She strikes a pose for her


Like a crushed


Call her Brittany,
call her Chelsea,
call her Jean,
what the hell, who cares?
She's just a Puppet,
a figure with a nice dress
that people buy to mask
their true intentions.

Puppet's father left home before sun went out
and that gentle man arrived after moon went out.
Puppet wanted to know how it felt to have a father
but that gentle man couldn't replace her father
'cause her father would never touch her like that.
That gentle man whispered in her ear,

"Let's play house just between us."
A hand on her leg, another on her breast.
"Let's close the doors and scribble out the innocence."

Puppet entered into the drawing to win
a trip to happy smile nightmareland
It wasn't one time, it was thousands.
Puppet would feel dirty without knowing why.

Puppet grasped her mother's skirt,
Look at me! Look at me! was written with crayons on the wall.
Pink were her shoes, black were her eyes,
aquamarine was her jacket, golden was her hair,
and the list continues...

"Mom, your gentle man and me have a secret"
And dear, dear mom knew the secret behind the doors
but dear, dear mom was afraid to be left again.
Of course, this is only a horror story
things like this don't happen in real life
'cause everybody has "such high morals."

Puppet's blood was blue 'cause of all the bruises;
The puppeteer used the blue blood as ink to
write adventures about him and a little girl he used to "know"
Puppet read every sentence realizing the secret from the secret
as she took a pair of scissors and cut herself free.

A night dear mom baked cookies for herself
'cause her heartless gentle man was
in a blue ink puddle covered with strings
laying where a black widow spider had built its home.
Dear mom was left again?

A new happy family moved in
while dear mom sings to a Puppet,
"Sorry, sorry, forgive me,"
in the mental hospital
and still eating cookies
to numb her pain.

Alone, alone.
Everyone is alone.

Puppet removed her hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, nose and mouth,
her face, breasts, arms, hands, belly, pelvis, legs and feet.

The other day a beggar looking for a chance in the trash
found a Puppet dismantled into one thousand and one pieces
between blue roses and the gentle man's heart.


I wanna to thank simpleplan13 for helping me with my grammar, and sharing her opinion and ideas, I wasn't very sure about what to write, so thank you.
and thanks if you read and reviw.


don't think I'm weird.. it's kinda creepy, but I wrote a such thing after I watched some news on tv about a father who raped his daugther and the mother to realize it died by heart attack...