Lucas woindered the New York City streets right after he had left the bar. He had left the bar around three in the morning, and he worked at five in the morning so there was no real point in going back home and come right back. He thought about going back to the bar, but with everything that had happened with Cal changed his mind. He just kept walking not sure where he would end up. The whole conversation with Cal just kept running through his mind. Everything that the blonde said could be true.

He remembered the fateful day. His anger had gotten the better of him, he had turned into the person he hated the most his father. Both of them had a problem where if anger got to them, they became violent. And the greatest anger is jealousy. Jealousy can do things to people they wouldn't normally do. Jealousy eats you from the inside out. Jealousy had been the end of Lucas and Cal, and the tragic fall. And Lucas's mind seemed to play the seen over and over, while Cal's voice said I no longer love you.

Lucas had came home about an hour early. There was nothing to do with work and he knew that the blonde had started to feel insecure about their relationship once again. So he figured the he would make it up to Cal. Take the other male out and spend some time together.

Of course he couldn't help but inwardly smirk knowing what else would happen that night.

He got to the apartment door and took the key out opening the door. "Cal I'm home." He said, no answer followed. Though sounds coming from a certain bedroom where. And there was only two options for that there was option A. Cal was jerking off or option B. there was someone else there.

Lucas thought of the option of just leaving and asking later, he wanted to know for certain as he go to the bedroom door. Two voices now. His hand froze above the door knob. He knew he shouldn't enter because he would see something he didn't want to see then do something he would very much regret, but his anger made the final decision as he swung the door open, the wood making a bang against the wall. As two v ery naked male's looked up from the bed. Male number one, on top, he didn't know thankfully. But male number two , on bottom, he knew better then he knew anyone else, Cal.

Both of them stopped of course the moment he slammed the door open. Lucas left the room closing the door right away. The brunet leaned against the door taking deep breaths, closing his eyes but the image was burned into those green orbs. Cal's head thrown back in ecstasy, while another unkown person was submerged in what Lucas's had thought was his lover.

Anger was raging through his veins to the surface, as the male knew he had to get out of there before he did something he would regret. He paced back and forth in front of the bedroom door, then made a sharp turn out of the apartment slamming the door behind him.

Lucas was at the staircase when the blonde ran out of their apartment screaming the brunet's name, and telling Lucas to stop so he could explain. But explain what? Why he was cheating on him, in THEIR bedroom?

Lucas turned to face his lover, the anger had taken over transforming the dark haired male into someone else. The remains of the ven he had just witnessed was all over Cal. The messy blonde hair, the swollen lips, the love bite that could be seen on the color bone, the hastily put on shirt not even bothering to cover that up. Lucas stalked toward Cal. "What the hell were you thinking?"

Cal froze. Lucas could tell the blonde was high once again, but he didn't care.

Words were exchanged, and finally the anger had grown enough that he pushed Cal down the flight of stairs.

Lucas found himself in front of his work place, ripping his thoughts from his blue eyed ex lover. He walked into the store willing to work himself into exhaustion so he could go home and sleep right away without thinking about the blonde.

And ten hours later he had almost done just that, but he wasn't ready just to go to sleep. He spent another two hours at the gym, taking a shower there. Fast food and a walk home, the dark haired male was about to fall asleep on his feet. He took out a cigarette sitting on the apartment front stoop. He watched the people walk in front of him while he took seldom breaths just savoring the smoke, letting it get to his lungs and head. After about three or four cigarettes (For he really wasn't paying much attention) he walked back into his apartment. Taking the stairs,. He paused at the floor before his looking at the ground for a second as the image of the blonde laying there not moving found its way into his mind. He shook his head, he really should move this place had to many memories.

When he got to his apartment, he shed his shirt and pants and just slipped under the covers. Not sleeping the day before and working before he knew it he was fast asleep.

A pouding, an obnoxious pounding woke the dark haired male. He groggily got up running a hand through his brown hair, maybe the knocking was just his imagination, but it just got louder and more frantic, that wasn't his imagination. "Coming!" He yelled hoping to stop the frantic knocking. He muttered curse words under his breath as he pushed aside his covers getting up. He walked to the door and opened his mouth to say something along the lines of 'you better have a damn good explanation, ' but the words were stuck in his mouth once he saw the wild blue eyes of Cal glancing around like someone was out to get him. "Cal?" Lucas asked.

"Help me, make them go away." Cal whispered.

Lucas froze for a second. His feelings were so mixed at the moment. He knew that he should slam the door in Cal's face, say forget it. It was obvious that the other was high and something had gone terribly wrong. Maybe Cal would actually learn from something. But then at the same 

time Lucas couldn't do that. He was still in love with the blonde male and for how long they had been together he knew about the blonde's nightmare's and what could possibly be frightening the male. Though he knew the cause of it all.

But first was first, the blonde was soaked and shivering. "Come on." Lucas said lifting the other helping him up into the apartment, closing the door behind him. Cal was in a different world, sometimes shifting to earth then shifting back to his nightmares, Lucas changed the blonde and set him into the bed. When Cal would get wild, which happened often, the dark haired male would pin the blonde male down trying to stop the thrashing and the chances that the blonde could hurt himself farther, there were already bloody claw marks on his arms while underneath the blonde's nails were the skin.

After a period of time Cal had fallen into a restless sleep did Lucas even dare to get up and leave the blonde's side. Lucas searched through the damp clothes finding a small unlabeled bottle and a needle, he could only guess what was in the bottle. There was only a little less than half. Lucas guessed it had to be laced or something for that reaction from Cal. He had never seen Cal like that wide eyed, in pure terror, even after all these years of doing drugs. Lucas shook his head, strands of the brown hair falling in front of his green eyes. Walking into the bathroom he dumped the contents of the bottle and flushed it, he didn't care whether Cal would be pissed at him or not. He also broke the needle, though they were easy to come by so that wouldn't really matter.

He returned to the bedroom. The blonde was tossing and turning, muttering under his breath. His nightmares obviously finding their way into the blonde's sleep. Lucas sat down next to Cal and brushed aside a few of the blonde strands away from his face. He watched over the male for another hour or so, until he fell asleep also in the chair that he was sitting in.