Title: Scream.It.Out
Genre: Poetry, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG
Summary: "Someone told me once, that she believed we make life hard for ourselves by keeping things bottled up inside. Whether it be due to shame, embarrassment, fear, pride or some other emotion we don't share the things that are on our hearts like we should. We wallow in them and never realize that everyone else feels the same way. Our conflicts, our dreams, and the things that make us who we are should be free to be spoken out loud." -Liliy
Written: 2008


Shout it out,
Whatever's on your mind,
Just scream it out to the world,
And hope you'll be heard
'Cause we don't do these things twice.
Once and done,
For we don't give out our secrets to just anyone.

So keep it special,
But shout it out,
Scream it out!
Get it out to the world,
And let them just deal.

'Cause whomever can't take it,
Needs to go quake it.

Only once,
But once is enough.
Once for change.
Twice for miracles.