the boy urges.

Princess Negre rips her hand from the boy's grip and glares at him.

"What's that coward going to do anyway? Show some backbone Haian," she snaps. "I wanted to see Princess Cerulean with my own eyes. Besides, she doesn't look like she can escape anyhow."

"But we are-"

"Be quiet!" Negre cuts Haian short. "I am not going anywhere!"

Haian frowns deeply and crosses arms over his chest. I can see that he is thinking about how to persuade Negre to follow him and I am certain she is thinking of a way to slip out of his plan. As interesting as the two children are, I want to know how they are.

"Why would Prince Vert forbid you to see me? I don't even know you," I question standing up once more. I hear the clinking of chains again and I make sure I don't step too close to the water. Negre looks up at me once more but Haian is pointedly not looking in my direction. His eyes are focused on Negre.

"I'm Princess Negre of Onyx Roe and this is Prince Haian of Diamond Roe," Negre introduces herself and Haian. "We're prisoners just like you."

My eyes widen. I knew White had a brother but I didn't know Obsidian had a sister. But I've never met either of them, so this is the first time I've actually seen them. A wide smile breaks onto my lips.

"You're related to Obsidian and White? Honestly?" I ask excitedly.

For the first time, Haian looks at me. His eyes catch mine and he studies me for a moment. After a while, a smile breaks onto his lips. It's almost as charming as White's.

"Princess Cerulean is indeed as beautiful as my brother claimed," he says. I flush several shades of red.

"Are you joking Haian? She certainly is not!" Negre cuts in. "She's terribly delicate and frail and nothing like Prince White described."

I want to snap at the girl, but she did catch me while I was crying. For a moment Haian looks as if he is going to agree with Negre. He is as gentle and easily persuaded as White was. It makes me frown.

"I think she's lovely. You just have to give her some credit," Haian says gently. "She is probably worried dead over White and Prince Obsidian. Not to mention her mother and her kingdom. You've only been away from your home a week Negre. Princess Cerulean has been away for two years."

I am surprised. Haian is just as wise as his brother is, I'm certain. I thought Haian would go along with Negre, because I assumed that was his character. He comes off as submissive, almost weak, but I assumed wrong. Negre looks just as startled as I feel and I grin.

"W-who said you can be all pompous?" Negre huffs. "I just gave my opinion is all! You don't have to snap at me!"

Haian smiles a different sort of smile at Negre and she glares even more.

"Yes of course," Haian says. "My apologies, Negre."

"I don't know who you think you are but just because you're in the presence of another woman it doesn't mean you have to act like you know everything! You certainly didn't act like this when she wasn't around and I don't expect you to start now!" Negre starts ranting and pointing at me occasionally. I wonder if this is the way Obsidian and White were when they were younger. If White ever tried to speak up about something, Obsidian probably would have gotten offended and shot him down. But Negre and Haian are different. They don't hate each other, for one.

"Forgive me Negre! How many times must I apologize?" Haian asks, looking truly sorry for what he said.

"Until I feel like forgiving you!" Negre snips. Then she turns to me and points her finger in a most accusatory way.

"Don't you think you have enough men to wallow at your feet?" she says. "I won't allow you to take mine as well!"

What in the world is she talking about? Haian has to be at least four years my junior! I wouldn't consider him anyway! I have too much to worry about with Obsidian and White!

"I will take that into consideration," I say trying to keep my temper under control but hints slip out in my tone of voice. Negre makes 'humph' sort of noise and takes Haian by the hand and drags him to the trees. Haian smiles at me again before he is taken out of sight.

I smile again, thinking about Obsidian and White and I feel tears fall from my eyes again. Where they still in Aquamarine? Or have they started trying to rescue me yet? The mark Prince Vert left on the three of us, has it taken affect yet? Are Obsidian and White dead? I fling myself into my sheet and cry harder. They can't be dead! I grip my pillow as hard as my fingers will let me and let myself go. After what feels like hours, I fall asleep.


"I'm sorry Princess, we haven't been able to reach your mother, Queen Sapphire," Haian says in a soft and sad voice. I nod, thinking as much. Since I been here, I've only seen Negre and Haian. They are the only royals that grace my company. I've seen Prince Vert once and I try to burn the conversation from my mind. The ladies who come to bathe me everyday barely speak to me and the guard that delivers my food says nothing at all. I cannot leave the circle that surrounds my bed so the only bit of movement I can get is by either pacing around the circle, or crying.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I haven't dreamed of my princes or of anything remotely comforting. I just hear a voice. It is soft in my ear and telling me never to give up. But I don't know who it is who is speaking to me or even if I can trust this voice.

