Essence of the Damned.x

A/N: This is the last poem guys! Thanks for reviewing and sticking with me and look out for more poems soon!

My mind has slipt from sanity,
From everything I've left behind,
I can't even tell myself how to feel,
Things just happen and love I find.

I can't help the way I'm feeling,
If I could, do you think I'd be here,
Of giving up and moving on,
I've really got a fear.

For some reason I can't explain,
I've fallen in love with you,
The stupid way my brain keeps working,
I wish I could say this feeling's new.

Nothing is ever alright with you,
You're going to need to slow things down,
The way you keep walking off with her,
Keeps on making me frown.

Thank god I've reached the end of this,
The crazy heartsplitting pain,
I've been awake for far too long,
Join me when I walk in the rain.

XX /damn emotions./