HBB: So….I'm trying out this new story. Tell me if you like it….It's about a crime-fighting kid on a bike and the girl who changes him, in a nutshell. This, however, is the prologue…Enjoy!

Bike Hero: Kai Fumaji

Prologue: The Sakuma Incident

The snow flooded in swirling sheets onto the pavement of the dark city, shimmering beneath the amber light of the streetlamps, pooling in the shadows of the alleyways. All was dark and still. A young man with a heavy black coat stood with shoulders hunched in the stoop of an abandoned building, drawing heavily on his cigarette and stamping his feet.

"Hey. Jiro."


A man with a similar black coat and drawn features joined him on the stoop, pausing briefly to pull his own pack of cigarettes out of his pocket.

"How're things?"

"Quiet, as they should be."

Nobu exhaled loudly, steam and smoke issuing from his mouth. "How much longer we have to wait?"

Jiro wriggled his hand out from beneath his coat and checked his watch. "Twenty minutes."

The two stood in silence for a moment, watching the snowfall silently.

"It's funny," Nobu said suddenly.


"The sky. It's not black. It's red. Like it knows something's gonna happen."

Jiro looked up slowly, disinterested. "It's the lights. They reflect off the snow and keep the sky over the city bright."

"Yeah… It's funny, is all."

"Just stay focused on the job. The fireworks are gonna start soon."



"Do you think Satomi-san is gonna get away with this?"

Jiro sighed, exasperated. "Nobu, why the hell are you so paranoid? Satomi-san has everything planned. We're gonna be fine."

Suddenly, a monstrous explosion rocked the city. Sirens began to wail moments after.

"This is it," Jiro said, scooping up a bag that was sitting at his feet and hoisting it onto his shoulder. "It's frickin' freezing out here. I hope they hurry."

"Did you hear that explosion? Of course they're gonna hurry."

Moments later, two black cars squealed to a stop in front of Nobu and Jiro. The door of the first car opened and a large man stepped out. The hood of his coat hid his face. The two men stiffened to attention in his presence.


"The mission was a success," the man replied smoothly. The door of the second car opened, and two more men pulled a struggling woman from the car. She was beautiful, with long, blonde hair that streamed like water over her shoulders as she fought and kicked against her captors. Her golden eyes flashed as she caught sight of the tall man before her.

"Satomi Hiro," she sobbed.

"Not so fast, Kana, my dear."

Two more men emerged from the first car, hauling a young boy with gold hair and eyes like his mother. Kana let out a low cry as she caught sight of her son.

"Hiro, I'm begging you…please…"

"It's too late, Kana darling. You made your choice when you decided to run to the police. Luckily, my men caught you before you could do any harm. And tonight," he continued, his voice taking on a tone of pleasure, "the greatest heist this town has ever seen was a success."

"Mommy!" the boy called out, tears streaming down his face. Kana lunged for her son, but Hiro drew a gun from the depths of his coat and placed it against her temple. Kana froze.

"You don't want to do that. You see, your son will now fulfill a special job for us tonight, once the rest of the Trust has arrived. He will be the vessel that seals our contract."

Silent tears fell from Kana's face. "Please, don't hurt him," she begged. "If I ever meant anything to you, Hiro Satomi, you won't kill my son."

"Yes," he said softly, "You meant something to me, Kana. But he always meant more to you." Hiro Satomi caressed the boy's face softly, who trembled at his touch.

"This is the price you pay." Hiro Satomi said firmly.

"No!" Kana screamed. She lashed out viciously, kicking the men holding her away in a flurry of snow. Slowly, Hiro Satomi steadied his gun and fired.

"Mommy!" the boy screamed as his mother dropped into the snow. Satomi approached the boy, his gun raised. He stared down at the boy, who gazed back, tears falling down his face, his mouth open in terror. Hiro Satomi knelt before the boy and touched his face, gently. The boy trembled.

"Fumaji Kai," he crooned, twirling the boy's golden locks in his fingers. Kai tried to squirm away, but the man grabbed his face and forced him to look into his eyes. "Are you ready to perform a special job for us?"

Kai sobbed, "I want my mommy."

Satomi slapped him, his eyes flashing. "Your mother is dead. Soon, you'll join her…once the deal is complete."

Satomi stood, looking down at the mewling figure with disgust. "Take him inside."

HBB: OK, so that might not make a lot of sense, but hopefully it was interesting enough to keep you guys reading. If you want to find out, leave me some comments and I'll update!! Next time, the real story begins, with the yanki Temari, Chihiro and her encounter with…the Jinx!!