I sit up in my bed, still surrounded by the trees. My eyes travel to Haian's and I feel myself smile. He acts so much like White. It brings me a little comfort speaking to him.

"I thought as much," I say to him. "I highly doubt she is even in the castle."

"Castle? What are you talking about?" Negre asks with an annoyed look on her face. Every time I speak to Haian, she becomes jealous. Something akin to pride threatens to break free of me and it takes ever ounce of my royal manners to reel it back in.

I look at Negre confused.

"Are we not inside Emerald Castle?" I ask.

Negre titters and she reminds me of Garnet, the spoilt brat.

"Where were you when it all happened?" Negre laughs. "We are in, Gaudreth, the commandeered air fortress in the Opal Kingdom."

My eyes widen in shock. How in all of Ivalica did I end up in Opal?!

"We're where?" I cry. "H-how did we get here? I was sure I was in Emerald Kingdom!"

Haian shakes his head and a thoughtful look crosses his features.

"Negre and I were quite conscious when we arrived in Gaudreth. We were even allowed to walk around freely, that is, until you came. We were put in a room, just beyond these trees, and were told never to visit the person in this room," Haian explains.


"So Haian is saying that you were never meant to know you were here, in Gaudreth. Prince Vert wanted to keep it a secret from you for some reason, we just don't know what," Negre snaps.

I frown and look away. That still does not explain why he forbade Negre and Haian from speaking with me.

"Unless it has something to do with the fact that you are relations of Princes Onyx and Diamond," I say, feeling my brain go into overdrive. "And that means you can contact your brothers at anytime because of the family link!"

Negre looks confused.

"What do you mean?" she questions.

"Shadow elements allow you to go into another's mind. It cannot allow you to see another's thoughts, I don't think, but you can control another person's actions and speech," I say excitedly.

Negre's face brightens as she finally understands.

"So Obsidian can reach me by using the shadow element? That's why Prince Vert didn't want us to be in contact! He feared that I would give away the location!" she says grinning.

"No, Obsidian can't read your thoughts," Haian says looking into Negre's eyes. "He feared that Princess Cerulean would give away the location."

"But she didn't know it," Negre says, starting to sound confused once more.

"That's why Prince Vert didn't want you two to see me. He knew that you would eventually give away the location and then Obsidian would try to contact you," I explain. "He's smarter than I give him credit for."

"But why does there have to be a family link for the mind control to work?" Negre asks.

"You have the Midnight blood line running through your veins, therefore close contact does not have to be made for the shadow element to work," I explain, suddenly feeling very excited. "Normally the user has to be in close contact for the shadow element to work. However through blood, the shadow element works automatically. And I think that because Obsidian has an abnormal amount of shadow, his contacting you can actually work."

Negre nods, looking like the ten-year-old she is.

"So all we have to do is wait for Obsidian to contact me now?" she asks. I nod with a smile on my face. The three of us could be out of here in a matter of days.

"The problem now lies with Prince Vert and his proposal and your mother and her agreement to it," Haian says. His eyes do not catch mine because he knows I am glaring at him right now.

I haven't heard anything of my mother either. I've inquired with the bathing ladies, the guard, and even Negre and Haian and have received nothing back. Is the Queen even alive? All this time, I thought that she would be a prisoner here too, but neither Negre nor Haian have seen her. Even though Vert brought a message from her, I highly doubt it is truly from her. My mother would never agree to what Vert's commands are. She would never in a million years. So why… why did she agree to…

I still cannot believe he has asked me to join him in marriage. Again.

Like I would ever! He has the audacity to kidnap me then force me to answer him about marriage? And he continues to use Obsidian and White as bait! I know that they would rather die than to see me married to such a man! I would rather die than to be married to such a man! My mother would never want me to marry him, I know she wouldn't. Vert's a liar saying that my own beloved mother would agree with him. She is strong-willed and loves me more than that! Vert would have never been able to get a proper acceptance from her unless he brainwashed her or something.

