He slowly started to come to, from the haze induced by sleep and one too many drinks from the night before. But the headache happened not to be as slow, as it came marching through his mind like an unwanted invasion, his own guard was down by the accursed liquor.

"Ugh..." A moan passed between his own two lips. One sound covering all the emotions he felt, better than any word could.

He rolled over to his side. His hands reached for the bed sheets to pull over his head. Maybe he could sleep off this bloody hangover. His fingers stretched and searched, but instead of hitting the cool linen sheet he found human skin. Not his own, mind you, but someone else's. Great another one night stand, he thought.

He opened his brown eyes to find himself facing the window. The sun was already high in the sky and flooded into the apartment room. The bright light momentarily blinded him. He closed his eyes immediately, regretting the decision to open them. The bright light just made the headache worse, that the headache was starting to turn into a migraine.

He thought of the naked body, laying next to him, wondering if it was a male or female. Since he did swing both ways, and it wouldn't be the first time he slept with either gender.

Upon further inspection, with his hands since he wasn't opening his eyes again anytime soon, he found the other figure in the bed was also male. He tried to think of the night before but it just came up blank. Hell how much did he have to drink that night? Obviously too much. At least he wasn't worshiping the porcelain god, well at least not yet...

He pushed on the mattress, swinging his feet around the edge to connect with the floor, burying his toes into the carpet. The sudden movement made the pounding in his head more intense. He waited for a minute, for the pounding in his head to recede a small amount. He stood up, at first almost losing his balance but regaining it just as fast. He opened his eyes again, giving them a minute to adjust to the sunlight, as he shook his head. The strands of his medium dark brown hair falling over his eyes. He looked up at the room taking in the sight of the familiar dresser pushed against the wall, the desk next to the dresser where many things had been carelessly tossed upon. This room was his own, meaning that it was going to be awkward when his partner of the night woke up, seeing that he was just going to kick the male out anyway when whoever it was woke up. He was not a friendly person and he wasn't partial to being a host for a one night stand.

Finding his own boxers on the floor he bent over and retrieved them sliding them back on. Since, when he was home alone he just wore his boxers, not only that but he was going to take a shower after mister unknown left. So why bother to soil perfectly clean clothes when he didn't have too?

The box of cigarettes and a lighter stuck out from the mess that was on his dresser, tempting him, just asking to be smoked. Grabbing one of the long Malabo's he brought it to his lips with his right hand while his left hand worked the lighter lighting the end of the cigarette. Smoke started to coil up towards the ceiling as he took a breath in holding in the smoke for a second before blowing it lazily back out.

Moving over to the window, he opened it a crack to let in fresh air. He looked out upon the city streets that were busy and well into the day. Car's passed, sirens sounded, while the laughter and shouts of people even came out loud and clear all the way up here. Turning his head slightly he looked at the sleeping form on the bed. The male had his back turned to him. The male had blonde shaggy hair that 

stuck out in all directions at this point. And he was the one that was hogging all the blankets, no wonder he woke up searching for them. But that wasn't enough for him to recognize the male. He didn't even bother to take the time to walk over and look at the face, there was no point.

He looked back out the window, opening it even farther that he could lean out of it. His arms were crossed the right that still held the Malabo reached lazily out the window. While the breeze played with the strands of his brown hair.


He heard his name mumbled from the bed. He turned his head to look at the male who was still asleep, but yet he had mumbled his name. The blonde's hair was still in front of his face, and Lucas's head was pounding too hard to think about the night before again. Why would a one night stand mumble his name in his sleep? Unless that one night stand really knew you, or thought he was in love with you.

Lucas shook his head, hoping it wasn't the later. How awkward for a one night stand to fathom that he was in love with you after a liquor induced fuck. Lucas returned to staring out the window.

Another mumble and a groan came from the bed, while the mattress sighed with the moving weight. Lucas didn't even bother to look at the male, who was getting up at this point. "Get your shit and get out." He stated from the window. Like stated earlier he wasn't a people's person.

"ugh… yeah yeah I'm going…" The other male stated as another groan came from the mattress probably from the male getting up.

That voice, Lucas knew that voice. How could he not know that voice? He had heard that voice almost every day for over a year, until some recent months ago. He had heard the voice, laugh, cry, yell, scream, bitch, moan, whine, whisper, and everything else in between. He had heard that voice the moment that voice spoke with such finality with two simple words, 'we're over.' Promised never to come back told Lucas to back the fuck up, screw himself, find another ragdoll to punish for his own sins.

He turned on his heels to face his ex-boyfriend. "Cal?" He asked in disbelief.

The other male looked at Lucas with that same shocked expression. Cal's jaw dropped, and the baby blue eyes Lucas knew very well were shocked. He obviously was having the same thought process that Lucas was having. What the fuck did happen the night before? Cal probably didn't even remember, well he had said that he wasn't going to come back to Lucas, so what was he doing here anyway?

Cal took a step back, whether it was reflexively or purposely. But that one step back brought him straight against the wall. Seeing that the bed was about two feet away from one of the walls, a king sized bed was not made for this small of a room. His blue eyes turned from surprised to scared, almost like a trapped animal. "Get out." Cal said, his voice was low and threatening.

A Cheshire grin stretched across Lucas's face. "On the contrary, this is my room. You ended up here little mouse." He said, using the pet name that Cal hated. As usual the blonde male cringed from the word mouse.

Their past relationship could be called a cat and mouse relationship. A predator and prey thing. Lucas was the cat, Cal the mouse. But Lucas wasn't the evil one, Cal just made it seem that way. Well that is how Lucas rationalized it within his own mind anyway.

Oh god…oh god…oh god. Cal thought as his heart seemed to be going a thousand miles an hour. The metallic feel of fear coated his tongue thickly, as he tried to swallow to form a coherent sentence. Why did he have to get high the night before? Meth does some whack stuff to your mind, he couldn't remember the night before, yet here he was in the same room with his ex, the ex that if he stayed with any longer, he probably would have ended up dead.

He glanced at the floor to find his jeans on the floor next to him, as he quickly looked back at Lucas trying not to cringe from the smile on the other male's face. He grabbed his jeans without taking his eyes off Lucas and held them close to his body, the denim almost comforting in his hands. His breathing was labored. Screw the rest of the clothes, he just had to get this on then be on the way.

He looked for the door of the room, to find that it was behind Lucas. Of course he should have already known that, it wasn't the first time that he was with the other male in his room. And Lucas knew this fact too.

Cal reached behind him to be confronted with the wall, his hands searched for anything that could be relatively close to a weapon, or something that could be used as one but he came up empty handed.

Lucas took a step forward, enjoying the look of fear in Cal's eyes. He wanted the male to pay for what he had done to Lucas, for breaking his heart and stomping all over it.

He walked around the bed toward Cal. The terror in Cal wouldn't let him think clearly, also with the hangover and dry up from the high, he couldn't think of jumping up on the bed and running to the door. Even if he did, Lucas would probably catch him. Lucas hadn't been on the track team for nothing, when they were in high school.

Lucas stopped inches in front of Cal. His right hand still holding the cigarette, which was now snaking it's smoke around Cal. While Lucas's left hand was placed against the wall next to Cal's head. "Looks like the cat has cornered the mouse...again," Lucas said with a low chuckle.

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