A note about The Opal Fox

I've left the whole book up for almost two years since I completed it (6/25/10!) and was planning on leaving it up until I seriously began revisions. I know that some of you have been re-reading while others were discovering it for the first time and that's great; it's exactly what I wanted. However, in the past month I've gotten two separate PMs asking if I'd be interested in selling all of the rights to The Opal Fox to startup publishers- something I'm not interested in as I'd like to try traditional publishing first. Knowing that these new companies are out there trying to get rights to fictionpress books has made me nervous about the other people who might be out there and not asking permission to distribute my work. It's probably paranoid, but to be safe I've taken down the rest of the chapters.

To everyone who rereads this on occasion and still enjoys the story, I'm really sorry.

I am currently in the process of trying to finish up a master's degree and write a book set a year before this one (I don't like calling it a prequel because it's a totally separate story). I plan on trying to get that published and revising Opal Fox hopefully for publication as well. If it doesn't work I'll probably release the damn things as ebooks, but when I have any actual news I'll post it here.

Thank you for all your support through the years, it has meant so much to me!