I will find a way to my mother, and I will find a way to rescue Negre and Haian from this place. I look around the room, once more, knowing that I cannot stray past the water or else the earth chains will get to me. I also know that the chains chase upward, because I've tried to escape through treetops. I outsmarted the chains until I crashed into the crystal clear ceiling and came crashed down onto the bed again. Vert saluted my attempt and then popped me the question. There was no going down on one knee, no flowers, and it wasn't really a question. It was a command. "Marry me."

The only thing I could reply was "Maybe" and "You have to give me some time" and Vert gave me a very scary smile before exiting the room. The chains were still around me.

"I will never marry him," is all my voice can manage to get out. Suddenly a noise from beyond the trees makes my head snap up. Negre and Haian hear it too and instantly run out to the entrance of their room through the trees. They whisper their goodbyes before leaving me alone. I hear his voice and water shoots around my hand. It is boiling hot because I am filled with anger. If he dares bring me news that Obsidian and White are dead- if my mother and my people are dead, I will not control the darker thirds. No, I will not control any of my elements. I slam my fist into the bed, making the water disappear. I couldn't live if Obsidian and White were died.

"You're not dead!" I yell into my pillow. "You're not!"

"They aren't, not yet at least," I hear my least favorite voice in all of Ivalica. I snap my head up to look into the eyes of Prince Vert. He is standing in the circle with me, not two feet away. I wipe my tears away furiously, ashamed that he has seen them. Prince Vert smiles, and takes a step closer. I shuffle as far away on the bed as I can, fearing what is going to happen. A lecherous smile spreads across Prince Vert's lips. Cold runs down me.

"Dearest Cerulean, what's the matter?" Prince Vert stalks closer until on knee is on the bed. "You look so frightened."

"I-I wonder why!" I try to sound sarcastic but my heart is beating too quickly, and my body keeps shaking.

"How did you sleep? I trust my bed was comfortable enough for you," Vert says with a disgusting smile.

"Y-your bed! What do you mean?" I ask suddenly feeling defiled.

Prince Vert smirks and leans closer to me. His other leg makes into the bed and slowly, the Prince makes his was on all fours to me. I want to get up and run but I can't. Because of my paralyzed state, Vert wastes no time and hovering over me with one hand cupping my cheek, and one leg between my own. He stretches his body and in my effort to get away from him, I am pushed under him with no space between us.

I start hyperventilating.

"Hm, you're so nervous," Vert whispers while stroking my cheek with his fingers. I am repulsed and try to move my cheek away but I can't. Prince Vert lowers his head and I feel his lips on my neck. He kisses me softly but I feel as if they couldn't be heavier. His free hand tilts my head to the side and I feel his teeth nip my skin. All of a sudden, my legs find the will to work and I start kicking with all my strength. Vert's body is hard and unmoving.

"I told you before, my love. You can hardly do any sort of damage to me," Vert whispers into my ear. A shiver runs through me.

"Don't bet on it!" I yell and I move to push Vert off of me but he catches my hands and pins me to the bed again. My arms feel as if they are going to be wrenched out of their sockets.

"I love it when you fight me," Vert says smiling. "It feels so good, so right."

I'm stuck with a pervert. Great job Cerulean. How much more trouble can you possibly get into? I feel my fear melt away into my fingertips, leaving my body teaming with anger. I feel it shaking and I feel all my elements ebbing with power. I growl at Vert, making it very clear that I am uncomfortable.

"Get off of me right now, or I will kill you," I whisper.

Vert smiles his perverted grin.

"Try," he says shortly.

I tap into my water element and pull it out of my arms.

"Sweet water! Soften the earth!" I yell and water gushes from my body. It soaks Vert but he is unmoving. He grins, but it is less perverse. I think he's rather surprised now.

"You think that is going to stop me?" he asks. I can feel his earth element moving to attack me and I move before he can even say anything else. My whole body explodes with my wind element. My mouth opens with the incantation on my lips.

"Wind! Tear this fiend to shreds!" I cry and instantly my wind shoots from my body and throws Vert across the room. Hundreds of tiny arrows rip his clothing and skin as he flies through the air. Then once he hits the ground the arrows stop. I scramble off the bed, one hand on my chest, the other palm out in front of me. If he uses his earth element, I am more than ready to use my fire.

Vert sits up, trembling in anger. His handsome face is bleeding and covered in small red cuts. His fine clothes are shredded horribly and his well kept hair is wild. The Emerald prince stands up, glaring at me, before smoothly going into his kingdom's prized stance. The Emerald Kingdom is known for fighting battles without even needing to move once. I feel my body run alive with my element.

"I've tried to be pleasant Princess, but you insist that I no longer play nice," Vert says in an annoyed tone of voice. His hands move so that they are flat in front of him. His element flows with ferocity. I channel my fire element to my fingers.

"How is groping me being pleasant?" I snap taking a step forward. "You have no manners at all."

"Ha! This coming from a whore who has been tromping around Ivalica West with the ex-Prince of Onyx!" Vert snaps grinningly. "How disgusted White must be. Of course…my dear White knows a thing or two about being a whore."

My eyes grow wide in anger. The darker thirds start rampaging in my body and I barely hold in the urge to contain them. The no good, had the audacity to call me a whore! My fist shakes. But this no longer has anything to do with me. …White…

"That's it!" I yell. My feet move on their own and I charge at Vert. One of his feet slide back and the ground under my feet shoots upward. I stumble, falling onto my hands and knees. The ground beneath me continues to rise and I jump down to avoid being crushed against the ceiling. My fire element is ready to be used.

"Fire! Unleash yourself and attack!" I cry. Two fireballs shoot at Vert but he puts up an earth wall to stop them. But that does not stop me. I call to my earth element and make my feet stick to the shield Vert made. Then I use my fire element to start pounding on the walls of his shield. I feel Vert's element shaking. I make my fire stronger and continue to pound on his shield.

"Ha! Can't take the heat?" I laugh and a steady stream of fire shoots from my hands. I feel the rocks under me begin to melt away. I grin but suddenly his shield completely melts away and I fall, but then rocks wrap around me and carry me back to the bed. Then the vine-chains wrap around me and tie me to the bed. I growl angrily, and struggle to break free. Vert laughs and walks over to me. His looks positively elated and I am positively irate. I feel my body tenses as his hand reaches to touch my cheek. His thumb runs across my bottom lip and I make sure he sees my glare.

"That was some stunt, my love," Vert says silkily. "Now that the anger is gone, I find you ever more enthralling."

"Don't," I snap. "I'd rather prefer you to kill me."

Vert smirks.

"Killing you too quickly would be a waste you know," he says. "I'd have to find a way to kill you so that you would lose none of you natural beauty. I cannot poison you, your face would be an ugly shade of blue and I cannot afford to make you bleed. Although red is a brilliant color against your lovely pale skin, it would stain it and I want your beauty to last forever."

I cannot believe this man is plotting my demise while I'm still lying here! Here the man is, in his own happy world and I am stuck having to listen to him. His hand is still on my face but it moves slowly to rest on my bare shoulder. I struggle to shake his hand off of me but as soon as it shakes off, his fingers crawl right back up to where they were. I move again but then Vert looks down at me with a strange expression on his face.

"How annoying, they're already here," Vert says calmly. "Well I did give them three days to get here." I am awed and a little freaked out by his calm tone. Still a ripple of hope runs through me.

"Obsidian and White are here aren't they? I told you they'd come!" I say happily. Vert gives me a smug look.

"Oh no, dear one, I already knew that," he says. "I told them that you had agreed to marriage. But I suppose three days was not enough time. What a pity."

"I never agreed to marry you, you fiend!" I cry furiously.

"Maybe sounds like a yes to me," Vert replies smoothly. "And I've given you enough time."

I glare at him.

"I hope they get you good," I spit into his face and turn my head away. I hear Vert stand up and walk away.

"I can assure you Princess," Vert's voice is low and cold, "they will never be able to reach you."

If I could I would spit in his face again but I can't.

After he leaves, the chains unwrap themselves from my body and slither back under the bed. They are like snakes that obey their master and I am always caught in the middle of them. It is infuriating to know that I can never escape them. I steady my breathing before sitting up. White and Obsidian are here! It's been too long since I've seen their faces. I feel a smile spread across my lips. They are here for me.

I stand up and pace around Vert's bed. I need to meet them, because I know they will not be able to get to me if Vert really puts his mind to it. I continue to pace until I am dizzy and watch the world twirl around me. I sit back on the bed again and wait for the dizzy spell to pass. I am not going to just sit here and wait for them to get me! I've been doing that for the past three days I am not going to wait any longer. But first I need to get Negre and Haian out of here. When I do that, then I can concentrate on catching up with Obsidian and White.

A/N: Angsty I know, sorry. Enjoy cheers!